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Mar 1, 2007
Hello there, I am a CivIV Fanatic, I was expecting a dissapointment in the game, after reading reviews and features, but I was impressed in the end. The game has LOT of potential but a serious trouble of "lacking" old features. Still, very good for a vanilla 1.00 release!

here is my detailed review:

-City-States Give an interesting attention point related to diplomacy, trade, war and quests. (Replacement to religions reasons of war?)
-Nice Hexagonal System and non-stacking troops.
-Interesting Diplomacy system, I didnt like the Tech sharing, and I like the expanded options related to cooperation trades and similar stuff. Also it is excellent because of the new ways of interacting with AI.
-UI Is good, mobility and dynamic views of the game makes it better, though I hate those resource icons and terrain value icons. Really like the pop-up system and it is harder to miss important things now
-Entertaining combat, with more information available and good-looking, defense of the cities, ranged attacks and tactical terrain influence.
-Great Happiness System, it affects more aspects in the game than it did in CiVIV (though perhaps too easy to get happiness?). Gold System which seems to have more use in the general game and with a Cool gold income & output managment (Though with a bit of lack of control over it)
-I Like Advisors and the Civopedia.

-Lack of strong Civics, separated in categories as it did in Civ IV, gave a special flavour. Social Policies seem like a crap and simplified, I directly ignore it...
-Lack of Religions in a Civilization game (you missed something important here guys)
-Too much visual attention to a game that doesn't require it
-Map Sizes reduced, Player number reduced and limited, Lack of maps variations
-Lack of Espionage and Deception component in the game
-Lack of administrative tools and sliders, which should give a more strategic component in the game, level of investment in Technology, or more ways to decrease outputs of gold
-Lack of Random Events and rare decisions, which given a cool factor in Civ Games
-Lack of difference between Civilizations, way of playing the game, units, buildings, etc
-Lack of Graphical Statistics Information

Brief: Overall a good game, but there is a problem of "Lacking" stuff. Lot of Potential, but everything holds over Modding community and future expansion packs. I still Like this game, and I will be playing it a lot, though I really think it misses lots of stuff. Excess of Attention to Military factor (though I admit it was vastly improved, there is a lack of administrative tools). Perfection is still possible :)

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