New Unit: The Highwind (Jet Mode)


Jan 4, 2004
A shipyard near you
It's done! After an unexpectedly long production period the Highwind, Jet Mode is finally complete! Now I can get to other stuff that has been on hold for the past month or so...

The file includes 2 different victory sounds to choose from, one being that so well known victory fanfare from every final fantasy game (as far as I know).

Here be the file:
Highwind (Jet Mode)


EDIT: Preview standards updated, cause I love this thing.
I don't exactly know where its from, but it sure is cool :D
Great job...
Its the airship from Final Fantasy 7
Now if there was just some way to get it to change from normal mode to jet mode in game, complete with animation...

Nicely done sir!
Well what happened was I was going to do both modes, but Hikaro Takayama beat me to the propeller mode so I was left with the jet mode. I might have included the transformation as a fidget/ fortify animation, but that would just be something cool to add to the unit and would not be able to actually transform the unit, I don't think its possible to actually transform a unit out in the feild like that. Maybe in the apparently 'all moddable' Civ 4 a transformation would be possible, if unit creation from scratch is possible at all.

Compliments are much appreciated! :D
Wow! That's freakin' awesome!! I might use that as a modern era King unit for AVALANCHE....
explain it more!!!
What do you mean?
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