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My Mod


Jan 31, 2002
I liked a lot of what I saw in some other mods, but couldn't find one that fully appealed to me, so I made my own.
What I did:
New Governments; City State, Capitalism, Socialism, Fascism, Fundamentalism and Feudalism.
Move on roads is 8. A unit should be able to move between 2 citys in a turn, in my opinion.
Forests give 20 shields.
More buildings give corruption reduction.
Tweaked terrain values, to give forests and jungles 2 food.
Feel free to try it out and let me know.
Umm, Meteor Man, nobody really cares. This thread has been dead (if it was ever alive) for 6 years! aod318 obviously hasn't been around for ages and besides, it was for vanilla. No offense, but this is a little like continuing a conversation w/ a friend after he's left the house. Just pay a little more attention to dates. ;)

edit: I didn't mean to be harsh, just trying to make a point. :)
wow. we had a revive post for 4 1/2 years in the unit creation thread, but I thinke we have a new record!

Because it looks like a new mod called "My Mod" came out when you're in the mod forum. When you click and find out what really happened you decide to tell the fellow so he'll know for next time. ;)
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