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NOTW XLV: The DOOM Project


Mar 15, 2004
New Jersey, USA
The Final Vote ends Thursday, August 09, 22:00 Hours EST - 36 hour(s) from now.


* * *

Mission Log

Day 01

The Squad awakens. Dreadnought is found dead. Bobby Keilman is found to be shot; he is Innocent. Seon is elected Commander. No one is Lynched.

Night 01

Relic #5 is discovered in the Living Quarters. A Vial of Water is found. Mergle is found dead -- he is revealed to be a loyal BLUFOR team member. Dr. Agapov was found dead; he was Innocent.

Day 02

Votes are too spread out for any player to be Lynched. DaveShack receives the Vial of Water , while dcmort93 takes Relic #5.

Night 02

No one dies. A USB Drive is discovered. An Industrial-Grade Flashlight is discovered.

Day 03

Seon wins the USB Drive by vote; Visorslash wins the Industrial-Grade Flashlight. No one is lynched.

Night 03

Seon is killed during the Night; he is revealed as the BLUFOR Hacker. Relic #1, Climbing Gear, and Flares are found.

Day 04

BigTin is lynched. He is revealed to be the OPFOR Spiritus Raptor. dcmort93 takes Relic #1; topsecret takes the Climbing Gear; and NinjaCow64 takes the Flares.

Night 04

A quiet Night; nothing extraordinary occurs.

Day 05

classical_hero is lynched; he is revealed to be an OPFOR Archangel. BSmith1068 is killed by classical_hero, and is revealed to be a loyal BLUFOR team member.

Night 05

Visorslash dies during the Night; he is revealed to be a loyal BLUFOR team member. Unlike the other fatalities, however, he is shot.

Day 06

No one is lynched.

Night 06

No one dies. Zack's corpse is discovered, along with his datapad, which is inaccessible. DaveShack secures Relic #3.

Day 07

No one is lynched; the votes are spread. NinjaCow64 takes the Flashlight from Visorslash's corpse.

Night 07

No one dies. The exit is discovered, now clear. The team votes to remain on the mission.

Day 08

DaveShack is lynched; he is revealed to be a BLUFOR team member. SouthernKing takes the relic off his corpse.

Night 08

No one dies. SCUBA Gear is discovered during the Night from Sebastian's Chest.

Day 09

Mat93 is lynched; he is revealed to be the BLUFOR Medic. NinjaCow64 takes the SCUBA Gear.

Night 09

Both Verarde and Jarrema are killed during the Night. Jarrema is a loyal BLUFOR team member, but Verarde is the OPFOR Fortune Hunter. Two Relics (#2 and #4) were discovered.

Day 10

CivCube is lynched, revealed to be an OPFOR Archangel. NinjaCow64 and choxorn each take a Relic.

For detailed information about the game's backstory, including introductory videos, please refer to this thread.
The Rules

Many thanks to Zack for his contributions to the game rules, specifically concerning player roles and balance!

Spoiler :
General Information​

Spoiler :
-- This game revolves around the Dresden Organization of Operative Mercenaries and their mission, which pits them against dangerous and supernatural enemies.

-- There are two types of factions in the game: BLUFOR players are trying to fulfill the Organization's contractual obligations. For player purposes, they can be referred to as the "Town."

-- OPFOR players are actively working to fulfill their own insidious objectives. Since their agenda contradict the Organization's own goals, they see the BLUFOR players as hostile threats. For player purposes, they can be referred to as "scum" or "mafia".

-- For a brief overview of this game's backstory, refer to this post.

-- To see the introductory video, refer to this link.

-- I will be playing no favorites here. Power roles and alignments are guaranteed to be randomly distributed amongst the players, so everyone has an equal shot at each role.


Spoiler :
-- The most important rule of all: have fun!

-- This game heavily revolves around the mystery and storyline of the mission. You may, if you wish, play this game like a standard Mafia game, ignoring the story and plot and instead focusing on winning the game – that method of play is perfectly acceptable. If you wish to discover the various twists and turns of this storyline, be sure to read any notes, journal entries, or other such plot devices I post in updates.

-- Plot mechanics, or “fluff”, will never be representative of player alignment; I will mark such entries as storyline-related material.

-- Please be active and contribute in the game.

-- There may by certain situations where the outcome of a Day or Night does not resolve as you predict. Please PM me if you feel there has been an error in resolution. However, be forewarned: if things appear suspicious or unnatural, there are meant to be!

-- I, as the mod, will merely interpret player actions as well as provide dialogue and narration about certain plot experiences. I do not control any factions in this game, nor do I determine when and how the game resolves.

-- Players may create Quick Topics, so long as they forward me the link of the topic they create.

-- I reserve the right to WoG or replace players as necessary. I will only use this procedure as a last resort.


Spoiler :
-- Day phase lasts 48 hours.

-- Each Day, players may vote on a target to lynch. Formatting for a lynch vote is as follows: Vote: Player. To unvote, please type Unvote. Due to the professionalism and standards of the Dresden Organization, a player must have a certain number of votes above the others in order to be even considered for a lynch: if there are 15 or more players left alive, the lynch target must hold four more votes than his nearest competitor; if 10 or more players are left alive, the target must hold three additional votes. Below 10 players is standard lynching procedure: the player with the most votes is lynched.

-- You may only vote to lynch a current player.

-- Vote: No Lynch is a valid and acceptable vote choice. Vote: Abstain, however, is never acceptable.

-- Additionally, each player will provide a move order for the Day. Move orders are formatted as follows: Move: Place. Move orders may be provided secretly via PM. Each player moves independently, and thus Move orders are not interpreted as votes; you are free to move to whatever location you please.

-- Moving to a room will reveal any available information and items in that Room. Certain Rooms begin locked at the start of the game, and must be unlocked by finding the correct code or key. Additionally, certain items (such as lockers or safes) may also be locked, requiring a code or key to unlock. These codes and keys can be found around the complex, but some may be easier to find than others.

-- Some Days, items may be up for vote. I will post the appropriate formatting for each individual item as they are found. Some players start with Items. Others can be found around the complex.


Spoiler :
-- Night lasts for 24 hours.

-- Individual and team Night actions must be submitted during this 24-hour period via PM.

-- There is to be no communication in the game thread while Night is being processed. As soon as I declare the game to be in a Night stage, there should be no further posts made until I provide the next update and announce the start of the following day. Please follow this rule!


Spoiler :
--Certain situations with evil or monstrous entities in this game will result in combat between the players and these enemies.

-- Combat Strength is determined by your weapon, which is listed in your role PM.

-- Most primary weapons have a Strength of 4 or 5. Particularly weak primary weapons have a Strength of 3. Particularly strong primary weapons have a Strength of 6.

-- Each weapon also has an ammunition requirement, listed in magazines. Each combat situation a player finds themselves in deducts one clip from their ammunition total. If they run out of ammunition for a weapon, that weapon is useless.

-- Your Strength is effectively 1 if you have no weapon and/or ammunition.

-- Combat is entirely determined on the type of opponent you face. Some enemies may Night kill without entering combat. Others may only be able to Night kill by entering combat.

-- If a player is the target of an evil entity, all players that share that target's room may also fight the enemy in Combat. In that case, all the players' Strengths will be added together for purposes of calculating the players' Strength.

-- Ammunition will only be drained if that player is required to fight in Combat (ie, if the monster would kill a fellow player unless they joined the Combat.)

-- If your Combat Strength (and the Strength of your fellow players) is higher than the Power of the enemy, you will survive the encounter. If not, well, you can guess what happens.

The Roster

Choxorn -- The BLUFOR Ranger
dcmort93 -- The BLUFOR Archaeologist
johnhughthom -- The BLUFOR Infiltrator
NinjaCow64 -- The BLUFOR Grunt
SouthernKing -- The BLUFOR Enforcer
spaceman98 -- The BLUFOR Engineer
Takhisis -- The BLUFOR Special Agent
Buddhafish -- The BLUFOR Gunner

BigTin -- The OPFOR Prophet of Doom -- LYNCHED D04
CivCube -- The OPFOR Archangel -- LYNCHED D10
Bsmith1068 -- The BLUFOR Bounty Hunter -- KILLED D05
classical_hero -- The OPFOR Archangel -- LYNCHED D05
DaveShack -- The BLUFOR Beret -- LYNCHED D07
Jaremma -- The BLUFOR Commando -- KILLED N09
Mat93 -- The BLUFOR Medic -- LYNCHED D08
Mergle -- The BLUFOR Guerrilla -- KILLED N01
Seon -- The BLUFOR Hacker -- KILLED N03
Verarde -- The OPFOR Fortune Hunter -- KILLED N09
Visorslash -- The BLUFOR Spy -- KILLED N05

* * *

Dreadnought -- The BLUFOR Sponsor -- KILLED ??
Zack -- The BLUFOR Commander -- LYNCHED ??
Bobby Keilman -- Innocent -- KILLED ??
Giovanni -- Innocent -- KILLED ??
Dr. Agapov -- Innocent -- KILLED ??
Ai Fan -- Innocent -- KILLED ??
Jabar -- Innocent -- KILLED ??
Sebastian -- Innocent -- LYNCHED ??

The Objective

Secure the ancient Relics scattered among these ruins. Permission granted to use whatever lethal or non-lethal force necessary to achieve this aforementioned task.

Total Victory: Secure all seven Relics.
Major Victory: Secure four or more Relics.
Minor Victory: Secure two or more Relics.
Minor Defeat: Survive, but don't meet any of the above conditions.
Total Defeat: Failure to fulfill the above conditions.

The Map

Communications (UNLOCKED)
-- Computer (UNLOCKED)
Receiving (UNLOCKED)
Equipment Storage (UNLOCKED)
Living Quarters
-- Sebastian's Chest (UNLOCKED)
Catalog Room (UNLOCKED)
Dig Site
Underground Lake
Chamber One : Despondency
Chamber Two
Chamber Three
Chamber Four
Chamber Five : Death
Chamber Seven

Day 1

There was no dream. It's strange, lying down, unconscious – as if asleep – but only experiencing an empty darkness. An infinite ebony shadow, extending all around you. Time and space are incoherent as you lay there, unable to move or think.

Then, suddenly, your body snapped back into action. Your brain slowly regained its composure as feeling returned to your extremities.

Funny – if this were a normal combat situation, you'd probably already be dead.

But these missions are far from normal.

You sit up and hold your head, waiting for your senses to return to a functioning state. As your sight returns, you're greeted by a gruesome sight.

Dead people, all around you.

Could you be the only survivor?

No, thank goodness. They aren't dead. They're unconscious, just as you were. And, just as you woke up, so are they. You recognize them as your fellow operatives, on this mission, attempting to...



What was our mission?

You rub your eyes feebly. You ponder your former objectives, desperately chasing your memories. But, even as you get closer to the truth, the visions slip away further.

You stand up and check for your firearm. It's still there.

The other operatives are also conscious, but – just as you – they cannot remember the mission specifics.

Maybe the commander will know.

“Commander?” you call out softly, checking the faces of the nearby mercenaries. You recognize each of them, but none of them hold senior rank in this outfit.

“Sir?” you cry out again, louder. There is still no response.

Then, you find him. He hasn't awoken yet. You nudge him softly. “Wake up, sir. I think we have a problem.”

He doesn't respond.

Desperately, you roll him over, checking his vital signs.


Dreadnought passed away!

Spoiler :
He was a BLUFOR Sponsor!

As you stand up, you notice a slip of paper peeking out of his chest pocket. Handling it delicately, you read the hastily scribble message aloud,


Stick to the plan. Those Relics are our objective. There's no room for hesitation in this business.


You hear a mutter from another operative. “We have another corpse here.”

You turn to investigate this new discovery, and you realize the grim truth: you recognized the young boy, not even a teenager.

He's dead.

Bobby Keilman was shot!

Spoiler :
He was Innocent!

In his hand, crumbled but still legible, was a note:

Professor Keilman,

I'm heading into the dig site today, so I cannot process your communications request at the moment. If you wish to submit it yourself, I've reset the Communications Room passcode to 1-2-3-4, for the time being.

You can leave your message on the filing cabinet there; I'll put it on the top of my list of priorities.


As your mind slowly processes the message, you hear an operative cry out, “The entrance! It's collapsed!”

To your horror, you twist around and notice the same, ominous fact:

There's no way out.
Posting is now open. As the first day, the deadline will be set for Sunday, June 24, 19:00 Hours. That's approximately ~57 hours from now.

* * *

Provide a Move Order in Green.

Vote to Lynch in Bold.

Vote for a new commander in Blue. The commander's voting power will be increased by 0.5, to act as a tie breaker, as well as holding a symbolic status as leader.
OCC: The map is picture isn't working

IC (Insert Stereotypical Aussie Accent Here): Alright mates, listen up. We need order here. We need a leader. I don't trust any of you fellas yet, any of you could be traitors. So I think that I should be our leader.

On the second course of business, we need to find them relics. It would probably be in the tomb. So let's all go there then, mates.

Also, I don't trust that Infilltraitor. He might be inflitrating this operation. His job description does have the word traitor in it after all. jonhhughthom, that name's a bit fishy as well. What kind of operative uses his real name in an operation anyway, mate?
I don't trust vote: Daveshack. Them sentient hats are never a good sign.
Since we're in an excavation looking for relics, I think it makes sense for dcmort93 to be our leader.
And on that same note, I think I'll go to the Dig Site.
Strange that people are wanting to execute with nothing to go on, Vote: No Lynch. Something tells me this situation isn't quite like those mafia games we played on the way here, normally no lynch benefits scum more, in this situation I'm not sure that it does.

We may as well head to Communications, see what this message was. Unless someone doesn't want us to know? Looks around with suspicion.

I'd say DaveShack should take charge, special forces guys are trained for situations like this.

Spoiler :
What happens if combat strength is equal? RNG to determine winner, or draw?
I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Dave John. Not alone. You're the infiltrator, let the Hacker get there. But for now I will go to Communications as well.

And I think that our guide should lead us. Verarde, come forward.

I must agree that we don't have any reasons to lynch anybody yet. The Archaeologist should be escorted just in case. Vote: No Lynch
The Infiltrator looks at JoanK with a quizzical expression.

Yes, an infiltrator publically looking to enter an open room is very suspicious...

Anyway, why would you want a guide to lead us? I mean, he's a guide! All he's here for is to show the important people where to go. No offence intended Verarde, some people are trained for leadership, you are not one of those people.
'Cause he's da friggin guide, dawg. He knows 'bout da place, and you don't, dawg.
Vote: No Lynch

We honestly have more to worry about than killing each other off at this point.

As the Systems manager of the Company, I vote myself as the leader.

I currently do not enjoy the disorganized ways that the team is behaving. In any case, I believe that the roster should be divided up into 5 teams.

1 Team will have me, the Hacker. This team's goal should be to find any data/electronically locked doors within this zone and take it to see if it could be used for the good of the foundation.

1 Team will have the Archeologist. Their goal shall be to find any sign of the precious Relics.

1 Team will have the Engineer. This team's goal should be to find any breakable locks and destroy it or alternatively find broken equipment and fix it.

1 Team will have the Guide. He will do whatever guide does, I don't know. Probably go into one of the tombs, I guess.

1 Team will have the other assorted combat roles. Their goal will be to clear out any hostiles that may or may not exist as an advanced Guard. Roles such as the Spy or Infiltrator should go here, I guess. I don't know what those two do here, so meh.
Mais pas du tout, monsieur, je préfère de m'exprimer en français, qui est une langue plus polie et moins sauvage que votre anglais. :p

Spoiler :
Not at all, mister, I rather express myself in French, which is a much softer and less savage language than your English.
Roles such as the Spy or Infiltrator should go here, I guess. I don't know what those two do here, so meh.

You want to be in charge, yet don't know what some of our specialisations are?


I am a highly trained infiltration expert, not some grunt. My job is to move in unseen, do whatever needs to be done, then move out again, preferably with any hostiles unaware of my presence and actions.

We need a military man to take charge, not some love child of Bill Gates and Mr Anderson.
Move: Communications Room

I will go to the communications room as well. See if there's any electronics in there. I urge the Engineer to follow as well. If there's a broken communications equipment in there, it should be fixed immediately.

I'll also request a few guards to protect us two as we go. I suspect that the we aren't the most well-armed mercenaries in the team.

Oh, and one thing.


Note that move orders can be sent in secret to the GM. Thusly it is imperative that every townie knows where each other is at every point.
I'm a highly trained Commando, I'm coming.
ok so I'm going to Vote Takhisis for the sake of randomness, I'll Move to the Dig Site seeing as I'm an archeologist and I'll Go with myself for commander for obvious reasons
vote: BSmith - Never trust a bounty hunter.
I'm a gunner, so anyone need some help exploring, lemme know.
Communications Room
Seon sounds like a good commander.
I'll probably regret that later, but whatever. :p
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