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Question for Poser users

Dom Pedro II

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Apr 3, 2002
Exit 16, New Jersey
Question for Poser users: Do you know if it's possible to remove the first frame in an animation? Because, for some reason, when I try to pose something, it switches to the 2nd frame in the animation at some point, and as a result, I lose everything I did. So is there a way I can make the second frame the first frame, or at least apply the settings of the second frame to the first?


Jan 1, 2003
Yes, in keyframe editor ("key" button). Open it, and inside, you can select, drag and drop like in windows explorer... Hold ALT to copy instead of move. It affects only keyframes. You can select lights, cameras, body parts etc. if you select frames of a figure, it will automatically select all its body parts.
So in order to copy 2nd frame into 1st, select 2nd frame of a figure, and drag it to 1st holding ALT. This will copy keyframes, so if you want to copy also the pose resulted from animation, make 2nd frame a keyframe first (plus button).
Handy for all kinds of other things like speeding/slowing down one part of animation, dragging some bodyparts while leaving the rest (ie. in running hands vs. legs).
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