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Mar 25, 2010
Relatively recently there has been talk about the mistake of offering money to one civilization to declare war on another civilization.
The thing is that I think that in diplomacy there are more errors since I don't remember having seen some texts that in theory should appear.

These texts would be for example the following:

You are invited to gape with^
awe and amazement as the^
$US demonstrate the wonders^
of $RPLC1. WARNING: Absolutely^
no scribes will be allowed.

We invite you to join our crusade to^
rid the world of the evil $THEM.^
We will $RPLC1 peace treaty^
for the duration of the hostilities.^
_No, not interested.^
_Yes, cancel treaty with $THEM.

I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but I'm not able to get these dialogs out.
They don't happen. The crusade event is a bit redundant, AI civs will demand you to go to war with other AI civs regularly, so it's basically an alternate text. I'm pretty sure the gape event is supposed to be a technology gifted to the player by the AI without the player asking for tribute (rejecting peace). Somebody here (maybe tupi, not sure) figured out it had some requirements in order to happen, like having writing, etc., but the feature is not functional.
I don't think they are mistakes, I suppose they were features that were developed but abandoned shortly before the game was released.
Perhaps they raised some issues that couldn't be resolved.
What would be interesting is to know if it would be easy or possible to implement it in the game.
At first glance, code for these messages are ok and they should work. I still don't understand why they do not work. Maybe it's prohibited for the program to call corresponding functions from overlay directly. These diplomacy functions (to show "Will you recieve him?", to show some message/dialog on diplomacy screen) are used in normal, functional diplomacy, but in this case they are called from within other overlay call.

For crusade (and/or for helpme - I don't remember) the game adds same amount of money for your civ and AI civ, instead of adding to you and subtracting from AI. This is clearly an error. And because of it was never fixed, I think this functionality was abandoned pretty early and never planned to work in the released version.

*gape is the AI bragging about their new tech on diplomacy screen (they ask to talk first), it should happen with 1/3 chance only if they are the first civ discovering this tech and when they (or you? I don't remember) already have navigation tech and you don't have an embassy with them (because with embassy, you always get messages about tech discovered by AI anyway).

All of these 3 are called the same way, which is different from normal, functional diplomacy call. In theory, they should show dialog "An emissary from (some civ) wishes to speak with you. Will you recieve him?" without you meeting their unit, and without changing current camera position. For crusade/helpme, game check conditions to call them at the beginning of civ turn, at the same place where civ changes govt, changes various diplomacy flags and shows some diplomacy messages (at least one - "The war between A and B has ended").

Also, crusade (and/or helpme?) is the only place where the game would set ALLY flag. This flag is functional, you can set it in editor. ALLY civ will never demand anything from you as long as it does not want to declare war. Pretty useless. You cannot even give some tech to them when you want to. Also other AI civ can declare the war on this civ only because this civ is ALLY with you. When peace is cancelled, this flag is cancelled too.
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Knowing that you are taking a look at these errors makes me feel more confident.
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