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Hen features
Mar 29, 2001
Shizuoka, Japan
OK, so I've been playing Civ for a good 6 years or so, but as yet I've never had the need to d/load a mod pack or patch.

As I type this I'm in the process (16%...) of d/loading the Test of Time Patch 1.1. My question is this: what does it do and how do I use it?

Feel free to patronise as I have no idea whatsoever what to do, but i did hear that it brightened up the display a bit - is this right as it is rather dark.

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Well, the patch does some minor adjustments to gameplay mechanics and adresses also some minor bugs, which some people experienced. :eek:

The list of changes and improvements should be available at the site where you downloaded the patch.
Some patches include this list, too.
I´m not sure anymore whether this was the case with ToT.

I only played with the patch v1.1, downloaded it right after buying the game. :D
And I had no problems with it, although I only played very few games with ToT. (<10)

But again, there are just minor adjustments in the patch, especially to adress the multi-world feature to function correctly.

To use the patch simply double-click the file after you downloaded it. It should automatically find your Test of Time install directory and apply the patch. :goodjob:
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