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Old World Quick Questions and answers (and FAQ)

There is no innate defensive bonus for units or cities on hills. They provide ranged units with an extra tile of range and units with the Highlander promotion will get extra attack and defence strength while standing on hills.
Once the game is finished receiving updates and expansions, can I delete the Epic game store but keep Old World on my PC?

Related to the above, is there a way to play Old World by completely bypassing the Epic launcher, similar to how GoG allows me to play games?

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Ita Bear
Yes, you can already ignore Epic except for updates. Double click the games exe file and it will run without the Epic launcher, no additional magic required.

Also, as a matter of convenience, I would recommend installing the Heroic Games Launcher. It's an alternative client for Epic which fixes every annoyance with the official launcher.
That's great, but will the game run if Epic is removed from my system? I want to do some pruning on my computer and really want to delete Epic. Old World is the only game I use it for.

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Ita Bear
It will run but obviously not update. The bigger problem is that the game will forget what DLCs you own after a week, you need to run Epic to restore that - I'd love to avoid that limitation but it doesn't really seem feasible.
Man, what a shame. How does the game forget what DLCs I own? Are they not downloaded onto my system and activated when I load the game?

Does this limitation also exist for GoG downloads?

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Ita Bear
Normally there's no such thing as permanent activation at all. What the platforms want the game to do is to check which DLCs you own every time the game starts. We want to be more flexible and allow play without the launcher, so we added an additional feature for the game to remember your DLCs, regardless of whether the launcher is used. But that memory needs a time limit because otherwise it'd be possible to get permanent access to DLCs by buying and immediately refunding. So our implementation is the best I could figure out to be friendly to players (allowing them to play offline and/or to play with the launcher) while still requiring DLCs to actually be purchased.

GOG enables a better solution so there's never a need to use their launcher, I believe you're not even required to ever download it.
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