Old World update #115


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Oct 22, 2008
New update is here!
Source: https://mohawkgames.com/2023/10/25/old-world-update-115/

Headline changes

  • Zealot leader generals have a new action ‘Apply Enlist’
  • Reworked regencies
  • Added option to disable tile improvement recommendations

  • Zealot leader generals have a new action ‘Apply Enlist’, which gives their next kill a 100% chance to Enlist for 3 turns, for the cost of 400 civics. This replaces their previous 10% chance to enlist on kill.
  • Reworked regencies:
  • Regents no longer lead to legitimacy decay as normal leader changes do.
  • The Rightful Heir will automatically become the Chosen Heir and this cannot be changed by the Regent.
  • Regents no longer cause others in the line of succession to become bypassed on becoming Regent or on giving up the throne.
  • Regents who do not give up the throne become Usurpers and do cause others in the line of succession to become bypassed.
  • The free Garrison in your Capital and Fair from a Traders seat can now appear on any valid tile instead of only on existing urban tiles. As before, the locations of these can be set by using improvement pings.
  • Exiting a cloud game mid turn will now save your progress and no longer reset to the start of the turn on reload
  • Urban tiles no longer placed under tribal settlements unless they are city sites (applies when City Sites number is modified)
  • Pharaohs of the Nile campaign – No leader turns family opinion penalty no longer applies
  • Pharaohs of the Nile scenario 3 – Reduced raids and increased Amun units on higher difficulties
  • Pharaohs of the Nile scenario 6 – Climate change induced Nile flooding now has a 10 turn grace period
  • Tweaked capture foreign cities ambition tiers
  • Sacred and Profane – Make Clergy mission requires target to be single
  • Enabled Extreme Terrain and Tribal Lands map options for multiplayer Continent and Donut map scripts and Tribe Number map option for multiplayer Seaside and Bay map scripts
  • Fervent trait (from the Kush Piye dynasty) now grants the bonus militia in the city the religion spreads to instead of in the capital
  • Enlightenment Theology now gives +3 happiness per Monk class instead of +2 per Elder Monk
  • Guilds now gives happiness per Hamlet class improvement instead of just per Town
  • Random maps are more likely to have at least one luxury resource of each type (does not apply to mirror maps)

  • Added new EffectUnit options for modders – SelfApplyEffectUnitYieldCost, SelfApplyEffectUnitTurns, AttackApplyEffectUnitTurns, aiOccurrenceFromModifier, bMercenary
  • Added new EffectPlayer option for modders – miMaxCities
  • AI now waits until it has a greater power ratio before launching an attack outside of its borders
  • Clarified the distinction between a tribe city site, a tribe settlement tile, and a tribe site, which are all technically different things but in many cases the same
  • AI performance optimization
  • Added AI for Zealot leader enlisting
  • Improved performance in Heroes of the Aegean scenario 2

  • Added player option to disable tile improvement recommendations
  • Schemer’s Adopt Child mission now visible on the leader
  • Character event log now puts all events of the same year on the same line, to save some vertical space
  • Removed 16 nation display cap from Choose Leader screen
  • Better improvement ping support for bonus improvements. If there is no improvement ping, an improvement ping for the same class is considered.
  • Added helptext to events requiring an active Occurrence
  • Mod Manager – Uploading mods is now a background task like downloading is. Status added to bottom of mod manager
  • Mod Manager – faster Modio downloads. Download size and percentage added to mod download status.
  • Added warning to the tooltip if assigning a general or governor is going to replace another character
  • Character illness is now included in the turn
  • Rival visibility toggle () now shows visibility from allied units as well
  • New cognomen popup will now display the legitimacy it gives
  • Other team VPs will now display in yellow/red as they get close to victory
  • Improved display of Zealot Enlist Next effect
  • Tooltip for event bonuses that affect all cities of a religion now shows how many cities it will affect
  • Added loading hint for Slow AI option

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed cloud game bug where sometimes it remained locked to a player who had exited the game without ending their turn
  • Fixed potential issues with transition from sequential to simultaneous turnStyle
  • Units that were under attacked cooldown and now are supposed to be allowed to move because of a turnStyle change, have their cooldown removed
  • Attacked cooldown is no longer given if an attacked unit could not move at that point in the turn anyway
  • Fixed null reference
  • Fixed tile visibility exception
  • Fixed OccurrenceEndPlayer bonus
  • Fixed victory popup display with more than 10 ambitions or players
  • Fixed camera panning to attacked cities with Follow AI set to None
  • Fixed turn style and turn timer in the options popup being applied before you click save
  • Fixed reset button on options panel not updating the turnStyle and turnTimer settings
  • AI now does diplomacy with other AI first before getting to humans so diplomacy events are more current
  • Fixed improvement help text bug on city sites
  • Fixed victory event not appearing if the leader dies on the last turn
  • Pharaohs of the Nile campaign – Blocked Visitor from the East event
  • Pharaohs of the Nile scenario 2 – Blocked Monotheism law
  • Pharaohs of the Nile scenario 3 – Change state religion hidden until appropriate time in the campaign
  • Pharaohs of the Nile scenario 3 – Fixed some Zone of Control bugs
  • Pharaohs of the Nile scenario 3 – Fixed defeat event not popping on total defeat, or loss of Akhetaten. Improved speed of victory event popup.
  • Pharaohs of the Nile scenario 3 – fix possible AI hang when it’s thinking about healing an Amun unit by pillaging
  • Pharaohs of the Nile scenario 4 – Ramesses and Muwatalli event and achievement fixes
  • Pharaohs of the Nile scenario 5 – fix defeat event not popping.
  • Pharaohs of the Nile scenario 6 – Worst Possible Ending achievement fix
  • Learn to Play 3 – Fixed rare null ref error if there’s no heir. Fix defeat not triggering if conquered by raiders/rebels/barbs
  • Fixed AI not declaring war on tribes to expand
  • AI retreat fix
  • Fixed some AI exploration confusion
  • Map Editor – Fixed null ref when removing ruins improvement from an urban tile
  • Old World premade map fix to Kush starting location
  • Fixed events featuring players or tribes the player has not yet met
  • Fixed some rare AI behavior when encountering danger before founding the first city
  • Fixed new game portraits being overwritten with second display of portraits using nation index instead of playable nation index. Was affecting Hatti and Kush if those DLC were not owned.
  • Fixed some issues with loading a save in a different game mode from where it was saved
  • Reduced frequency of limit of 5 events per turn getting exceeded
  • Fixed improvement upgrade cost bug
  • Fixed Resume and Quick Cloud Load on main menu not unloading mods first
  • Fixed bug with tribe settlement distribution
  • Fixed free tech preferring tech currently being researched
  • Fixed bad AI exploration with military units
  • Fixed events not working for cities in anarchy
  • Fixed bugs with Rise of Carthage scenario 3 sometimes failing to generate goals
  • Fixed stolen city/city site trigger not taking teams into account
  • Fixed family luxury menu display issue
  • Fixed opinion bars displaying inconsistently
  • Fixed specialist widget timers not updating when city yield production changes
  • Fixed Learn to Play 5 bug where player couldn’t declare war again after accepting truce via an event
  • Fixed unit/city stats sometimes not updating when general/governor stats change
  • Fixed frame limit functionality
  • Fixed map script non-city resource placement
  • Fixed premade maps failing to start when No Ancient Ruins option enabled
  • Text and event fixes
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