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Next tiny map comparison game, all are welcome.

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Stories & Tales' started by WildPony, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. WildPony

    WildPony Chieftain

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    Settings: 29 x 39, Deity, Raging Hordes, 7 civs selected but not necessarily guaranteed, small land mass, continents, 5 billion.

    Starting techs: Alphabet, Ceremonial Burial, Code of Laws.

    All are welcome to play and to log your games and/or post saves.

    Special rules: No huts until 2000 bc to keep comparisons reasonably skill based.

    Every post after this one will contain spoiler information.

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  2. WildPony

    WildPony Chieftain

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    Civ Building emphasis for me and will likely play until about 300-500 bc:

    4000: Explored the river with one of the settlers finding a nice surprise but also the edge of the land. Then Built cap with the other settler in starting location grass/river 53/19 with access to a whale.
    3950: > Monarchy. Built 02, grass/river @ 55/21 with access to a whale. Planning to build a settler in cap and a 12 shield warrior in 02 to achieve urgent exploration to reveal the next city sites.
    3850: Monarchy > Map Making. Monarchy in the earliest possible Oedo year has a nice feel to it. T 70 / S 30 for now.
    3750: 02 completes Warrior.
    3600: Warrior to cap as food stores fill.
    3550: 02 completes 2nd warrior as its food stores fill.
    3450: Map Making > Writing.
    3400: Completion of settler in cap.
    3250: Built 03, plain @ 49/17 with access to cap's whale and also a buffalo. Edit: In hindsight, it was a mistake to build here. Should have built directly on the 48/16 buffalo since it is not otherwise able to be irrigated without first irrigating the adjacent hill which is a highly impractical diversion and expenditure of resources in this early stage and the buffalo is not auto-irrigating with the "k" feature. The unirrigated buffalo dictates that the best strategy with this city is to climb to size 2 and stay there building other units besides settlers.
    3150: 02 completes settler.
    3100: Met the Zulu peoples, refused Mysticism and didn't risk trading tech at this point. Peace and they refused alliance, gifted them Map Making and traded for their map which is substantial.
    3050: Writing > Mysticism. Literacy was not offered and i chose the one tech i knew i could trade for which i did.
    3000: > Literacy.

    3000 bc summary: Monarchy with 3 cities, 1 settler, Met one foreign civ and have their map.
    2850: Completion of 1st Trireme. Built this instead of a settler to reach better lands much more quickly including hopefully a grassland or plain to utilize the local 50/22 whale without building on a jungle. Drop warrior across the sea.
    2800: Barb horse appears out of the black to threaten my warrior and warrior is able to climb back into the boat.
    2600: 3 cities, 2 settlers, 1 trireme, 5 warriors. 47/23 hill is being mined towards a mined hill city that captures the whale.
    2550: Completion of 2 settlers.
    2500: Completion of 1 settler. Built 04, hill @ 47/23 with 9 turns of work towards internal mine and with access to whale.

    2500 bc Summary: Monarchy with 4 cities. 7 techs with Literacy nearly completed. Units: 4 settlers. 1 trireme, 5 warriors. 1 road, 0 irrigation, 0 mines (but one @ 9 of 10).

    2450: Completion of 1st mine (inside city 04) and 2nd road. Warrior steps into the dark and encounters a barb pack that will eliminate him.
    2400: Literacy > Republic (66). Still @ 70% Tax, 30% Sci.
    2250: Completion of a settler.
    2200: Built 05 on 2/22 grape with 9 turns to an internal mine which completes this turn.
    2100: Completion of 2nd trireme.
    2050. Completion of 1st irrigation. Able to open huts now and only see one.

    2000 bc summary: Monarchy (3 turns from a possibly slightly premature Republic). Met one foreign civ and have their map. 5 cities, Units: 4 settlers, 2 triremes, 4 warriors. Land improvements: 1 irrigation, 2 mines and 2 roads.

    1950: Met the Romans, they offered to trade Masonry and i took it along with Bronze Working which helpfully slows Republic down for 4-8 turns.
    1900: Completion of a Trireme.
    1850: Completion of a settler. Built 06, coal @ 55/31 that is 9/10th's of the way mined by a 2nd settler. After being hampered by barbs in various situations, captured a leader for 150 gold. 6 cities, 5 settlers, 3 triremes, 3 warriors.
    1800: Completion of 3rd mine. First hut of game: Supported Horse.
    1750: 2nd hut: Currency. New horse perfectly placed successfully eliminated a menacing barb Archer/leader pair and saved me 50 gold.
    1600: 6 cities, 5 settlers, 3 Triremes.
    1550: Bribe of supported chariot which stepped into the dark onto a mountain top to meet a stacked barb chariot. Built 07, grassland with access to whale.
    1450: :banana: Republic :banana: > Trade. Completion of 5th settler, 4th Trireme and 1st phalanx (to meet barb emergency). Paid 50 gold to Barbs to spare city 05. Disbanded 2 martial law warriors. Built 08, grassland with access to ore.
    1400: Built 09, island hilltop city @ 50/6/2 with whale and 10th turn of internal mine completes this turn establishing a second 5-shield size one city. Science to 60% (and L 40) to complete Trade and to give the high shiield/low food cities wonder caravans to build. 8 cities, 4 settlers, 4 triremes.
    1350: Completion of 5th and 6th settler and 5th trireme. 3rd hut: Supported Chariot.
    1300: Built 10, grassland. with access to ore. Completion of deforestation project to prepare a plain city site.
    1250: Built 11, deforested plain with 2 whales and a fish. 4th hut: Supported Archer.
    1200: Built 12, island 2 buffalo. 4th irrigation. 12 cities, 3 settlers, 5 Triremes.
    1150: Zulu complete philosophy and another unknown tech. Approached them to see what they would offer in trade, hoping most especially for Trade and secondarily for Pottery. They had only Philosophy and Horseback Riding and i ended up with Horseback, refusing the other.
    1100: Trade > Pottery (168). Sci to zero for the moment to rush the first 4 caravans for Pyramids. Met the Vikes which is almost certainly the final foreign civ (along with the Zulu and the Romans). Traded for Pottery, and Warrior Code which is all they had and Maps. Back to the Zulu to trade for Philosophy and maps. Rome apparently had no tech and i traded for an updated map. 17 techs now and beaker count for the next is 240. Sci to 10% to choose next, hopefully Seafaring for Harbors.
    1050: > Poly (Seafaring was not offered). Sci to 0 for now. Built 13, plain with access to Spice. 13cities /2s.
    1000: Completion of 1st wonder caravan. 5th hut: None Archer.
    975: Completion of 2nd wonder caravan. 6th hut: Seafaring (!). 7th hut: Construction (!). New beaker cost is 289.
    950: Completion of 3rd wonder caravan. Built 14, plain with access to whale and gold @ 11/3. Remaining 5 wonder caravans planned out, synchronized and rushed along. Treasury 2 gold.
    925. Completion of 4th and 5th wonder caravans.
    900: Completion of 6th wonder caravan and 1st 4 fill 200 shields.
    875: :hammer: Pyramids :hammer:. As carefully planned, 6 cities fill food stores this turn and 4 additional cities next turn.
    850: Completion of 1 settler.
    825: Completion of 2 final wonder caravans and 2 settlers. 4 caravans fill 200 shields. 14 cities, 4 settlers.
    800: :hammer: Hanging Gardens :hammer:. No size 3 cities as yet but the immediate benefits of HG in this situation include Lux able to be halved from 60 to 30 as well as some cities being able to choose higher food squares and/or high shield forests instead of oceans. Built 15, grassland with access to Pheasant. Built 16: Grass/river with access to fish and a couple of Zulu specials which may or may not be accessible. 16 cities, 2 settlers.
    775: 1 settler. 16 cities, 3 settlers. Plans in motion to establish the 3 embassies.within 4 - 8 turns shortly before landing trades.
    750: Built 17, plain with access to fish. Traded Vikes for Iron Working which becomes our 20th tech and beaker cost increases to 342. L to 40 with 2 cities poised for potential celebrations next turn as they reach size 3.
    725: Initiation of 2 size 3's and 2 celebrations. Completion of 1 settler and 1 diplomat. Treas: 85 gold.
    700: Initiation of 3rd size 3 city and 3rd celebration. Completion of 1st Harbor which is in one of the two current island near-future trade cities. Built 18, plain with access to Spice. 18 cities, 2 settlers.
    675: Completion of 1 settler and 2nd Harbor which is in the other island trade city.
    650: Completion of 1 trade caravan and 1 settler. Zulu complete Polytheism and i trade them for it, 21 techs and current beaker cost is increased to 380. Established embassy with Rome, gifted them their tech in progress and all which preceded it, updated maps. 18 cities, 4 settlers.
    625: Completion of 1 settler and 3rd and 4th Harbors. Established Embassy with the Vikes, gifted them their tech in progress and all which preceded it, updated maps. Built 19, plain with access to whale and gold.
    600: 19 cities, 4 settlers.
    575: Bult 20, grassland with access to whale.
    550: Completion of 1 settler. 20 cities, 4 settlers, 2 trade caravans.
    525: Completion of 5 Settlers, 20 cities, 9 settlers. Treasury: 12.
    500: Completion of 2 settlers.

    500 bc summary: Republic. Wonders: Pyramids, Hanging Gardens. All 3 embassies. 20 cities, Buildings: 4 Harbors. Units: 2 trade caravans, 11 settlers, 5 triremes, 2 diplomats, 1 horse, 1 Archer, 1 phalanx. Income: 82 gross shields, 28 gold. 80% Lux at the moment. Land improvements: 7 irrigation, 12 roads and 4 mines (all on city site hills/coal/wine). Treasury: 29 gold.

    475: Completion of 2 settlers. 21 cities, 12 settlers. Treasury: 53 gold.
    450: Barbs captured empty city 13 without providing me the courtesy of the extortion option to avoid it. In any case i did plan for this possibility last turn by unsupporting both settlers from that city so the damage was greatly minimized. Rushed dip will emerge next turn to bribe it back.
    425: Completion of 2 settlers and a dip. Bribed back city 13 for 52 gold leaving me with 11 in a limited monetary wealth game to this point... which is soon to change. Built 22, hill with 3 turns towards an internal mine and access to pheasant, fish and grape. 1st trade of game, Demanded island Silk to mainland Rome: 253 which is the max possible bonus. Bribed Barb Ulundi (City 23) for 104 gold inheriting a dip and Archer as part of the treasure.
    23 cities, 13 settlers, 1 trade caravan, 5 triremes, and misc units.

    Going to end this game here at least for now and may possibly continue it at some point.

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