New units: Two undead halberdiers (Jan 25th, 2005)


Jan 27, 2003
Planet Baal
Here are a couple of undead halberdiers - one for tomb kings (egyptian-style) and one for vampire counts (generic-style). After a tiny struggle I managed to make these units wielding 2-handed weapons :beer: , so I'm pleased :)

Here are the files for the generic-style undead halberdier:
Undead Halberdier

Here are the files for the egyptian-style skeleton halberdier:
Skeleton Halberdier

Attached are civilopedia previews of these units :)


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good god man you never slow down

I really like the generic skeleton's weapon
Wow, the two-handed attack turned out great. I'm also really digging the Sylvanian skeleton's looks. :)
That undead halberd would hurt!

Great job again aaglo, maybe sometime I should try some human-like figures!
Simply astounding. :eek: Aaglo, you've managed to overcome every barrier and limit you've set around your unit making abilities thus far, and with amazing results. To think that a few months ago, you were strictly against making human units... Can't wait to see you tackle the challenge horses present, if you're still intent on making the skeletal horse units. These units are most impressive, and I, for one, and very grateful for all the work you put into making them.
Indeed the nick "unit-making machine" is correct (as far as quantity is concerned). For quality you are much more superior. It seems you overcame your issues with animating "humans".
I just wish you had taken a fancy to a set I am more into but it is great to see you do full lines like that (and it is more logical as well).

You know it by now but Great Job !
Good god, Aaglo your latest work is awesome!!!

If you want, I have some suggestions for future work:
A skeletal Fortress/City graphic to go with the undead, Bone Dragon(if you didn't make one) and maybe a Dragon Flying chariot? If you can and want to do something like that.

your fantasy contributions are awesome!!!
Nice Ungainly Swing/Chop. Now no professional Soilder would use anything as ...ungainly and choppy.. but.. He is undead... Grrr.. Braaain... :)
AAHHH!! I'm not sure how to add this into my mod. I'm going to think of something though. ;)

Any chance you might do a mummy?
Well, anyone who wants to add an undead civilizaiton to the game should have no trouble, between all your great units, Kinboat's Undead warrior, and Civ Army's "Esqueleto Diablo" units.
Hikaro Takayama said:
Kinboat's Undead warrior

As this is the second time in short period of time that I see the Skeleton Warrior credited to Kinboat, I have to pipe in that it's made by Kindred72. :)
aaglo, your unhealthy obsession with the undead is a blessing to us all. :lol:

With these units, embryo's zombie worker, some of Ukas' freaky buildings like the Guillotine and Norman Bates' Motel, and Kinboat's plague-dead people-pollution, there could be quite a horror mod out there. :lol:

Wonderful job as usual. :)
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