Patch v1.17f


Chicken Walker
Retired Moderator
Oct 6, 2001
Ok, It's comin' out friday. THe next patch for Civ3. I created this thread for SG authors who wish to post here whether or not they will be requiring v1.17 in their SG's. This way, players can just look here and find out rather than checking in all of their individual games. Here I go.

ATTENTION GFC2 PLAYERS!!!! v1.17f will be required to play starting friday!!!!
ALL of my games (LK##) will want the patch. I am upgrading my version as soon as the patch is available.
Is it so good to play a pre-patch game with the Patch?

We might use the Patch in the "GreySG - Earl Grey" -Game.

We will make a vote in the game-thread.
Judging from the last patch, I'd like to wait a couple of days before installing it in case firaxis gives us another version again..

I expect by the end of the weekend we'll know if it is ok, and I'll switch my Aztec game over next week..
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