Not my civ anymore!


Mar 9, 2013
I've been playing this mod for a while and I absolutely love it, but I just encountered one of the strangest and most frustrating bugs I've ever seen.

I am playing the Rhye 50 Civ Earth scenario that starts with only China, Egypt, Sumeria, and India. I started as Sumeria, but never really got anywhere and had a lot of unlucky battles with Barbarians. I lost my second city nearly immediately and all my defenses seemed to refuse to put up a fight to the barbarians. My capital was taken and I was destroyed around 1000 BC

At this point I took over the Babylonians who had emerged in Korea from the barbarian city, Goth, the same turn I was destroyed. I've never had this happen before so maybe this was also a bug but it did it for me without asking or anything. This isn't my main issue though, but maybe it's related. In any case, the Babylonians were a lot better off than I was. So I made the best of my second life. I made fairly quick work of China with the large army I was provided by the Babylonian "revolution" and had them down to 1 single city within a few turns. When I finally took the last Chinese holdout, I saved and quit, because it was 3:00 in the morning and I had school the next morning.

Today when I loaded my game It just gave me the "You have been defeated" message. When I proceed to the end-game score summary, It says I'm Qin Shi Huang! So I tried loading an earlier save, and saw I was still China. I even tried my autosaves from when I should have still been Sumeria, and I was China.

What's going on? I need answers? I'm so confused...
Hey, guys! I know I ended my last post somewhat sarcastically, but I'm serious about my problem! Doe anyone know about this glitch? Is this just a LoR problem or should I ask in the general forums?
Maybe load up the relevant save? Personally I have never switched civs mid-game yet so I don't know how well it works.
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