Nobles' Club 333: Wang Kon of Korea

Spoiler :
Got 12 workers, and their role has just become marginal (roads and workshops)
Time to expand :devil:
Spoiler :
142 Attack Jao with 34 cuirassiers (had to deal with a minor dow from Mehmed beforehand)

149 Take Lisbon and vassal Jao (we are rich because of an Economics mission)

158 Take Maastricht and vassal Willem. :gold: > cavalries.

163 Inca folds without fighting too much.

167 Mehmed goes. He fights a little bit. I let Capac tank for me :D

Then we need a little pause to prepare the next weapon against Caesar.

And we proceed to "pew pew" with Airships.

Finally Mecca is taken

Conquest Victory T182.
Sadly I couldn't get Biology on the last turn for extra points :sad:

Thank you very much @AcaMetis for this pleasant map :)

Complimentary screenshots
Spoiler :

Seoul is chillng :smoke:

Pyongyang enjoying life as well. It is only 84 turns of whip anger. We influence other civilizations! :mischief:


Killed lots of units with very good odds (rarely <75%)

Easy research path thanks to an excellent Capitol & slow AIs (bad land)
The Parthenon was "accidental" but it helped generating GP. We never used Pacifism
GS1 > Academy
GA > golden age
GS2 > Education
GS3 > Lib
GS4 > PP
GM > Mission
GS5 > Physics
GS6 + GSpy > golden age (for fun)
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