Paradox announces Star Trek Infinite (4X strategy Stellaris & Birth of The Federation like game)


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Sep 24, 2016
Well this is a bit of a surprise! We’re getting a new 4X strategy Star Trek game! Years ago I told a long blog story of that night in 1999 when I finally got my hands on the last day 1 copy of Star Trek Birth of the Federation in my city and absolutely fell in love with it (as expected being a huge Master of Orion & Star Trek fan), playing it again and again for years and dreaming of a sequel that sadly never came due to Microprose’s demise. In that same blog post I also did a tour of each of the major BOTF2 fan projects that are quite playable theses days and continue to be worked on and that without them and the BOTF modding community we would have had nothing over the years.

Original BOTF

BOTF2 Fan Projects (Supremacy, Rise of the UFP, & Birth of the Empires respectively)

Now while we'll probably sadly never get an official Star Trek Birth of the Federation 2 it looks like we’re about to get an entirely new Star Trek 4X strategy game from Paradox called Star Trek Infinite that much like good old BOTF is set in the TNG era with Picard, Gowron, Gul Dukat, and many more characters from TNG, DS9 and Voyager! You can play as the United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, or Cardassian Union (sorry no Ferengi this time haha) and a huge array of minor races to ally or conquer just like in BOTF. While this might not exactly be the BOTF2 sequel many of us have hoped for, it does look a LOT like the popular Star Trek mod for Stellaris, so I guess Paradox thought “lets make that a real thing” lol, grabbed the Trek licence and enlisted the help of Nimble Giant Entertainment who created the gorgeous looking big budget Master of Orion reboot a few years back to make it happen. Hmm the same people behind a Master of Orion game making a Star Trek 4X game... that story sounds familiar. ;) While I’ve not played the Star Trek mod for Stellaris myself I’ve heard many times over the years from it’s players that it often reminded them of BOTF so it will be very interesting to see just how similar this new game will be. Judging by the steam screenshots there will be story/quest elements much like with Stellaris too. Will be interesting to see if the Borg make a nasty appearance (judging by the teaser vid they will just like in BOTF), how much control we'll have over battle sequences, if the game does well enough to have more playable races added via DLC addons (eg Dominion), and how mod friendly it will be.

Steam page:


Gameplay Trailer:

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Hi Blake,

I can barely remember Birth of a Fed, it was long ago. They need to have a bit of a play through for me to decide, if it is for me or not. I saw a date, was that for release or is it just going to pre alpha? I am too old to get into any alpha builds.
Hi Blake,

I can barely remember Birth of a Fed, it was long ago. They need to have a bit of a play through for me to decide, if it is for me or not. I saw a date, was that for release or is it just going to pre alpha? I am too old to get into any alpha builds.
Yup it appears Oct 13 is the release date for full game. Yeah I don't play alphas either or day 1 releases anymore for that matter. I let other people find all the horrible bugs so I can enjoy the full experience years later haha. Considering what a mess the Master of Orion remake from these guys was at release no doubt this will be a messy day 1 release too. Better to be patient!
Another dev diary on the very thing I've been impressive with the most so far.. that lovely nostalgic TNG art style of their's.. There's something about it that reminds me of STTNG Final Unity's art style in that it was quite realistic but retained a bit of a artistic painted look. They also appear to reveal the full faction lineup of ships and starbases. Not many ships sadly and similar to BOTF back in the day it appears to be pure 24th century TNG onwards with no TOS content (unless it appeared in TNG). Also a bit sad to see the minimalist GUI features almost no LCARS whatsoever as the LCARS in BOTF really upped the immersion and uniqueness between the races.

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Today "Star Trek: Infinite" got released. Most people knowing any Paradox games and Star Trek probably looked at this game and said that it is Stellaris with a Star Trek cover. According to current reviews, from e.g. PCGamer or RockPaperShotgun, this seems to be true, in the best sense. Star Trek: Infinite seems to capture the Trek-atmosphere, including the Star Trek lore, while still being a good 4X game. It is focused on the four major factions in the Alpha and Beta quadrant, and captures some stories of the various Star Trek series apparently well, and therefore is probably a must-play for may Star Trek fans.

The game is currently available for only 29.99.
I'm debating whether to get the game now or wait. I want the game. I love space 4X games a lot. I am a huge Star Trek fan. I used to play Birth of the Federation for hours. I enjoy Stellaris. Having a Star Trek game with the Stellaris mechanics is a dream come true. But a lot of early reviews on Steam say the game is basically unfinished, bare bones. For example, it only has 4 playable races, only one map to play that is small. $30 for an "unfinished" game seems a bit steep. And knowing how Paradox does things, we will likely see a bunch of patches and paid DLCs that will "finish" the game. So it might worth waiting for the DLCs that complete the game? Also, the game will likely be on sale at Christmas time. So perhaps wait for the Christmas sale and pick up the game at a discount?
Looks like they did another dev log too..


Interesting that story wise they appear to be basing it around the yesterdays enterprise alternate universe but presumably before the Feds start losing the war to the Klingons and you get to 'set a new path'..

There's a great Civ4 Star Trek mod scenario set in that timeline as well where you gotta try and turn the war around for the Feds.

Think I show it around the 9:30 mark of this video.. I used that cool moment with the Enterprise C&D fighting the Klingons for the Thumbnail!

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Oooh nice new video...

And Dev diary 6 is out too talking about how the day 1 release was a bit of a disaster lol.

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Dev diary 7 is out talking about planned fixes and feature additions such as more ship choices per race, better UI scaling, and playable minor races.


And dev diary 8 is out too showcasing some of the best user made mods out there adding new planets, buildings, missions, and more lore friendly or sandbox galaxy maps.

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More dev logs have arrived in orbit...


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