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Orbis 1.0 Bug Thread

Discussion in 'Orbis Modmod' started by Ahwaric, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Ahwaric

    Ahwaric Shrubbery-hugger

    Nov 12, 2005
    Kraków, Poland
    Please report all spotted bugs here
    Reported unsolved bugs will be listed in the second post

    Current version: Orbis 1.0
    Patch: 1.0b
    Quickfix: Elemental Unity


    Changelog of version 1.0 can be found in the fourth post. Changelog of previous patches in third post.

    Patching changelog:

    Version 1.1(not yet released)
    • Fixed MAF bug (hopefully)
    • General clearing of Orbis gamecore
    • incorporated fixes from FfH 0.41 patches n & o
    • Fixed blight double-firing for the human player
    • Units guarding a fort (that means, having "Garrison" promotion) no longer invisible due to CoE shrine shroud. Should let them to actually defend the fort.
    • Shugenja now can't be build directly, need to be upgraded from hermit (lvl 2 required) should make hermits buildable even after enabling shugenja.
    • Scion worldspell "Into the Breach" will no longer spawn units on peaks
    • Fixed animation bug that prevented golden hammers from joining cities. Might fix some additional bugs as well (the animation bug applied to 25 summons/equipment)
    • Last Embrace and Love eternal should now be played correctly (second one requires updates soundtrack)
    • Corrected icons for take mokka's cauldron and loki's puppet creation
    • fixed missing icons for trophies
    • scenario screen now has normal icons (no more pink squares)
    • Added missing text for enlist radiant guard resolution
    • Slaves require freak show building to be caged
    • Fixed Elohim immortal art
    • Implacable is now avaliable to most unitclasses (provided they met the requirements)
    • Spell that adds promotion removed by casting will now let the newly added promotion to stay (it used to instantly remove the promotion). Should affect hidden, possibly other spell&promotion pairs
    • Rally now castable
    • Devastating plague event should now properly fire
    • Teleport spell will now work properly
    • Corrected Corlindale's workrate
    • Republican traits no longer accumulate
    • fixed error in citadel of light doturn event (fireball creation)
    • fixed error in jeweler event option - will now give free merchant in the city
    • fixed a bug in scorch spell (jungle defender spawn)
    • Temple of the hand will now count as a temple in every aspect - including not being needed to train units under universalism
    • first two scenarios should now work in Orbis
    • PawelS fixes incorporated:
      1. Frostlings get double movement in snow, not shrubbery
      2. fixed worldbreak help text
      3. Poludnica should spawn properly
      4. Several fixes to den exploration
  2. Ahwaric

    Ahwaric Shrubbery-hugger

    Nov 12, 2005
    Kraków, Poland
    Unsolved bugs

    • Lizard slaves can't be caged (lets pretend they die if caged ;) )
    • Summoning units immune to cold in a blizzard damages them (but they can move into it suffering no damage) - the damage to fresh summon is applied before it gets the immunity...
    • Scenarios not working
    • some rare crashes
  3. Ahwaric

    Ahwaric Shrubbery-hugger

    Nov 12, 2005
    Kraków, Poland
    1.0 b (breaks saves)
    Priest of hand no longer can cast snowfall
    Unfortunate spy event ratcatcher option no longer says it will be immobilized for 16 turns
    Removed ice 1-3 from Lysara (not really needed)
    Fixed (hopefully) crash during lair exploration caused by great scorpions
    Expanded & adjusted bigbad lair exploration results
    Fixed barnaxus promotion mouseover art
    Fixed warehouse art
    Bought uniforms (and beards) for the rest of Kuriotate archers
    Fixed Dao worldspell - should work properly now
    Added Kalina's pedia entries for Standing Stones, Gate to Underdark & Tower of Eyes (sorry for the delay...)
    Changed universalism no temple requirement info
    Fixed some icons
    Sohei requires neutral alignment now
    Expanded galley cargo space to 2
    Expanded cog, holk & drakkar cargo to 3
    Removed cargo capacity from arcane barque, privateer (including lanun version), windrider, frigate, black wind
    removed crews
    Initial chance for dao elemental summoning reduced to 1.2% per elemental. Still tripled by appropiate shrine.
    At commune with nature (should it be different tech?) elder elementals are spawned instead
    elemental unity will only heal up to 30 % of damage at once
    Banker can now remove guilds from the city (except vivaldi & mercenaries), granting 10 gold. Usable only in borders, AI can't use it (so it does not hurt itself)
    Bazaar of mammon removes vivaldi branch from the city (and prevents building it - vivaldi and stewards do not go well together)
    Vivaldi headquarters removes & prevents building of Bazaar of Mammon
    Hardy II & III now give +1 defense strenght & +20% withdrawal
    Fixed crashes caused by broken Buboes & Ars spawning (and Gurid in barbarian assault scenario)
    increased blessing of weles vodnik spawn chance to 25%
    vodnik moved to engineering (cosmetic chance, no mechanics impact)
    new pedia entries by Kalina & wauthan
    Raoitlor is no longer agnostic
    lancers no longer start with dwarven
    social order will now correctly enable an option to deal with dissent event
    Lysara starts with hero
    Palisade cost reduced to 1/3
    Siege mage, wizard, alcinus now use standard grenadier animation (should fix combat crash)
    added workers combat animation by warkirby
    River port no longer grants +1 :commerce: per river tile. Instead grants 1 extra trade route, cost reduced to 90 :hammers:

    1.0 a (does not break saves)
    Fixed bug that caused crash on XP machines (thanks Xienwolf!)
    AI can now play as Dao & Palatinate
    Dao will now properly spawn elementals
    air & water elementals can't enter ocean (elders still can), earth elementals can climb peaks
    Fixed some bugs/rebalanced Dao & Palatinate wordspells and added help texts
    New Dao & Palatinate leaders have proper defeat quotes
    fixed some broken text links
    Fixed adept art
    Fixed vampire art
    Fixed plenty of icons (had broken links)
    Spell automate (sanctify...) will no longer appear on units that can't cast it
    Great Prophets will now be able to construct the heart of winter (The White Hand shrine)
    Dao & Palatinate palaces grant palace guardian promotion as they should
    Mechanos can build thopter & copter
    Kelleigh the frostmaiden is now buildable directly
    Old Ones no longer increase AC when founded
    New Poludnica art (golshan art from Kohan II imported by Deliverator)
    Removed found mercenary guild spell
    Colosseum renamed to amphitheatre (there is just one Colosseum, in Rome, the building type is called amphitheatre - I know, I am a purist ;)... or rather my fiance is... well, to be even more puristic, Colosseum's proper name is Amphitheatrum Flavium)
    Vodnik starts with water 1 & 2
    Added help text for Poludnica, Vodnik and their spells
    Increased poludnica spawning chance
    Walls defender, garrison & wagenburg promotions effects are more simmilar now
    Raubritter now also requires stirrups
    Slavery now requires masonry instead of way of the wicked
    Council of Esus as state religion now grants additional +20% :gold: in every city (on top of + 50% :espionage: it already gives)
    Spells that remove promotions will now be properly castable (i.e. shapechanger version of return to human form will be castable in bearshape, treeshape & stoneshape, not just wolf one)
    Added found temple of the hand spell to the priest of the hand
    Fixed lair exploration grayed out for bannor
    The frostmaiden strats with Ice I, II & III. And her name is Lysara...
    Reduced aul yield by 1 :commerce:
    Wyvern guardians can now upgrade to high priests of OO
    Spearman get +20% and pikeman (including uniques) +30% vs beasts
    Landsknecht get +20% vs mounted, Greatsword +20% attack vs pikemen
    Adjusted favourite improvements & wonders of the new leaders
    Subdue animal & beasts now improve results of den exploration (stack with adventurer and each other)
  4. Ahwaric

    Ahwaric Shrubbery-hugger

    Nov 12, 2005
    Kraków, Poland
    Current version changelog

    Moved to stand-alone installer (no longer need proper FfH base)
    Updated to FfH 41m code:
    • new unit art
    • some AI changes (but not much, too much hardcoding that does not apply to Orbis)
    • bugfixes
    Merged in the latest version of flavour mod[/B] (including new climate model and speed enhancments to hell terrain)

    Road movement enhancements no longer linear (bigger impact on slow units) - consult the attached "graph" (left to right units from movement 1 to 6, up to bottom: no road, standard road, standard road with engineering, imperial road, railroad - all units started at the route start, railroad has a stack of units with 3 moves or less that ended at the same tile)
    Railroads added - movement 8 or more for all units; enabled by steam power tech, iron required
    Enhanced informations dsiplayed on some game items (i.e. buildings will now list what replaces them - like palisade)
    Added airship unit - req physics & alteration
    Added Dao & Palatinate civs
    Removed sandworm unit
    Added drakes: storm & ice versions. Art from Kohan II, imported by deliverator
    A few pedia entries by arkham, hints & concepts updated & expanded by Kalina
    Some extra help entries
    Empyrean as state religion grants +20% :culture in every city (no buildings or civics required, not displayed in modifiers list but is there)
    Council of esus as state religion grants +50% :espionage: in every city
    New religion pedia scereen by Opera (thanks!)

    Ranged attacks should no longer cause OOS in multiplayer
    Support cost modifications from promotions now correctly updated when promotion is lost
    Loosing promotion that grants unique art will no longer revert to basic art if unit has another promotion that grants unique art (i.e. lycanthropy mechanics)

    Tons of art fixes (but some new bugs are guaranteeed - art merging is a hard thing)
    Some text fixes (some as above)
    New malakim units art - late ones more arabic
    new shadow art (chanter skin by Neomega)
    new arcane units art for bannor, malakim, elohim (archmage) and lanun (mage) by esvath
    Kuriotates now use lamias for adepts - art by deliverator
    Mechanos musketmen now have melee animations (will use their bayonets if fighting in close combat) - naimation by SaibotLieh

    Steam power tech now avaliable to everyone, moved to the end of tech tree, requires machinery and mana theory or physics
    Physics requires optics and square rigging or education (clipper - but not zeppelin - still requires square rigging)
    Patrian artifacts now revealed by education
    Remnants of patria now provide +1 :hammers: +3 :commerce:, education bonus removed (but patrian artifacts now usable/visible for everyone)

    Removed promotions from many units that were there only to grant acces to spells (spells still castable)
    Removed divine 2 promotion - no longer needed
    Added mastery promotions - if caster has such promotion, specified spells are cast with enhanced effect, i.e.
    elemental mastery: water walking has duration enhanced by 2 turns, elementals gain extra promotion enhancing their strength & abilities (work in progress)

    Reduced a bit headquaters yields
    Increased maintenance from 25 to 30% of BtS value
    Much harder to get rid of maintenance (civics nerfed significantly)
    Removed banker spell (will get inquisitor abilities on guilds later)
    Adjusted some guild yeilds/commerces (thanks Kalina!)
    No longer founded by free mercenary swordsman, need to use great general for that
    Written a new hiring model, based on Magnadine special spell (but vastly expanded):
    Casting a spell launches an event, which gives a choice of unitcombat to hire (archer, melee, etc. - see picture below), each with different (and quite high) cost, set for the category (not dependent on the technology & spawned unit type)
    choosing the option spawns an appropiate unit:
    • only tier 2 & 3 allowed (for now)
    • based on tech of the player (i.e. for archers bowyers & machinery are checked)
    • very likely to span unique units (javelin throwers, dwarven slingers etc.), but basic unit has the highest chance
    • many units will start with unique racial promotions, i.e. elven, feral, shaded, dwarf (though some will lack the unique look, i.e. archers with feral promotion)
    • unit starts at level 1-4, for each level they gain 1 promotion (so will have 1 promotion more than standard units); the list of possible promotions is different for each unit combat
    • every hired unit starts with mercenary promotion - now drains 1 :gold: per turn, no matter the level of the unit. The cost is calculated the standard way (so is taken into account for player balance, not applied after calculation, as it was before)
    • should be multiplayer friendly (no OOS)
    • removed mercenary unit
    • removed standard & expanded mercenary spells
    • Magnadine can no longer hire units. Instead, he can convert every nearby mercenary to his cause, just as acheron can convert CotD units (loyality makes unit immune to the spell - no killing of the unit)

    Removed fort commander unit & all his special promotions
    Only melee & archery units can claim forts now
    Melee, archery & siege units get garrison promotion while in fort, enhancing defense & ranged attack

    Trait split into two:
    humanist - as old agnostic (but the name was misleading), humanists get bonus to relations with each other (as if following the same religion) - Grigori, Dao
    cultist - relation penalty to every civ having state religion, or another cultist - Mechanos, Illians, Scions. Some leaders not changed for now (i.e. Raitlor, Publius)

    The White Hand
    New religion, avaliable to everyone
    If illians are in the game, they have to research it before anyone else can (so always have holy city)
    Drifa is now one of the religion heroes
    Added Kelleigh the frostmaiden - caster hero of White Hand
    Removed stir from slumber & the white hand rituals (units buildable now)
    White hand changes terrain to tundra (except for illians, malakim & tlacatl) (yes, snow for non-illians is melted too - the gift of the ice god :) )
    1 extra :hammers: from tundra terrain (except for doviello & illians - the bonuses do not stack)

    Octopus overlords (thanks for the ideas & feedback Imuratep!)
    Renamed to: The Old Ones
    Drown no longer associated with OO - wild unit spawned in exploration only
    Lunatic now strength 4/4, starts with crazied, requires message from the deep and temple of overlords, upgrades to berserker, immortal, priest of overlords or stygian guard
    Crazed is now a different promotion (old one merged with mad, now not only used by Alcinus)
    Crazed randomly grants following promotions (30% chance each): blitz, morale, dance of blades, strength of the deep, weak, held
    All promotions granted by crazied will stay for just 1 turn, next turn the set is regenerated
    If you got blitz by any other means, it is still permanent (no risk of loosing it)
    New promotion - strength of the deep: +2 attack strength, +1 defense, water walking, amphibious
    added OO trials (idea by Imuratep):
    grip of insanity - caster can gain either crazied or mental clarity (both promotions block another try, the higher the level of the caster, the better chance for clarity)
    grip of chaos - requires mental clarity & OO high priest (speaker) - 20% chance for avatar of the old ones, ALWAYS mutates unit (will stack with standard mutation)
    Stygian guards no longer demons, require asylum

    Removed Jeweler
    Now use standard galleon

    Turn every type of terrain to snow (now including wetlands)

    Will slowly turn all terrain except snow, tundra & wetland to desert

    Old steam power tech renamed mana theory - cost, prerequirements or enabled goods not changed (save for submarine - now/still at steam power)
    Added thopter - unique griffon knight (art from dune mod)
    Added copter - airship replacement (art from EE II pack by deliverator)
    Added clockwork soldier - pikeman replacement (art from Kohan II, imported by deliverator)
    New art for howitzer (EEII pack by deliverator)

    Removed Melante
    Removed Melante's residence
    Removed Dark Council (was not functional anyway)
    Removed Korrina the Black & Red units - merged into Dark Empathy (avaliable at animal handling) & Defender of the Empire (military strategy) promotions - just choose one
    Some changes to Korrina promotions and unit itself, also will now get undying no matter which route (black or red) she chooses
    Pelemoc, Themoch & Alcinus will now spawn fine in advanced start
    Removed exchange
    Market now replaced by forum - +10% commerce, +20% great people birth rate, -25% maintenance
    Scions Palace now provides 2 instances of patrian artifacts (on top of 1 death mana)
    Removed the gift tech (no longer needed)

    Added shaded promotion - sidar "racial" promotion, +20% death resistance, +10% against undead
    All recon units with shaded promotion can now use sever soul ability
    removed divided soul unit (was identical to hunter save for sever soul ability)
    Added level dependent immortality to all units with shaded ptromotion - 5% per level, capped at 95%
    Removed waning & shade unit

    New illusionist art by esvath (old one is now svartalfar archmage)

    Tlacatl (formelly known as Mazatl - by the way, did you know that 'Mazatl' means 'deer' and 'Cualli' means 'good'?)
    Removed jungledwelling tech (was hidden, lizard only)
    Removed trails
    Removed lizard shaper (normal worker instead, can't plant jungle)
    Will slowly change climate to tropical (turns all terrain except wetland to grassland, forest to jungle)

    New XML tags
    ReplacesBuildingClasses - when build, this building removes listed buildingclasses from the city and prevents building them
    AlignmentRequired - alignment requirement on a building, when alignment changes building is removed
    GuildYieldModifier - the building modifies yields if the specified guild is in the city
    PrereqCivilization can specify the only civ that can trigger this event (used by Scion heroes only atm)
    ReligionClimateType - changes climate if the religion is state, no effect on civs that change it on their own
    ReligionTerrainYields - enhances yields of specified terrain, no effect it the terrain is already enhanced by civ info
    Permanent - used to mark features not removed by bulding a city
    CivilizationNeeded- will upgrade to this feature only if in territory of the specified civ (used for deep jungle in tlacatl territory)
    bCultist - used for cultist trait
    rewritten prerequnitcombat tag to allow multiple unitcombats
    UnitsIgnorePromotion allows specified multiple units to ignore promotion requirement on spells (so can cast even if does not have the promotion)
    rewritten promotionrandomapply to allow granting multiple promotions
    promotionrandomapplyduration - allows setting duration on applied ptomotions (interfers with duration expiration, so promotions using it need to come last in xml)
    bLevelDependentImmortal - immortality based on unit level, the higher the level, the better the chance, generated at the start of every turn (so reloading does not help)
  5. Kalina

    Kalina Just lurking...

    Sep 29, 2008
    Łódź, Poland
    So Yinxi no longer loves Dragon's Hoard ? I should have waited a little bit longer before writing :/
  6. civ_king

    civ_king Deus Caritas Est

    Mar 9, 2006
    Awesome, as soon as I finish up the WWII game I'm playing, I'll play L'Orbis
  7. A Golden Dragon

    A Golden Dragon Golden Dragon

    Dec 20, 2008
    palatinate adept seems to be broken, has no icons in bottom panel en is a red spehere

    sometimes uses icons of previous selected unit
  8. Ahwaric

    Ahwaric Shrubbery-hugger

    Nov 12, 2005
    Kraków, Poland
    Did you apply patch A? It should fix adept art, and palatinate uses default adept.
  9. A Golden Dragon

    A Golden Dragon Golden Dragon

    Dec 20, 2008
    sorry, didn't see it :p
  10. Gilg

    Gilg Warlord

    Sep 6, 2008
    I've had 5+ crashes upon trying to switch civics. Both while trying to enter the civicsscreen and when research is done and the popup asks if I'd like to switch. The game crashes upon loading and when trying to exit.

    orbis 1.0 is extraordinarily fragile it seems.
  11. Kalina

    Kalina Just lurking...

    Sep 29, 2008
    Łódź, Poland
    My Priests of the Hand (regular, not high ones) can cast Snowfall.
    I got Ratcatcher from event. Mouseover said it would be immovable for 16 turns, yet I can use him just after getting him.
  12. A Golden Dragon

    A Golden Dragon Golden Dragon

    Dec 20, 2008
    1.0 for me is less unstable then previous versions... nearly no crashes :O
  13. KrugSmash

    KrugSmash Warlord

    Sep 1, 2009
    East Coast USA
    Yup, I'm into turn 500 of an epic game, not a single crash. Playing as Illians, on windows 7 x64
  14. Wauthan

    Wauthan Inaniloquent Nihiliarian

    Jan 30, 2005
    Got a python exception when exploring a lair. CTD on the next turn.


    Traceback (most recent call last)

    File "CvSpellInterface", line 27, in cast

    File "String", line 0, in ?

    File "CvSpellInterface", line 1176, in spellExploreLair

    File "CustomFunctions", line 276, in exploreLairBigBad

    RuntimeError: Unidentifiable C++ exception

  15. Cyradin

    Cyradin Chieftain

    Nov 6, 2008
    I have noticed no matter what civ I play as, when I research the order religion & then research priesthood, the "spell" icon for my confessors to create a temple it neon pink, also any time my religion spreads the popup icon is neon pink.
  16. Kalina

    Kalina Just lurking...

    Sep 29, 2008
    Łódź, Poland
    Small Barnaxus icon is missing (one in mouseover info, promotion icon). Also, I can't claim forts in my territory... should it work this way ?
  17. A Golden Dragon

    A Golden Dragon Golden Dragon

    Dec 20, 2008
    probably has to do with this:

    Removed fort commander unit & all his special promotions
    Only melee & archery units can claim forts now
    Melee, archery & siege units get garrison promotion while in fort, enhancing defense & ranged attack
  18. daveishere55

    daveishere55 The Mad Scientist

    Mar 15, 2010
    My Very Imposing Castle OF SCIENCE!
    The Warehouse picture in the Civilopedia is the missing art red blob.
  19. Del Valle

    Del Valle Chieftain

    Nov 20, 2009
    Whenever I exit from Orbis, I exit out and a window saying "Civ4 BTS has stopped working" pops up. It hasn't caused me any problems, but its still a bit odd and thought you would like to know.

    Loving this mod, by the way! Keep the good work up :goodjob:
  20. isthmus

    isthmus Warlord

    Jul 16, 2009
    Oxford, UK
    The dao worldspell isn't working properly - all four elder elementals spawn on every tile that doesn't have an improvement on it.

    Loving the new version by the way :)

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