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Nov 13, 2005

v0.10 2006-09-07 by Zuul

What does this mod do?
Adds a lot of new resources (#22) and improves a few of the old ones.
Amber, Apple, Barley, Cannabis, Clay, Coffee, Cotton, Flax, Lemon, NaturalGas, Olives, Opium, Papyrus, Pearls, Potato, Rubber, Salt, Saltpeter, Sulphur, Timber, Tobacco


v0.10 2006-09-07
* Started from 14Resources mod.

* Replaced Barley icon - Zuul
* Replaced Gems icon - Warhammer mod
* Replaced Lemon icon - Zuul
* Replaced Pearl icon - Zuul
* Replaced Potato graphics - asioasioasio
* Replaced Salt icon - Ancient Mediterranean mod
* Replaced Tobaco icon - Zuul
* Added Apple - Fruits-Ancient Mediterranean mod
* Added Amber - Ancient Mediterranean mod
* Added Clay - Ancient Mediterranean mod
* Added Flax - Ancient Mediterranean mod
* Added Olives - Ancient Mediterranean mod
* Added Papyrus - Ancient Mediterranean mod
* Added Timber - Ancient Mediterranean mod
* Added Tin - Ancient Mediterranean mod

To do:

* Improve trancparency on Ancient Mediterranean mod icons.
* Add Pedia
* Add languages
* Replece Marble ion
* Replece Iron icon
* Replece Copper icon (maybe from FfH2)
* Replece Rice icon
* Add unit resource requerment (timber for wood ships)
* Add Book - Great Option Mod
* Add Diesel - Great Option Mod
* Add Hemp - Great Option Mod
* Add Hit Video Games - Great Option Mod
* Add Munitions - Great Option Mod
* Add Steel - Great Option Mod
* Add Sulphur - Great Option Mod
* Add Textile - Great Option Mod
* Add Hardwood - micmc
* Add Buffalo - micmc


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Reserved :)

This mod will eventually include new uses of resources so it just wont stack alot of extra happyness and health (making things unballanced).
Photoshop, The Gimp (FreeWare), Fireworks....

You would have to copy a section out with the graphic program's tool for drawing a selection area (usualy looks like a dashed square) and then paste or drag it over to the file you want to add it to.
Here is my old resource list:

If you got suggestions on more resources, and bonuses to get from resources please suggest it here. For example, converting hemp to rope but also be able to convert it to drugs. Or for example iron ore and converting it to iron and later on steel. And having steel in the network will give all cities production +1 but also +2% total production, and so on.
Nice one Zuul, I love more resourses. :)

One question though, could you PLEASE get rid of the tga and make the buttons each a simple dds file? Many of us lack the time/desire/tools/ability to pull parts out of a tga file and make them into dds's.

Again, great mod, am looking forward to the next batch of added resourses. :cool:
nice work zuul.
would it be possible for you to add chicken as a resource?

chicken is a well known food resource in any part of the world so chicken would be nice
This looks promising. I hope there's still some work being done on it. :)
Well im thinking on converting it to Fall from Heaven, but at the same time updating this default should cost little energy :p.
I'm curious; "Cannabis" is currently on the "Implemented" list, but "Hemp" is on the "to-do" list. Is this for use with the resource-conversion mod, where one represents the plant and the other its fiber, or is it a typo? Surely you know that "Cannabis" is just Latin for "Hemp".

I'm also curious about the "Timber" and "Hardwoods" resources. I can see that "Hardwoods" might be a luxury resource available on some forest tiles, although I'm not sure there's much of a real historical precedent for hardwood plantations, since the time to grow usable hardwood trees is so long. But what is timber that isn't already represented by the shields you get from working/chopping a forest?
Yes well best would be to rework some resources, like the gems, to have different ones. And yea maybe timber and hardwood is not the best. I wanted one resource trees that you can get large and handy wood for ships and such. And one luxery tree resource for furnitures and such.
That makes sense. I bet there's a word that means trees-suitable-for-making-masts, but I'm not sure what it is. I guess timer is as good as any. ;-)
Zuul very good work !!! :goodjob:

I tried to add your ressources to my mod. I added too the attitude icons.
These two elements go to the 2 Game Fonts files.
When I have only attitude icons : no problem.
When I add your ressources, some icons are wrong in game : a smiley comes where a hammer should come, etc...

What is wrong in my tga fonts files ?
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