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Jan 30, 2002
Monaco di Baviera!
Eversince the beginning of the Civ Franchise we have been made to believe that in order to own a large and powerful industrial city we must build it on an area mostly surrounded by land, preferrably with plety of hills or mountains on which we will need to build mines on. Alternatively forrests can be envisioned to provide both food and the sought for resources. Interestingly in real life the greatest industrial cities lay either on the shores of large rivers or are within the vincinity of large high seas ports. It is here that all resources come togetherm it here that transport allows both the accessibility of raw materials and the shipment of produce across the globe to where it is needed.

Since I don't want to rewrite the entire resource/terrain settings I am seeking for a non-luxury, non-production related resource terrain map icon that bares the looks as to suggest that it would provide plenty of shields in modern days- a large shipjard icon perhaps- can anybody help me out, please?

World War II Germany had the problem that the large industrial complexes by the sea had to constantly switch between tank- and war ship production. Together these shoreline heavy industry sites provided over 40% of total domestic war effort production, being second only to the Ruhrgebiet, the German industrial heartland by the Rhine, being just another example how port cities should be getting the importance they deserve in actual reality. Port need to be bolstered...
I agree. I am also not very happy with the way prts are underrepresented in terms of both commerce and industrial production. I've been tinkering with Editor-settings to change that but thus far I haven't found something that would work "for me".
that's a Good One MC. LOL.
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