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  • hi, can you check out Tryst with Destiny (story link is in my signature), and vote on the Chola plebiscite ?
    Alas, nothing: my old, naive plea for Rhye of Civ 5, and Rhye's and fall of Civilization (5): Europe.
    Well it varies across America, even across Alabama. It starts mid September for some people in America. For me summer vacation starts around the end of May. What about for you?
    Do you know that gamesave compatibility is broken? How exactly I am supposed to triger the victory?
    I don't have a scanner. :(
    The Avars exerted some suzerainty over the Slavs which varied, but they were eventually crushed because they had made enemies of more or less all their neighbours, Slavs, Franks, Greeks, Göktürks and Bulgars. They don't appear to have held sway for more than a few decades in their Northeastern territories.

    As an approximation, I can offer this, a map of the time after Samo had shrunken the Avar kingdom.
    I found it! Colin Mc Evedy's maps for AD 562 and AD 600 (The Penguin Atlas of Medieval History) show the Avars as being in control of large parts of what is now Poland and Belarus. I could summon Domen on you but he's currently banned.
    "The save is before researching Refrigeration."

    Yes I know that, it is 1 turn before discovery. You click and you win, because everything is happened in 1 turn.
    Unfortunately I can't, because it depends on the availability of our hosts. I'll see if I can find out something more specific.
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