[GS] Revenge of the Barbarians

Lord Shadow

Oct 14, 2005
Buenos Aires

Status: Released!
Version 1

Steam Workshop

Revenge of the Barbarians is a modification for Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, a spiritual successor to my old Civ5 mod, Specialized Barbarian Units. Similarly, RotB seeks to give the Barbarians a more unique flavour, while simultaneously making them more aggressive and industrious, so to speak.

Barbarians now have their own unique unit tree, in some cases mere flavour replacements and in others meaningful differences compared to the standard units. For instance, the Bandit is an Archer equivalent and their first ranged unit, one with a potent attack yet not difficult to cut down. In the late game, one may find the Bush Gunner, the stateless Machine Gun unit which moves through woods and jungles effortlessly.

The first release version is meant to be the starting point of the mod. Updates will improve the balance according to player feedback (and my own gameplay experience), and I'll also be pondering new units and listening to ideas from the community. I'd also like to give the Barbarians a different name depending on the era (i.e. Barbarians/Rogues/Anarchists/Insurgents), which may be possible via Lua, but I'm far from well-versed in it.

Important! RotB requires my Modern Infantry mod, of which one of the late game Barbarian units is an offshoot. Also, I recommend playing with Real Strategy active as well: I always have it on and can't vouch for the performance of AI civs and city-states versus these more merciless Barbarians in a vanilla context.

Here's an overview of all the units, enclosed in spoiler tags in case you'd want to encounter and figure them out on the go.

Spoiler :
RECON (Faster :c5moves: Movement on Hills terrain)
  • Lookout (replaces Scout)
  • Outlaw (replaces Skirmisher)
  • Revolutionary (replaces Ranger): -10 Loyalty in the affected city after pillaging.
  • Assassin (replaces Spec Ops): Can deliver stronger attacks from further away than the Spec Ops it replaces, but it's not as resilient.
  • Brute (replaces Warrior): Higher :c5strength: Combat Strength in Hills.
  • Brigand (replaces Swordsman)
  • Partisan (replaces Musketman)
  • Insurgent (replaces Infantry)
  • Mercenary (replaces Modern Infantry): Higher :c5strength: Combat Strength in Hills, Woods and Rainforest terrain.
  • Bandit (replaces Archer): Cannot withstand much of a counterattack. Available from the start of the game.
  • Highwayman (replaces Crossbowman): Higher :c5strength: Combat Strength in Industrial+ eras. Stronger from afar but weaker versus retaliation.
  • Bush Gunner (replaces Machine Gun): Faster :c5moves: in Woods and Rainforest terrain.
  • Ambusher (replaces Spearman): Higher :c5strength: Combat Strength in Medieval+ eras.
  • Deserter (replaces Pike and Shot)
  • Tank Hunter (replaces AT Crew): Higher :c5strength: Combat Strength in Information era. Higher :c5strength: Combat Strength in Hills.
  • Pillager (replaces Barbarian Horseman): Pillaging costs only 1 :c5moves: Movement point.
  • Reaver (replaces Courser): Pillaging costs only 1 :c5moves: Movement point.
  • Marauder (replaces Cavalry/Cossack): Can move after attacking.
  • Gunship (replaces Helicopter): Formation units all inherit escort's :c5moves: Movement speed.
  • Hedge Knight (replaces Knight): Higher :c5strength: Combat Strength in Industrial+ eras.
  • Rebel Armor (replaces Tank): Higher :c5strength: Combat Strength in Information era. +1 additional attack per turn if :c5moves: Movement allows.
  • Plunderer (Ancient era): Can attack cities without penalties.
  • Scorcher (Medieval era): Higher :c5strength: Combat Strength in Industrial+ eras. Can attack cities without penalties.
  • Howitzer (replaces Artillery): Can move and attack on the same turn.
  • Raider (replaces Galley/Longship): Faster than the Galley it replaces.
  • Brig (replaces Caravel): Higher :c5strength: Combat Strength in Industrial+ eras. Faster yet weaker.
  • Corvette (replaces Destroyer): Faster yet weaker.
  • Buccaneer (replaces Frigate): Higher :c5strength: Combat Strength in Modern+ eras. Faster yet weaker.
  • Freebooter (replaces Privateer/Barbary Corsair): Faster yet weaker.
  • Smuggler (replaces Submarine): Faster yet weaker.

  • AI civs and city-states have an innate +5 :c5strength: Combat Strength bonus vs. Barbarians, to help them stem the tide.
  • Given the increased presence of Barbarians throughout the game, the Discipline policy card remains in play until Nationalism, at which point it's replaced by a new military policy, Counter-Insurgency (+7 :c5strength: Combat Strength vs. Barbarians), which remains available indefinitely.
Kudos to Deliverator for providing insight into Civ6 unit and graphics modding!

Compatible languages: English, Spanish. More translations welcome!


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Okay i combined your mod with wildlife and the prehistoric wildlife. Let's just say it was a bad idea. :)
I'm playing on the standart world map and none of the leaders started in america. The bad thing is theres just that many barbarians n stuff so i can't even get there before my ship/settler gets killed. I have to admit it's insanly funny to try and get to america. I really like your mod but in the first few turns of the game i got like 5 camps around my capital. It was horror with all those pushed barbs / dinos pilliaging my horsehocky. :)
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