Multiple religions in empire?


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Jun 16, 2010
Okay, so my last game was a mass warmonger across archipelago - each island group had a different religion. When I conquered them, they retained their religion, but I didn't get the bonuses in that city for that religion, but got my religion bonuses instead, even for cities where the entire populus was another religion. Is this an intended feature, and if not, should I be getting the bonuses for the other religion in that city?
If there is a majority religion that you didn't found in one of your cities, that city should be getting the Follower beliefs of that religion, but not the pantheon or enhancer

Example: when someone who founded a religion with Pagoda-buying decides to GP one of my cities, I can buy a pagoda there when before I couldn't. Then I can convert it back (and keep the pagoda - I think - I haven't tried or confirmed that part)
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