PAE VI Patch 6.5 and higher (latest 07. Feb. 2024)

Yes, looks perfect.

I've compared the files again. They should have follownig properties:
Python/Screens/ 27.10.22, 02:37, 92KB
Python/Screens/ 20.09.22, 19:43, 8KB
XML/GameInfo/CIV4CivicInfos.xml 29.07.22, 01:46, 120KB
XML/GameInfo/CIV4CivicOptionInfo.xml, 29.07.22, 01:46, 2KB

perhaps, anything get lost while downloading or unpacking?
The whole PieAncientEuropeVI folder has 1.02GB (1.101.877.248 Bytes), 2080 files, 136 folders.

Has anyone out there the same problem with the Pedia Civic Screen?
Peculiar. The mentioned files are there, sizes match.
Then again the whole PAE mod folder has right amount of folders inside, BUT has 2 less files (2078) and the whole size is 1.02 GB (1,100,623,872 bytes), so there is a small difference.

I'll try redownloading and reinstalling PAE again, though not sure if that will help...
Redownloading and reinstalling didn't help, everything's exactly the same.
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Two less files ?!? :eek:

hm... but does PAE work even without the civic pedia?

But, could you help in finding the missing 2 files?
First, let's go to have a look into the folders:
Assets: 1110 files
PAE_Extras: 9 files
PrivateMaps: 48 files
Resource: 909 files

ah, one moment... I think the two files are just backup files in Assets/res/Fonts/
there I have 6 files and only 2 are necessary (GameFont.tga and GameFont_75.tga).

Edit: do you use files in the CustomAssets ?! (from another mod)
Edit: do you use files in the CustomAssets ?! (from another mod)
The only other thing I add is SmartMaps mapscript, but I didn't add it now obviously, since I reinstalled two times.

Assets: 1108
PAE extras: 9
PrivateMaps: 48
Resource: 909

Yes, I have just 4 font files in assets/res/fonts.
ehm, there are mods that change original files. That's the last point that would come to my mind. reinstall CIV IV. sorry for that.
ehm, there are mods that change original files. That's the last point that would come to my mind. reinstall CIV IV. sorry for that.
Which would those be ? And why does only PAE is affected from all the mods I use ?
1) PAE is big, very big. other mods only change XML files, adds some graphics, thats all.

2) PAE is completely programmed in Python (so that MAC users can play it). No other big mod comes with that (only python). And that's its weakness. If there is a mod (I think it was an older BUG version or so, I can't remember...) that changes the GUI (what I also do, and PAE has lots of GUI changes!) it can be that the CIV python commands are twice or even deleted (due to unused python functions and programers think, that can slim a mod down).

Changing original files is a no-go! But unfortunately, some mods does/did. What shall I do? I am not very satisfied with that, but I can't change that fact.
You were right, reinstalling all the game solved the issue.
It must have been one of the big mods that comes with an installer instead of zipped files, I probably didn't pay attention to what the installer says, if they even mention this fact. Sad that folks abuse my trust so much 😞
Great to hear, that it works now!
And sorry for the inconvenience.
But I promise, PAE does not change original files and I don't ever plan to do so! :)
I've uploaded a brand new 6.15 version in the first post: PAE 6.15h

A change log will follow. meanwhile, try this out and let yourself be surprised.
Hi Pie I hope your well.

Thanks for latest version, fab stuff. I notice however that Donkeys seem to be swimming in the sea off of Libya?
Happy Halloween!

This is maybe a diabolic sign, but it's finally time again.... hopefully...

if you want, you can have a look into this version. I continue to test it and hope I will be able to pubish a final 6.16 version on Sunday.

The DOWNLOAD link is in the first post of this thread.
Ok, the final (I hope) 6.16 patch is now online. See the first post.

6.16 comes with lots of bugfixes, new help texts, an amazing domestic advisor for your slaves, great general buildings and city cultivation status. events will come more often than before, loads of good ones and some bad ones....
Hello. I would like to try playing PAE in multiplayer. Anyone interested?
In the german forum they are planning a PAE multiplayer game via Pitboss. They have 6 players at the moment...
If you're interested I could introduce you there.

Hello Pie, I am giving a run to the last patch, started a new game, but something strange happened: After building my first settler it just disappeared, nowhere to be found. And since it is a national unit and I'm allowed just to have one, I cannot build another one. I attach the save file.


  • Celtiberians.CivBeyondSwordSave
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