Playing with multiple mods?


Sep 11, 2007
Huddersfield, UK
Have looked through the forums and cannot find any reference to whether you can do this, and if you can, how you do it?

I have a regiments mod, a flag mod and a 40civ mod. It only seems possible to load one mod per game.

I'm within spitting distance of my ideal map/game but just need to nail this issue with mods.

All help appreciated!
You need the merge the files from all the mods you want to use simultaneously. Either throw everything into CustomAssets or pick the master mod and move all the stuff from the other mods over to it.

Now it's not always as easy as that sounds, because if two mods change the same file, then you need to go into a text editor and merge the changes together. Sometimes it's easy because they change different areas of the file, and sometimes it's difficult because they change the same areas. Then if the mods have INI files, you might need to merge those too. I'm guessing that the mods you mentioned would be likely an "easy" case since they are somewhat unrelated.

Maybe try asking for help with your merging in the Creation & Customization forum. If you want to try it yourself and you find that some of your mods do have overlapping files, I strongly suggest using WinMerge if you have a PC. I wrote a tutorial on using WinMerge to combine mods over in this thread (second post).
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