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Patch Lag


Nov 29, 2001
I installed this patch over 1.16. After installing I loaded a saved game - huge map - 16 civs. I could only get about three turns to run every 1/2 hour. In my first turn I set almost all of my settlers to automated, but the big lag was between turns. I exited that game and it crashed to windows with a memory error.
I then started a map on a large world with max civs - 12, I think. It started ok. about ten seconds between turns, but after getting about ten advances I noticed that the game kept getting slower and slower. To the point where just clicking on the advisors button would take ten seconds.
While in the advisors screen I looked at the culture advisor. It took about twenty seconds for this screen to come up.
I then went to exit the game. It took two minutes just to get back to windows and my HDD kept running for another minute after that.
I think that there are some major memory problems with this patch. I didn't have these problems pre-1.17f.
One note - it shouldn't matter, but I have installed the game on a partitioned drive - not the Windows drive. I also have an AMD 475 w/ 128 MD SDRAM.
Have you played a huge map before on your machine? I've been using a PII-266 with 127MB RAM and I can't play a huge map because it gets slower and slower as game time progresses. In other words, are you sure it's the patch that is causing your computer to be slow?
The game was running slow, but ok before the patch. It was unbearable after the patch.
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