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New the-battlefield league

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Multiplayer & PBEM' started by ERNIBERT, Feb 9, 2010.


    ERNIBERT Chieftain

    Oct 18, 2007
    Welcome to our new BF-League - We are back again! Explore us and play together with us!

    Dear CIV-player,
    Since 2005 you provide hot games, tournaments and events for our league. Players from all over the world played and visited our league.

    The league could not be destroyed and survived.
    As little thank-you we would like to provide you a new league site, of course absolutely free to use for you and sponsored by my-liga.de as well as the BF-Club.

    One of the new features will be that the site offers pitboss-games and that we will host own tournaments as wel as games that can be reportet.

    Plans and projects 2010

    To make the league grow we are going to feature a wide range of exciting new events this year.
    Regular mp-games with all those "NAPS" and the hour long haning in front of the monitor and games which go deeply into the night during the weeks will be over.
    As the game already has passed several years after release some very interesting news ways of playing it showed up. Clans formed, a group of "Earth-gamers" or tournaments were established and came back frequently. One thing did not change. We do not want to play games with quitters. Thats why we have the Civilization Leagues. On of those is ours. For its survive we need your help and ideas.
    To come to an end, here are my plans for 2010. Everybody can be a part of it, help us to develop new ideas and make them real. Just write us!

    To raise the interest of foreign players for our league we need to translate the site. Planed is to offer the site in englisch, french, polish and dutch lange. If there is anybody who speaks on of the posted languages
    very well he please may contact me.

    Beside the Pitboss-Tournament there will be other MP-Tournaments in 2010! The my-liga.de team already confirmed that they will help us out. How tournaments will be is decided by the community as it is the communities tournament! We already started the planing.

    Earth League
    I am planing a collection of different maps which will be published at the forum in a Earth-thread. All thrilled earth players who are interested in building up and maintain an Earth-league may please contact me or message me.

    Server:We can offer a fix and a backup-server for Pitboss games. If there is anybody interested in running his or her own server may contact us to try it out. We will give our best to help you, to setup the server together with you.
    Tournament: Regarding the length of one tournament just one tournament is sheduled for this year. This may change if we have more servers available. Ideas for tournaments or modes are welcome.

    Best regards,

    the Civilization 4 my-liga.de Team

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