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My annoyance with the "simultaneous turns" on multiplayer.


Jun 2, 2011
Honolulu, Hawaii
The simultaneous feature on Civ IV multiplayer annoyes me and I do not agree with it. It takes me some time to finish a turn and war in Civ IV can go good or bad in a quick second with a good or bad move. The "Simultaneous turns" thing makes Civ IV multiplayer not a good looking option for me. I tried some multiplayer today and I was about to wipe out this Civilization (it was his last city). My units were wounded because of the previous turn, but they had upgrades. I had about 8 attackers. The defender had 1 unit defending and he was at half health. Before I could upgrade my units the defender brought in a couple of weak spearmen and slaughtered my axemen. My units health was that bad. I don't agree with this feature. Literally, the only reason he didn't lose his city to me is because he pushed the buttons faster than I did! Anyone have an opinion or have had a similar experiance let me know. Thank you. :D Sorry, I know this is a little ranting here, but I wanted to share my unagreeable stance on Civ IV's "simultaneous turns" feature for multiplayer. Thank you and feedback is appreciated. :D .. Even if you just want to call me a perfectionist nazi. lol thx :)
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