Preventing barbarian city razing?


Apr 15, 2012
Is there a way to prevent barbarians from razing certain important cities? I know in civ III there was a no raze option but I can't seem to find it in this mod. Even so, the work around in Civ III iirc was to put a wonder in a city so it wouldn't be razed by the ai. However, judging by the amount of times I've seen jersusalem be destroyed that clearly doesn't work anymore.
Of course I wouldn't think it be appropriate to prevent city razing, as there are good reasons to do it, but whenever I enter world builder and see rome, carthage, babylon and jersusalem have all been destroyed I kinda don't feel like playing that game. Maybe its just me, but is there anything short of WB hacks that I can do about this?
You could disable city razing for everyone completely by editing the scenario files:
	ModPath=Mods\RFC Dawn of Civilization
... and add the red part at the beginning of both.

Everything more sophisticated would be more difficult.
Hmm thats a little disappointing because sometimes cities just need to be razed (looking at you sparta). How difficult would it be to make it so the ai wouldn't raze a city with a wonder in it? My biggest gripe is when cities like rome or babylon, which i know have a few wonders in them, get razed.

Or i suppose the question I'm asking is how does the ai determine razing? I see them do some really weird things like raze a well built carthage but keep iol ceseare which was built like 3 turns prior.
The AI is in the DLL so you would need to recompile it.
Yeah that sounds above my pay grade. Oh well guess I'll have to stick to WB.
But when I have time I'll revisit the AI so it's a little more lenient with wonder cities or historically important sites.
Go to the diplomacy files for leaderhead behaviours (gameinfo, civilizationinfos) and change razecityprobability (use ctrl-f) for barbarianleader to 0. You can do it on notepad like me.
SoI has a "no ai raze" list in python. it could easily take wonders into account as well.
Yeah, I was thinking of something like that.

But Pavel Chichikov's LH change is definitely a better temporary solution than my idea.
That sounds like a good fix, but could you specify a bit more where you find the files to change? I hunted around but couldn't seem to find anything named gameinfo or civilzationinfos. Its quite possible I'm being dense but addition directions would be appreciated.
... found in Assets\XML\Civilizations\.
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