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Tiny map 29 x 39 comparison game

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Stories & Tales' started by WildPony, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    29 x 39, Deity, Raging Hordes, 7 civs (selected but not necessarily guaranteed).

    All are welcome to play and to log your games and/or post saves.

    Special rules: No huts until 2000 bc to keep comparisons reasonably skill based.

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    Last edited: Sep 3, 2019
  2. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    I have chosen a Civ building emphasis as with most of my games. This game had a nice core area with rivers and nice specials and in which i was able to build 7 cities. Then our mighty civ had to move through mountainous terrain to reach new fertile regions with viable city sites. As a result development was significantly hindered.

    4000: Built Capitol, grass/river @ 7/5 with access to a whale.
    3950: > Alphabet. Built 02, grass/river @ 10/4. Cap with 3 shields will build a settler and 02 with 2 shields will build a warrior. 2 visible huts to be opened in 1500.
    3850: Alphabet > Code of Laws.
    3700: Warrior emerges and reveals an ore.
    3600: Code of Laws > Writing. Warrior reveals a wheat.
    3500: Lux to 40% for one turn, prioritizing the warrior to locate ideal city site for 03. Glorious wheat/river located within the special pattern.
    3450: Cap 1 > 2 with 35 shields and lux reduced back to zero. Completion of 2nd Warrior.
    3400: Completion of settler.
    3350: One of the warriors supported in Cap.
    3300: Writing > Bronze Working. Completion of 3rd warrior (and will no longer log the warrior production).
    3250: Built 03, Wheat/river @ 14/6 with food surplus of 3.
    3000: Bronze Working > Literacy.
    2900: Completion of Settler. 3 cities, 1 settler, 3 warriors.
    2800: Completion of Settler. Built 04, grass/river @ 14/10 with access to whale.
    2700: Built 05, plain @ 8/8 with access to whale and wheat. Surprisingly no city develops an unhappy face. 5 cities, 0 settlers, 3 warriors, Treasury 22.
    2650: Literacy > Republic. Looks good for Oedo 2250. Completion of 1 settler.
    2550: 1st road. Saving up 50+ gold to deal with approaching barb archer.
    2450: Built 06, grass/river with access to a wheat.
    2400: Paid 50 gold to barbs to spare my city.
    2350: Republic (ill timed) > Currency. Completion of 1 settler.
    2300: Revolution.
    2250: :banana: Stepped into Republic :banana:. Summary: 6 cities, 1 settler, 4 warriors. 2 roads, 0 irrigation.
    2150: Built 07, grass/river @ 16/2.
    2050: Completion of 2 settlers. Summary: 7 cities, 4 settlers, 4 warriors.
    2000: Met the Romans, traded for Currency, peace and they refused alliance. They also have Ceremonial, Mysticism and Warrior Code which i do not want as yet. 10% Science rate to choose next tech. Year of the hut. First hut of game: Horseback Riding. 2nd hut: Supported Legion.

    2000 bc Summary: Republic with 7 cities, 4 settlers, 1 Legion, 4 warriors.

    1950: > Map Making (Trade not offered, but Map Making was preferential anyway including for the map trading benefit it provides). Completion of 1 settler. 3rd hut: Supported Chariot.
    1900: Built 08, grass/river @ 25/9 with access to a whale. 8 cities, 5 settlers.
    1850: 4th hut: Trade. 5th hut: 50 gold. Completion of 1st irrigation and have 3 roads. Summary: 8 cities, 5 settlers, Treasury 10 gold.
    1800: Completion of 1 diplomat. Built 09, grass/river. 9 cities, 4 settlers.
    1750: Met the Sioux, traded for Masonry, peace and they refused alliance. They also have Warrior Code and Iron Working.
    1700: Completion of 1 settler. 5th hut: Barb horse that will almost certainly eliminate my warrior. 9 cities, 5 settlers, 1 dip, 1 chariot, 1 horse, 3 warriors.
    1550: 9 cities, 5 settlers.
    1500: Completion of 1 horse and 2 additional irrigation projects, now have 5 irrigation and 3 roads. Built 10, plain/river.

    1500 bc Summary: Republic with 10 cities. Units: 4
    1450: Completion of 1 settler. Built 11, grass/river. 11 cities, 4 settlers.
    1400: Completion of 3 settlers.
    1350: 6th hut: Banking. 11 cities, 7 settlers.
    1300: Completion of 2 settlers. Met Zulu, traded for Map Making and Pottery, peace and map trade. With Republic, Map Making, Trade, Masonry and Pottery we have all the key early techs and thus sought to trade for everything that has been researched including Ceremonial Burial, Mysticism and Warrior Code from Rome as well as a map trade. Traded the Sioux for Iron Working and Maps. 11 cities, 9 settlers.
    1250: Built 12, grass/river. 12 cities, 8 settlers. settlers, 1 dip, 1 chariot, 3 horse, 3 warriors.

    1200: Completion of 1st Trireme. Completion of 2 additional irrigation projects and now have 9 in addition to 5 roads. Met the Germans, peace, giftings, map trade, they refused alliance due to my peace treaty with another civ. 7th hut: Construction.
    1100: Previous abbreviated map clicking had not revealed island 3 @ 51/7 which is one square and this potential super trade city was discovered only this turn by an exploring warrior. Simultaneous to this turn, land exploration in another part of the map just revealed another island "2" @ 20/30 which is larger and for which i plan to eventually build 4 cities but logistically this will be a while. More careful map clicking earlier would have easily revealed this island, but even still reaching it by a trireme filled with one or more settlers provides a heightened level of challenge (Edit: 1st city on island 2 is built in 600 bc, 500 years and 18 turns from now). Built 13, grass/river. Lux shifted from 40 to 60 , T 40. 13 cities, 7 settlers.
    1000: Completion of 1 settler.

    1000 bc Summary: Republic with 13 cities. No wonders. Units: 8 settlers, 1 Trireme, 1 dip, 1 chariot, 3 horse, all warriors have been disbanded.

    975: Completion of 2nd trireme. Completion of 3-road mountain passway @ 19/11 connecting the core cities to the east allowing core settlers to much more efficiently reach the east and to store work towards irrigation projects along the way. 13 cities, 8 settlers.
    950: Completion of 2 settlers.
    925: 13th irrigation. 8th hut: None Nomad (and plan to keep this guy forever). 13 citties, 11 settlers.
    900: Built 14, grass/river @ 8/34. 14 cities, 10 settlers.
    875: Completion of 1 settler. Trireme and 2 settlers arrive @ island 2 to find that it is a hill with a whale and possibly a 2nd special. Settler with 4 turns of stored work will mine the city site and once project is begun, the other settler will build the island city. 14 cities, 11 settlers.
    825: Completion of 1 settler. Built 15, island 2 hill site @ 51/7 soon to be internally mined and with access to a whale. 15 cities, 11 settlers.
    800: Completion of 2 settlers. Paid 50 gold to a barb legion with leader to spare me. 15c / 13s.
    775: Built 16 on Ore @ 28/12. 16 c / 12 s.
    750: Built 17, plain with access to buffalo. Built 18 on Ore @ 12/2. 18 cities, 11 settlers.
    725: 9th Hut: 25 gold. 2nd set of barbs land and 2 cities are simultaneously threatened. Spent gold down to 101. 18 cities, 11 settlers.
    700: Completion of 1 settler. Paid 50 + 50 to barbs to spare two cities. Built 19, Ore @ 30/6, 3rd city build on Ore.
    675: Completion of 2 settlers. 10th hut: None Nomad which will not build a city. 19 cities, 14 settlers.
    650: Completion of 2 settlers. Settler with 8 turns of stored work clicks "m" on the grape @ 24/4 and the other settler Builds city 20 in that very spot. 20c/15s.
    625: 4 cities selected for the honor of building Wonder caravans towards Pyramids.
    600: Built 21, island hill with access to two whales and with 8 turns of stored work towards a 10 turn internal mine. 11th hut: None Legion. 21c / 14s.
    575: Completion of 1 Trade Caravan and 1 Wonder Caravan. Built 22, grass/river @ 25/25.
    550: Completion of 2nd wonder caravan. 22 cities, 13 settlers, 1 trade caravan, 2 wonder caravans.
    525: Completion of 3rd, 4th and 5th wonder caras. Built 23, 4th city built on ore @ 20/6. Built 24, grass/river 27/23. 24 cities, 11 settlers, 5 wonder Caras.
    500: Completion of 6th wonder caravan. 4 caras fill 200 shields leaving 2 current wonder caravans.

    500 bc Summary
    : Republic with 24 cities, No wonders but 1st wonder emerges next turn and the 2nd emerges in 3 turns. No buildings. Units: 11 settlers, 1 trade caravan, 2 wonder caravans, 2 Triremes, 1 dip, 1 chariot, 3 horse, 1 legion. Income: 79 gross tons,52 gold, 0 sci. 39 F4 heads 29 irrigation, 21 roads, 3 mines (all built on city squares). Treasury: 19.

    475: :hammer: Pyramids :hammer:. Completion of 3rd current Wonder Caravan. 5 cities fill food stores and 2 more will do so next turn. Built 25, island hill city @ 23/31/2, 7 turns towards a mine. 25 cities, 10 settlers.
    450: Completion of 4th wonder caravan (and 200 shields are filled). Built 26, island grassland @ 20/34/2. Built 27, plain @ 19/25 with access to a fish. 27 cities, 8 settlers, 1 wonder caravan.

    425: :hammer: Hanging Gardens :hammer:. 3 cities begin to celebrate early and 4 additional celebrations will be initiated next turn. General plan for next phase of game: Fast growth to size 3's in most cities, celebration growth to 4+ and building settlers from these size 4+ cities, continued expansion laying down productive cities including 5th and final island city and building roads towards all 4 foreign civs to facilitate the fastest possible trades as well as establishing a network of canal cities establishing great shortcuts as well as allowing boats to be released into larger bodies of water as well as Trade focus will first be on upon commodities from the 5 island cities demanded by foreign civs and get these trades en route while building up 5 semi-super trade cities. Low food / high shield Cities including those built on Ore and future tundra cities that will tap oil squares will first build 4 dips for embassies then triremes where possible, then wonder caravans first for Mikes.
    375: Completion of 1 trade caravan and 2 diplomats. Traded the German peoples for Polytheism bolstering beaker cost to 440 along with the proportionate trade bonuses. Then established embassy with them and negotiated for an updated map. Embassy with Sitting Bull and traded them for Mathematics bolstering beaker cost to 462. Built 28, island jungle location to be irrigated to a grassland next turn. This constitutes the 5th and final island city. Irrigating and growing these island cities is a high priority since they will provide most of the trade, at least initially. 28 cities, 7 settlers.
    350: Established embassy with the Zulu peoples and they have no tech. 28 cities, 7 settlers.
    325: Emergence of 3 settlers.
    300: Emergence of 3 settlers and 2 triremes. Barb pair captured my empty size 4 city 04 even though i had 67 gold in the treasury. I prepared for this possibility by unsupporting the settler that had been completed the turn before, so not much was lost. Will bribe it back next turn.

    300 bc Summary: Republic with 27 cities, Wonders: Pyramids and HG. All 4 embassies and maps. No buildings. Units: 13 settlers, 2 trade caravan, 2 wonder caravans, 5 Triremes, 1 dip, 1 chariot, 1 horse, 1 legion. Income: 100 gross tons,33 gold (with currently 80% lux for an extra celebration push), 0 sci. 75 F4 heads (an increase from 39 8 turns ago). Aprox 34 irrigation, 24 roads, 4 mines (all built on city squares). Treasury: 81.

    Will end here.

    Comment: Expended a lot of resources establishing what promised to be a lucrative trade game focusing upon building, irrigating and growing 5 island cities, but did not play long enough to land my first trade : ). I'm sure it would have been fairly impressive.

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