Require confirmation on Play by Cloud's Load game button issue to report again


Oct 22, 2017
I guys, there's an issue about Play by Cloud's Load game button which i'm going mad about.

Basically a few updates after Play by Cloud release (not sure which), they broke the load game functionality:

If i try to load a multiplayer game (originated by PbC itself, or converting an hotseat game, which worked perfectly on PbC release, and was even mentioned as a feature), i cannot open human player slots!

Funny thing, at the end of timeout it says that it cannot run the game because of not enough human players!

I ticketed various times about that, i made official forums posts, i keep telling that on twitter, but still no reaction despite the season pass and frequent updates!

This basically put at risk all my ongoing PbC games for various reasons, and i already "lost" some of them.

Now, i'd like a confirmation by you that it's broken, and i'm not mad (however all my friends i play with have the same issue)... so, is it broken even for you?
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