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Super Mario themed Leader Pack


Oct 25, 2016
After 4 month of work, I finally finished my very first mod for CIV6. Better late then never I guess.


You can get it here
For the non steam version you can download here and install manually

Details of the mod:

- Leaders are fully 3D animated (with the option to use the 2D variant)
- Each leaders have their own background musics
- Units of the Mushroom kingdom are all toads with custom animations and sounds
- Units of the Koopas are all skinned as his henchmens: Goomas, Koopas and bobombs
- Unique Rockband music for the Mushroom kingdom (randomly selected of a pool of 13 song)
- Bowser has a chance to make a surprise appearence in a Rockband from the Koopas

Leader : Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom

Leader ability: Strange paintings
For each recruited Great artists who can create [ICON_GreatWork_Landscape] Landscape paintings, a copycat artist who can create those same paintings is also recruited. Each duplicate paintings act as a portal from one to another.

Civ ability: Land of mushrooms, bricks and coins
Truffles and Stones yield an additional +2 Culture. Every tiles yield an additional +1 Gold.

Unique wonder: Peach's castle
A wonder unique to Princess Peach. Contains 6 slots for Great works of art. Patronage of Great People costs 25% less Gold. All Tourism yields from Landscape paintings are doubled. Must be built on hills next to a river.

Unique improvement: Toad House
Unlocks the Builder ability to construct a Toad House.
+2 Gold. +30 HP healing for units on this tile. +1 Gold for every adjacent Districts. +2 Food for every adjacent Camps. +2 Food for every adjacent Quarries. Provides +1 Housing. Receive an additional Gold once Banking and Economics is discovered. Cannot be built next to another Toad House.

Leader : King Bowser of the Koopas

Leader ability: Political kidnapper and Nepotist
Grant 1 Governor Title after completing a Neutralize Governor spy mission. The governors are replaced by the koopalings.

Civ ability: Land of fire
All specialty districts receive a major adjacency bonus from Volcanoes and Geothermal fissures. Units do not receive damage from Volcanoes and Fires. Civilizations that are at war with the Koopa Kingdom receive +100% unit damage from Volcanoes and Fires in Koopa Kingdom territory.

Unique unit: Airship
The Airship of the Koopa Army. Receive a Combat Strength bonus in a Golden Age. Can settle cities. No movement penalty. Can fight on water.

Unique improvement: Lava Fortress
Unlocks the Builder ability to construct a Lava Fortress, unique to the Koopas.
Occupying unit receives +4 Defense Strength, and automatically gains 2 turns of fortification. +1 Production, +1 Science. +1 Production, +1 Science for each adjacent Volcanic Soil. Provides +2 Housing. Provides Tourism from Science after researching Flight. One per city. Act as a Volcano. Cannot be removed.

Leader : Princess Daisy of Sarasaland

Leader ability: Fun loving
+1 Amenity for each specialty district in a city during a Golden Age. Happy cities provide +1 Appeal and Extasic cities provide +2 Appeal to each of their tiles.

Civ ability: Land of the four kingdoms
Every first city founded on Desert, next to a Mountain, next to the Coast or next to a Natural wonder have their own Palace.

Unique unit: Royal Gardener
The Royal Gardener of Sarasaland. Replace the Naturalist. Cannot build National Parks but can build Flower Sanctuaries, has 3 Build charges and can be Built or purchased with Gold.

Unique improvement: Flower Sanctuary
Unlocks the Royal Gardener ability to construct a Flower Sanctuary, unique to Sarasaland.
Provides Tourism equal to the tile''s Appeal. +2 Appeal. Provides Gold equal to half the Appeal of the tile.

Hero: Mario and Luigi

- Super Jump: Has jump ability of 3 tiles range.
- Repair City: Ability to repair all districts, buildings and improvements in a city.
- Savior: +20 Combat Strength when a player''s city is Occupied.
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Hey, can you provide a separate link to download the files, I use the Epic Games store version of Civ so there's no way to download the mod from steam workshop.
Hey, can you provide a separate link to download the files, I use the Epic Games store version of Civ so there's no way to download the mod from steam workshop.
Yes, sorry I keep forgetting there's a non steam version, I updated my post to add the link for downloading the files needed for manual installation
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