Permanent Alliance. When do you get them?

well... for OCC it's obviously very usefull...
I wandered why I couldn't build the internet when I reaches computers and then realized he was building it.

But you are saying that I now share maintenance with this guy? ... man... I guess he's lucky to have me too, huh? :)

However... resources are only shared if he has more than one.
I mean ... maybe I can take his last oil, but then he doesn't have any...

I did that with the only grain on the planet, that he had (wheat), so I could start the Cereal Corp, and then realized I couldn't spread it anywhere, 'coz nobody else has acces to any grains... :( I'm thinking of gifting the resource to some civ with many cities... but then I don't think I'll be able to collect the taxes, because I dont have any grains... very difficult choice :)

I mean... imagine that: a large map , with no corn, no rice, and just one wheat... on the whole planet!!
High sea lvl archipelago... it's true... but still...
i don't think you share maintenance. i just meant that because he pays maintenance, that's reflected in his slider, so his science is relatively slower than mine even tho his empire is bigger than my OCC one.

that cereal situation is crazy!
i'm not typically a warmonger, and i'm thrilled to read that alex will now sign PAs! he's my bestest attack puppy when i do need to go to war and borrow somebody else to actually fight for me. i've soooooooo often felt guilty in games where i have slaughtered everybody, since he's always the last one i have to turn on. he's been faithful to the end and i actually do feel terrible about it. now we can share the win like we ought to, yay! i actually went to check the .xml to be sure about it, not that i don't trust you but it's SUCH good news i had to be sure i didn't have my hopes up for nothing. yay, you made my day :)

LOL, first time I played with PA on, I played through the entire game thinking I'm gonna PA with Alexander, only to find out at the end that he doesn't do that. (I think after the 40 turns passes he says "I just don't like you enough" although he's friendly) That's when I turned to the xml and found out all that info.. so when I got BTS, this time I did it before I started playing any games. :) I studied the xml quite extensively so I'm pretty sure about the changes but wouldn't hurt to double check of course.

In case you're interested, I also saw that these new AIs will sign defensive pact when they're pleased: Boudica, Darius, De Gaulle. (In addition to legacy AIs Catherine, Cyrus, Roosevelt, Saladin, Tokugawa - I think they were like that pre-BTS too) Also, they made a ton of changes to who will vassalise, and now there's 12 AIs that will vassalise when they're pleased and 5 that will do so even when cautious.
I studied the xml quite extensively so I'm pretty sure about the changes but wouldn't hurt to double check of course.

nono i did is what i'm saying! i was THAT looking forward to it that i had to be super duper sure :D *giggle*

gandhi's a weirdo, he's always coming to offer to vassalize at peace when cautious. i guess he's realllllllllly scared of everybody else?
I've looked at the BTS leader XML code and compared it with the Warlords leader XML code.
I've noticed some leaders (Caesars, Napoleon, Genghis, Alexander, Shaka) would also never offer to become your vassal when friendly.
Well, it doens't matter anymore, because in BTS every leader will join a PA or can become your vassal.

@oedali :goodjob:
One side note, I believe you can't PA your vassal (which is annoying, I can see why you can't do it to someone Else's vassal, but it would be nice to take a good vassal, or colony and raise them to a equal partnership.)
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