RFC: BtS Bug Reports

Thank you for the quick answer, but no, I'm playing with the English version (in truth just to avoid the problems like this one).

(By the way, the Hungarian alphabet doesn't contains "Đ" and "ă"... But I understand, why you thought so.)
Ergh... I tried to install it to there, and I don't know, what I was doing, but now the program can't load the mod at all... Not even the old version... :(

I suppose I have to reinstall the whole game.
Turn 246, playing as the Romans. 1250AD. Saladin asked to become my vassal. once Turn 247 Begins. if I accept it automatically makes me declare war on Isabella. It also says I declared war on isabella. I reloaded but unfortunately I declined having Saladin as my vassal because of it.

France after the little damn rebellion became my vassal. I granted independance to the germans given I couldn't fight them either. The Dutch willingly submitted in a capitulation when one of my named legions "heroes of the sword" or something joined them. Beat them to an inch of their life.

So yeah that is the gist of it.
On Arab vassalization: They are automatically at war with Spain, so you accepting them as your vassal brings you into their side of the war.

I'm not really sure what you mean in the second paragraph, so I can't help you.
With both the 3000 BC and 600 AD versions, I'm getting an error where the game regularly crashes when I move a unit. I've played as China and Mongolia so far. There doesn't seem to any particular rhyme or reason as to what will cause the crash, only it's when I'll try and move a unit to the next tile. The crash seems inevitable, but again, I'm not sure of the trigger.
Okay, the bug isn't inevitable, just crops up some times. I think it's an animation crash or something.
Probably doesn't matter, since I forgot how much I hate the design of this game because it is so aggravating due to the UHV's being purely chance, and very unhistorical despite the purported concept.
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