New Unit - Ground Surveillance Radar Unit


Jan 25, 2002
United States
I have created another new unit
The PPS-15 (Pronounced "pipsy-15") is a mobile radar surveillance unit.
In the game, this is a land unit with recon ability. It's range is about 3-4.

Here is what it looks like:
You beat me to it! I was going to make a deployable radar station, like my airbase, but I couldn't figure out how to extract CTP2's radar station graphic.
Wow this is the most creative and useful unit I have seen, you might be a genius heh. I give it :goodjob: :goodjob: two thumbs up. This might be a *very* useful stratiegic unit if used properly. :)
I'm almost done with the attack animations and then it will be all set

Here's some more previews
Looking great ! How does it attack ? by deploying radar ?
The unit attacks in the normal fashion of land units, but also has recon ability. It moves fast because of the lightweight equipment.

Here is the ZIP file
the zip includes a file called icon.pcx, this is an icon that you can paste into units_32.pcx

Unit Stats:
Name: PPS-15 Radar
A/D/M: 6/10/2
Operational Range: 3
-Foot Soldier
Special Actions:
Air Missions:

-create a folder named "PPS-15 Radar" (no quotes) in the \arts\units folder
-unzip the file to that folder
-open hacked civedit
-load civ3mod.bic file (in your civ folder)
-goto edit units (in the edit menu)
-click on Add
-name the unit "PPS-15 Radar" (no quotes)
-set the stats (above)
-click Close
-Save the file
-Play the game

Have fun!
I didn't expect the response for this unit Pesoloco. Great job. Just d/l'ed this one as well. I plan to continue sending more ideas. btw, that is very good graphics on both the active and destroyed units!

I am still having trouble getting my game to work with the add ons. Other than my ignorance of adding them to the game I can't find the problem. btw, remember the email concerning the crash? It never fixed itself and I had to completely reload CIV III. :confused:

Who knows? WIN 98 (or Windows) in general is always having problems.
This is a great unit! I have one question, though:
What should I use for the tech prerequisite?
I haven't thought much about the requisite tech. I would think either radio or Computers, or even Smart Weapons (although this seems pretty late)

About the crash, possible causes may be

  • Missing files in the \art\units\xxxx subfolder (where xxxx is the name of the unit)
  • Missing Civilopedia entries (in CivEdit, you must enter a civlopedia entry - since there isn't an included one, just copy and paste one from another unit)
  • The \arts\units\xxxxx subfolder name may be misspelled (this happened to me once and it crashed)
  • If it works for a while then crashes, the problem may not be the unit files - the problem may be in the civ3mod.bic file. Use HAcked CivEdit to examine the unit attributes and see if anything is either missing or incorrect.
Hope this helps you and anyone else that may have a problem with the unit addons
Another thing I have done with this unit is give it "Zone of Control." This means that if other units pass by it on adjacent squares, the PPS unit will fire at them as they go by.
Beautiful mod and very well thought out attributes. :goodjob: I highly suggest a dl to anyone. And one more good job on the great idea for such a unique unit. You should go give a talk to Plutarck (LWC mod) and get this added into the LWC mod. :king: LWC Mod
I disagree with the Zone of control issue. The PPS-15 radar teams are not meant to engage the enemy - but are meant to find the enemy. Their direct fire capabilities are too light to manage any possible engagement, even in self defense. I recommend not putting Zone of control in because if the unit is being used correctly it would have time to move out of the area before trouble hits it. What I would recommend is setting it such that when its hit points reach one that it retreats like that of the cavalry. Because when they are expected to get into contact they will use all available resources to withdraw from the battle.

(From someone who has had to withdraw on an occasion or two)

Stay alert, Stay Alive!

One more thought. Will this unit have an increase in range if positioned on a mountain? Another thought would be that in forest, jungle, and through mountains its range would decrease, but in plains and desert its range would increase. Too many variables I know but for information purposes . . .

One last question. Does the AI use it? If not. . . screw him - his loss for not being able to understand the importance of this great unit. haha
The Zone of Control was just a suggestion . My thought was that the unit would see enemies moving in and attack. You know more about these things in the real world than I do so I'll take your word for it.

About the changing ranges:
At this time I do not know of any way to make that happen. As far as I know, the range is set to a permanent setting in the Editor. A possibility would be having different PPS-15 Units with specialized ranges/defenses for example
Mountain PPS (range 4, smaller defense)
All-terrain PPS (range 2-3, reg. defense)
Forest/Jungle PPS (range 2, higher defense)
just a suggestion
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