Opposing Unit will Disburse Barb Camp I Occupy


Nov 5, 2001
This hasn't happened to me in the several months that I've had Barbarian Clan mode, but it's now happened twice in the past two days.

I will be occupying a barbarian camp, getting ready to disburse next turn. Then an adjacent unit from a city state or other civ will sweep over my warrior and disburse the camp that I'm standing on. I do not appear to have that option with my adjacent units.

Is this a new patch fix or something? It's really annoying. I'm losing credit for barb camps I get to first. Anyone know what this is?


I'm not the best to answer this since I've only been playing since 2020, but as far as I know this is how it's always been, and it's just a quirk of random chance.

Doesn't make it any less frustrating, though... :cringe:
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