News: Improved security on the GOTM Server


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Jan 9, 2003
The GOTM Server at now includes an SSL certificate, so your connections will be end-to-end encrypted if you use https:// at the front of your URLs in future.

You should see a security icon in your browser's address bar when you go to https:// pages on the server. Please post here if you see any pages that do not conform.
Question on the topic: Does it make sense to have the http version auto-redirect to https?

I ask because I typically navigate to the forums by typing "" in my browser (well, it auto-completes, so I usually type "forums", hit enter, and it fills in the rest). This automatically goes to the https-enabled forums. But for the GOTM, typing stays on the unencrypted site; I hadn't realized there was an encrypted site until noticing this post while seeing if anyone else had posted replies to the COTM today, despite having played it myself over the past month.

It looks like for gotm, hof, and plain-old, https versions are available, but there is no auto-redirection. The forums are probably the most important given passwords being entered, but there is at least some potentially sensitive info entered on GOTM (the e-mail used for a username).

Not a must have, and there may be good reasons not to... just thought I'd ask.
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