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RFC Europe Files

Discussion in 'Rhye's and Fall: Europe' started by 3Miro, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. 3Miro

    3Miro Deity

    Apr 23, 2008
    Knoxville USA
    Main Download Thread

    RFC Europe ALPHA 11: Mar 4, 2010

    Many changes, listed on the svn.

    Hopefully this will be the last Alpha and we will go for Beta next time. If you have suggestions for more gameplay features and such, give them now or you will probably have to wait for version 2.0.
  2. sedna17

    sedna17 Emperor

    Mar 12, 2008
    Beta 1 is now out

    Now that we have moved into Beta testing, information about releases will be published on the "Starting Information" thread at http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=363679. This thread is obsolete.

    Changes for Beta 1 (from ALPHA 12):
    Only a few missing TXT_KEYs fixed.

    Old Stuff:
    Spoiler :

    May 2, 2010: RFC Europe ALPHA 12 is now available.

    To download, visit our sourceforge page and click the big green box.

    Or go directly there: https://sourceforge.net/projects/rfceurope/files/RFCEurope_Alpha12.zip/download

    This Alpha release is intended to be very close to the first Beta release, which will come later this week. The only purpose of this release is to find bugs.

    Changes for Alpha 12

    Major Changes:
    New reformation mechanics from Panopticon. Reformation spreads gradually over Europe.
    Dynamic LeaderHeads implemented: most Civs have multiple leaders which change over time.
    Many old entries removed, so Civilopedia is cleaner.
    Some civs resurrect at new capitol location (thanks to Panopticon for the code)
    Better art for corporations (executives and buildings)
    Balancing in the Balkans: Indy Alba Iulia. Weaker Hungary, Venice. Stronger Ottomans, Austria. Pechenegs and Cumans added to Northern Balkans. Austria and Hungary have a high war chance. Byzantine Core Zone extended west. New Settler Map for Hungary.
    Much cleanup behind the scenes.

    Small Changes:
    Update French settler map to leave Burgundy some space.
    Fixed starting civics to align with starting techs in (hopefully) all cases.
    Made black death less severe. Removed Byzantine Tagmata (the AI just disbands them, the human doesn't need them).
    Fixed some bugs with initial starting contact: Arabs and Ottomans mainly.
    New LHs have first meeting quotes
    Stronger (possibly to the extent of overkill) Frankia start
    Gave every leader a favorite Religion.
    Some city name syncro in Transylvania,
    Removed Alsace-Lorraine off Burgundy spawn zone
    Removed Barbarian in Syracuse (now that AI is using islands again).
    Removed a bunch of villages from WBSave that messed up capital city placement, and added iron to Arab start.
    XML fixes about interface hints and tips
    Workboat now comes at Astrolabe (useless before then).
    Forest has forest button instead of jungle
    Byzantium text without the strategy
    Civ rating (stars) included.
    A bit of fiddling with city names and independents
    Civic strategy texts.
    Fixed incorrect unit buttons for some Ottoman/Arab artstyles.
    Removed modern resources + improvements
    Included all vanilla techs with German, Italian and Spanish name.
    Improvements to beehive art.
    New button Heavy Infantry.
    Pope/Papal text.
    unofficial patch: trade routes of the city deleted after razing.
    Button Fixes
    Bulgarian UHV, Moscowan starting Techs, Tennary cost, Prosecutions and Temple Mount, a few minor bugs
    Moscow names changed
    New art Genoan Bank. Mint now named Genoan.
    Toll House Has +75% trade route modifier instead of 25%.
    Minor balance things. One atlantic access spawn between Norse and Sweden in 1680.
    Mediterranean islands out of Arabs normal area. Pantelleria now out of Genoan settlermap (had forgotten it before).
    BugFix: Resurection of formerly owned cities that are now independent

    Major Changes:
    Reduced early game health and happiness by removing resources from the map, eliminating the health bonus of forests, and making early buildings give less health/happy bonuses.
    Significant re-design of civics, focusing on simplification. Civs now spawn with a pre-defined set of civics.
    Reduced penalties against Byzantium and gave them a navy.
    Made Seljuk turks a major barb invasion (like Mongols). They also spread Islam on capture.
    Changed Ottoman spawn zone to be much closer to Constantinople and include Hadrianopolis.
    Removed some un-needed buildings: Monuments, Siege workshop, Catholic/Orthodox schools and Sahn. Removed unhealth from guild hall. Make Archery range obsolete with flintlock.
    Text updates and cleaning.

    Small Changes:
    Revisions to city name maps and settler maps to correspond to new map.
    Disable mines/watermills on forest squares.
    Improved German starting position.
    Made Germany more likely to get Protestantism.
    New scholar specialist art.
    Pillaging un-owned cottages spawns barbs.
    Military order executives now upgrade to pikemen, a crude way to limit their spreading after a certain date.
    Workers can remove mud with machine tools
    New explosives Buttons
    New movie of Magellans Voyage
    New movie of Copernicus Observatory
    Many early techs with too many benefits saw things shuffled around slightly.
    Made Mongols harder on Viceroy (so Kiev doesn't become super-power).
    Removed several starting missionaries so religion is a little less deterministic. Religions also auto-spread a bit less fast.
    Removed protestantism from Swedish spawn techs.
    Changes to respawn probabilities.
    Made Corps HQ bigger. (structure art)
    Moved Scriptorium up in the tech tree.
    Moved windmills back further in the tech tree.
    Other minor re-arrangements of items on tech tree.
    Reduced cost of techs to keep up with smaller number of resources.
    Modified some balance parameters to preserve balance with new map conditions.
    Strengthened the barb Vikings so they actually do something.
    Some wonders and corporations now require religions in the city.
    Moved some wonders and military corporations now require state religion.
    Changed Shrine of Uppsala
    City secession now boosts stability more (this helps Byzantium especially)
    Allowed crusades against independent Jerusalem.
    Added barbarian Palermo and moved Naples to be a better city.
    Added Levant to catholic war maps so crusaders actually do something.
    Pope and Indies can't found corporations.
    New 3rd Swedish UHV
    Excluded Huelva of Portugal spawn zone.
    Milan and Firenze respawn if razed.

    French text updates merged in.
    Some initial German translations.

    Norse raze UHV now actually 10 cities
    Extended Swedish UHV to Tallinn.
    Cog AI fixed.
    Fixed Venice button.
    Fixed a small error in dynamic naming.
    Bugfix: a Resurection Bug
    AI: Now the AI is aware that some seemingly useless projects unlock other useful projects.
    Fixed bug with 3rd Polish UHV
    Fixed bug in French dynamic names
    Fixed(?) city secession name bug

    Major New Things:
    New WB file by st lucifer
    Removed relics from Carpathians
    Added more fertile land to North Africa
    Added more dense forest to Northern Europe – particularly Germany and Poland
    Removed timber from Normandy
    Added inlet tile to give Sevilla coastal access
    Moved clams into Rome’s BFC
    moved ‘Iceland’ to where ‘Greenland’ currently is
    moved coal in Anatolia to north coast; reduced coal in Balkans, added more in UK
    added fresh water for Poznan tile – added Warta river between Wroclaw and Warsaw
    added far north resources around Archangelsk, and far east resources near edge of the map in Urals – primarily gems and metals, some extra furs.
    moved olives out from under Tunis
    made central Anatolia much more fertile
    added mud to Hungarian marshes
    added AA to Canaries and Iceland
    added cow to Alps near Basel
    change terrain in Levant and NE Africa as per Turk’s suggestions
    made eastern part of Nile delta more city-friendly
    Preliminary version of Civ Dynamic names from Panopticon
    Ethnically Diverse Art from Embryodead
    More/better Wonder art/movies from JediClemente
    Building revisions/simplifications

    Bugfixes and Minor Changes:
    Norse UHV for France only includes Brittany/Normandie
    Moved 1st Norse UHV back to 1050
    Removed +1 health from fish from smokehouse.
    Allow city founding on dense forest.
    New texts and updated Great Person files from Jessiecat
    Reduced tech costs, particularly in the mid-to-late game
    Weakened German barbs, changed indy Edinburgh name to Eidyn Dun
    Black Death more severe.
    New settler maps for Iberian civs (except Cordoba, which was done), weakened Venice in research terms, lessened Dutch spawn zone.
    Norse more likely to get shrine of uppsala.
    New cannon buttons.
    Swedish leader art is now Gustav Vasa.
    A few tweaks to Poland and neighbors.
    Added some German localization (ue, oe)
    Skirmisher can't enter marsh.
    Long Swordsman now Longswordsman (name may change again)
    Olive icon fixed
    Updated unit iPower values to help AI
    Better version of Yaroslav
    Added Barbary corsair
    Changed Arab/Cordoban/Polish flags and buttons.
    New Civics buttons
    Weakened Sweden.
    Small fix on Muscovy map
    updated .ini file to exclude Custom Assets (as in BUG), to prevent crashes
    Gave New England and Quebec timber.
    Fixed barbs spawning in ocean
    jessiecat's colonies text update
    Civilopedia Texts for many civs
    Update and Bugfix - Swedish 3rd UHV
    Fixed buttons so they all work well in low-graphics mode.
    Religion info added to manual and a little more work therein.
    New Reference/Settler/War maps to reflect new map.

    Changes for Alpha 8
    New respawn mechanics
    New optimized leadheads from embryodead
    Merged in JediClemente's wonders and merjin_v1's texts (Civilopedias and a few other changes)
    Changes to Iberia AI maps
    Updated Colony Requirement Techs
    Gave economy civics corporation changes.
    Guild: -10 percent corp payments.
    Merchant Republic: -25 percent corp payments.
    Mercantilism: Foreign corps have no effect.
    Bug Fix - Dead civs joining the reformation
    Moorlands now support cottages.
    New buttons for Colonis.
    Fixed unit buttons so they work with low-resolution settings (removed Minimaps), more to come.
    New Venice Galleas button.
    French translation by M41d3n.dc merged in.
    Gustav's eyes fixed
    Bug Fix - Fast Movement Over Snow Terrain, now Ships move fast over Ocean
    Update on Byzantines and Hungarian civilization names
    Lisboa moved 1S, and rework of south Iberia.
    Naval redesign. War galley replaces trimene. Cogge renamed Cog. New units: war galley, gun galley, holk.
    Beserker no longer upgrades to (worse) longswordsman.
    Forest/Dense forest renamed to woodland/forest.
    Bug Fix - German UHV, UHV update - Poland
    Added War/Settler reference maps
    Bug Fix - No more brothers in faith between different religions
    New Moscow UHV (get warm water access) and bug fix in consts.py resource list
    Fixed the Orthodox Arabia bug, the AI is now aware of the future cash income from the Faith UP + Holy City synergy
    Buildings can spread irrigation ability (used for Gardens of Al-Andalus)
    Fixed the always re-apperaring burgundy settler map bug, germany spreads out better
    Some synchro in maps at French/Germany,
    Stronger Cordoba
    Added Tamerlane's invasion
    Weakened Arabia at start.
    Side effect for fixing: Arabia and Cordoba spawn one turn later.
    Replaced indy Koenigsberg with Tvanksta, and added some barbs (Longobards) in Northern Italy.

    Full Alpha Versions posted here currently:

    Alpha 7: http://rapidshare.com/files/274940052/RFCEurope.zip

    Changes since Alpha 6
    Incorporated 6.1 patch (from micbic)
    New text entries for encyclopedia (compiled by merijn_v1)
    Map modifications from St. Lucifer
    New UHV reference maps
    New Moscow city-name-map from Ptitsa Consul
    Fixed bug with Arab UU

    Full Working Version

    Test Version June 7: Rapidshare http://rapidshare.com/files/241897899/RFCEurope_test_June7.zip

    New AI colony logic (3Miro)
    Fixed bug with 2nd Norse UHV
    Resurrection of civs now occurs in "Normal" areas, see Reference/Normal.png
    Hungary start moved to Budapest
    Constantinople has better production
    Great scholar can now build Royal Academy
    New city-name map (micbic)
    Crusades now use Pope's city-name map (Jerusalem instead of Al Quds in announcement)
    Spanish rivers and terrain slightly modified
    Spanish start moved back to 909AD and start moved to Leon. New start date NOT reflected in starting screen, because I didn't have the latest dll source code.

    Test Version May 26: Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/237518845/RFCEurope_test_May26.zip


    Some new unit civilopedia texts
    New city name maps from micbic
    Fixed bug with religion instability (which was hitting Arabs hardest)
    Fixed bug with barb spawning at Emperor level
    Fixed stability bug where dead civs weren't counted correctly for open borders and wars.
    Reduced stability penalty for being in foreign lands
    Stability was too high with these fixes, so I fudged it with slow stability decay, though I view this as a temporary fix.
    Reduced French research/production penalties
    Much work on English game:
    - New spawn area includes more of Normandy
    - Calais spawns later (to avoid being killed by barb-vikings)
    - New UHVs
    - New barbarian units (Welsh longbow and Highlander) in Scotland and Wales. Quite possibly these barbs are a bit much -- I "cheat" and soften them for the AI.
    Forts now possible on moors
    Kievan UU now Druzhina
    New unit art for Moscow Boyar
    Byzantium starts out with some immobile guards (Tagmata).
    Kievan UHVs moved earlier (as suggested) and description clarified
    New Burgundian UHVs (as suggested)
    Fixed some out-of-order prereqs in naval tech line.
    Decreased spawn periods for the Seljuks (who get new art) and Mongols as suggested by jessiecat
    Changed the "Franks" to be the "French", in keeping with other modern names.
    Later spawns and different spawn zones for Moscow (Russia) and Spain. These civs now appear "out-of-order" at the start of a new game, which should eventually get fixed.
    Much work on Iberia:
    - New Cordoban UHVs
    - New indies to represent the early Christian kingdoms
    - Later/more powerful Spain
    A crude boost to the AI weighting of projects now has the AI building some colonies.

    Test Version May 5: Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/229529989/rfceurope_test_May5.zip

    Fixed Orthodox Belfry art
    Made most early worker builds require a tech and postponed forest chopping to prevent clear-cut Europe too early.
    Disabled some inappropriate moorland improvements and increase moorland improvement costs
    Restored serfdom hammer, moved worker speed bonus to free labor.
    Manorialism now +2 commerce, -1 food for farms
    Organized religion moved later to encourage monastery-building
    Small decrease to growth rates as function of era
    Worker speed restored to default BTS speed
    Reduced value of city cultural defenses to promote defensive buildings
    Tech civilopedia descriptions from Jessiecat
    Increased Ottoman starting units
    Fixed bugs in Burgundy/Venice UHV
    Changed how economic instability is handled
    Revised military system with fewer units available at a time and 5 distinct classes: Archers, Light Cav., Heavy Cav., Heavy Infantry, Polearm. See Manual.pdf.
    - Some new unit art
    - Some new button art
    - Some changes to promotions to counter new unit classes -- Ambush, Feint
    Fixed bug (from RFC base code) in spawn stability hit that was killing Burgundy, Byzantium, Frankia and letting later civs off the hook.
    Mod now ends in 1800.
    Added some stability help text to the appropriate buildings
    New formula for economic growth/stability
    Reduced stability penalty for expansion outside cultural borders
    New barb spawns (pseudo Vikings/Magyars)
    Some independent cities moved to later spawns to help speed
    New Norse UHVs
    Tweaks to civic stability recommended by kbk (partially implemented)
    Spain/France/Germany War and Settler maps updated
    Start of a manual (in pdf format) is included.

    Test Version April 18: Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/222931535/rfceurope_test_April18.zip

    Fixed Orthodox Belfry art
    New estimated start times for Sweden/Dutch -> New DLL built by Sedna17, let me know if anything doesn't work.
    Portugal now dislikes Cordoba on spawn
    Fixed Power of Trade(Tade) typo and updated Bulgarian UHV description
    Fixed two bugs in respawn code that were causing game-breaking CTDs. The problem was Civ collapse close too close to the edge of the map (normally Arabia).
    Softened tech penalties for early Civs.
    Added new Venice leaderhead as proof-of-concept.
    Switched minimum city distance back to 1 sqaure, at least for now.
    Tweaked balance parameters to even out tech rates, strengthen Turkey and weaken Poland.
    Removed hammer bonus for farms under serfdom.
    Made Feudal Law allow conscription (levy).

    Test Version April 13
    Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/220581099/RFCEurope_test_April13.zip

    New stability system. Should increase instability.
    New Wonders from JediClemente
    Shrunk some wonder art
    Gave Cordoba a 3rd settler on spawn
    Better Orthodox building icons
    New Button for Round Church from belamoor
    Fixed some tech quotes (Jessiecat)
    Minimum city separation set to 2 tiles
    Fixed a few hints
    Smacked down Education = Music bug again.
    Bug fix in Victory
    New StarFort,Access,and Ren Art buttons

    Test Version March 30
    Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/215426969/RFCEurope_test_March30.zip

    New Content:
    New tech quotes from Jessiecat (no quotes are read anymore -- i.e. no audio).
    New orthodox building art and buttons

    Normalization code turned back on in stability. Does not appear to have large impact.
    Increased the number of dead civs required for resurrection to occur.
    House of Wisdom obsoletes with Chivalry

    Bug fixes:
    Typo in Venice Rise tech list (astrolabe)
    Encylopedia no longer counts as colony for victory purposes
    ALUMINUM -> RELIC now (change not visible to users)
    Minor typos fixed in Building description and crusades text
    Dutch start date fixed to 1580 AD
    New dll from 3Miro fixing war-with-independents bug
    Various late-game bugs in Victory.py fixed
    Genoan city art
    San Marco movie now works

    Test Version March 22
    Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/212326868/RFCEurope_testMar22.zip

    Changes since March 14:

    Dense Forest now allows mines, watermills, and camps from the start (as these do not clear the dense forest). Lumbermills allowed with appropriate tech. Other improvements currently available with clearing dense forest at Machine Tools (Tech tree displays this funny though).
    New city name maps from micbic
    New wonders from JediClemente
    Krak des Chevaliers now works
    Restored Serfdom village growth penalty
    House of Wisdom gives +100% science (obsolete at Education). This is offset by the penalty on Arabic/Cordoban science.
    Removed Orthodoxy from Jerusalem to fix occasional problem with Arabs turning Orthodox at the beginning
    Fixed bug with many early civs getting Education at start.
    Fixed some starting techs to be in sync with progression of maritime techs.
    Rice removed from WorldBuilderSave, now spawns on the map at appropriate time (see Resources.py)
    New Cordoban flag
    Better version of Moscow flag, symbol still a bit too complicated to work well IMHO
    Same for Bulgaria
    New Hungarian flag
    Worst tech button art fixed.
    Slightly better Russian Kremlin art.

    Some comments on Iberia:
    The requirement is that the Spanish/Portuguese AI normally takes over Iberia. I think we will have to adjust UHVs around this fact.
    Cordoban AI now expands more into Portugal, to increase this fight
    Barbarians spawn in North Africa to provide another challenge for Cordoba around 1000 AD.

    Test Version March 14
    Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/209361929/RFCEurope_test_March14.zip

    Changes since March 11:

    Overhauled buildings. Main features:

    1) More religious buildings and religious buildings are important for early science (library -> scriptorium). Catholicism and Orthodoxy are equivalent, but Protestantism and Islam have somewhat different buildings. Some new art to accompany these changes, but not finished (particularly Orthodoxy).
    2) Removed colosseum and re-assigned or gave new UBs to the civs affected
    3) Resources now are more even. Each health/happy resource now has one building which produces a better product from the raw material (causes it to give +1 more happy/health) and one which sells the resource (causes it to give +% food or money).
    4) Some production buildings (Forge/Mason/Carpenter) now give production bonuses only with the appropriate resources.
    5) Market is now prerequisite for some of the buildings which sell something.
    6) New Arabic UB, Bazaar replacing Market (Madrassa is now a generic Islamic building)

    I'm not entirely happy with the new building system. One corcern is that there are too many health/happy boosters due to all the new resources. Another concern is that a lot of the buildings are not unique enough. I welcome suggestions.

    Other changes:

    Scientist renamed scholar
    Bulgarian UHV can no longer be to build libraries. Currently set to Scriptoria in the code, but not in the description.
    More color/flag/button changes for civs.
    Dense Forest no longer allows farms, mines, etc. Only lumber-mills can be built here (eventually).
    Barbarians around Bulgaria a bit weaker
    Made Cordoba even weaker, and Spain hate them more.
    Turkey starts with a couple Islamic Missionaries.
    Trading Companies no longer count as a colony for victory.
    Guisarme made cheaper 60 -> 50
    Heavy Lancer made weaker 11 -> 10 to address imbalance
    African colonies (except South Africa) moved earlier and no longer require Trading Companies
    Road movement increases to 3 with Vaulted Arches
    Modified some spawn units a little.
    Gave later spawning civs some health buildings so they don't start unhealthy.
    Resurrecting civs get better units now.

    Map changes:
    Map changes from Jessiecat
    Modified city names from micbic
    Spanish WarMap redone to encourage killing Corodoba
    Arab WarMap redone to encourage invading Turkey
    Austria gets Prague on spawn.
    Cordoba spawn moved one square to the west.

    Test Version March 5

    Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/205691324/RFCEurope_test_March5.zip

    FileFront: http://files.filefront.com/RFCEurope+test+March5zip/;13414634;/fileinfo.html

    Changes since Feb 27th version:

    Made .xml file for Great Person name list so that these should show up correctly now
    Introduced some more Corporation Competition
    Pushed Corporations a bit back in time
    Change Kievan Leader Name to Yaroslav the Wise
    Fixed Hudson Bay Colony Art
    Introduced East/West India Art
    Updated Art for Moscow UB (Currently medieval walls with towers, Civilopedia entry still looks like normal walls...)
    Fixed English UP for real
    Fixed Spanish Religion Goal
    Fixed 2nd French UHV (culture)
    Fixed all colony UHVs
    Fiddled with Colors/flags many civs. Flag symbols still need work. Still need many new buttons. Colors are approaching final colors.
    Replaced Bank-spread exec with new model
    Fixed cottage growth display bug
    Fixed how worker-rate modifiers are handled

    Test Version Feb 27

    Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/203291765/RFCEurope_test_Feb27.zip
    FileFront: http://files.filefront.com/RFCEurope+test+Feb27zip/;13378548;/fileinfo.html

    Changes since Feb 22nd version:

    New Features:
    More work on corporations. Some executive art included, though "spreading" animation is lacking. Less-bad corporate HQ building art. All special knights now included, and new Portuguese UU included.
    Limited version of Judaism added, though this may introduce some oddities in religion spreading for now. Currently this religion does nothing.
    Added new period/area-appropriate GP names compiled by Jessiecat

    French UB, Salon, moved to Scientific Method just like Observatory
    Konnik brought into line with new Horse Archer (both with cost and First Strikes)
    Adjusted Ghazi/Berber costs
    Adjusted Beserker cost
    Theodosian Walls now pre-built in Constantinople to make it harder to take initially
    Cordoba is weaker, Spain stronger, in attempt to get better Iberian dynamic
    Burgundy and France are friendlier initially (though they still tend to go to war too often)
    Unit costs raised by 50% across the board
    Fixed bug with English UP (just an offset in Consts.py) so now they don't have super mines anymore
    Changed Polish color/flag, mostly just to check that I could
    Other civ colors changed, though much work remains to sync colors with potential flags

    Test Version Feb 22
    Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/201432410/RFCEurope_test_Feb22.zip
    FileFront: http://files.filefront.com/RFCEurope+test+Feb22zip/;13350836;/fileinfo.html

    Changes since Feb 17th version:

    Corporations added, though still not complete. See wiki (http://wikirhye.wikidot.com/rfce-corporations) for plans. Specifically -- the military orders are still missing their special units/buildings, Portugal no longer has a UU, and the executives and HQ buildings art is not yet changed.

    Added some corporation art
    Added colony art splash screens (i.e. on build) from jessiecat.
    Added new resource: Relic, available from Teutonic Knights and (planned) from certain Wonders
    Judaism is back as a stump religion. It should stay confined to Jerusalem for now. Proper implementation will come soon.
    Latest city name map from micbic

    Bug-fix preventing Protestantism from spreading
    Bug-fix in getColonies (line 714 of Victory.py) possibly blocking Portugal UHV
    Bug-fix in changeColonies (line 262 of Victory.py)
    Bug-fix which was blocking cottage growth. Cottages still incorrectly report time to grow.

    Trading companies come earlier (they had been re-positioned on the tree, but their prereqs are now relaxed)
    Turkish spawn troops and modifiers improved to make it more powerful
    Swedish spawn troops and modifiers improved to make it more powerful
    Dutch spawn troops and modifiers improved to make it more powerful
    Later tech costs (Late Middle Ages and later) costs increased in XML by ~150%. This should help slow tech rate, though probably not enough yet.
    Serfdom drops slow cottage growth and gains Medium upkeep.

    Test Version Feb 17
    RapidShare: http://rapidshare.com/files/199448920/RFCEurope_test_Feb17.zip

    Changes since Feb 16th version:

    Added modified protestantism code from Panoptican's Protestantism for RFC, see that mod for full details. Protestantism is founded if you are Catholic State Religion and first to reserach (or acquire) Printing Press. When this happens every nation has choice to flip (converting Catholic buildings and cities) or not. AI goes randomly (based partly on history), human chooses. Some Catholics may linger if you flip and some Protestants may spawn even if you refuse to flip.

    Restored Pinch Promotion
    Removed Longbow city defense bonus
    Mounted Infantry now upgrade to foot-knights (remove city-raider knights)
    Horse Archer made weaker (strength 5)
    Spearmen and Guisarme bonus vs. heavy cavalry raised from 50% to 75%

    Added "Atlantic Access" to strategic places on map. Revealed with Astronomy. These sort of crudely represent important ports on the Atlantic and are distributed to encourage the historic colonizers (England, Spain, Portugal, France, Dutch) to build colonies.

    Atlantic Access has some artwork now
    New intro screen from Jessiecat

    Latest city name map from Micbic
    Arabic technologies associated with earlier era.

    Test Version Feb 02
    RapidShare: http://rapidshare.com/files/193203851/RFCEurope_test_Feb02_09.zip

    Changes Since Jan 31:

    New Art:
    - New Colony Icons
    - Introduced eras. New era splash screens and names. Let me know of any artwork/sounds oddities due to this.
    - A Mappa Mundi for the initial splash screen.

    Tweaked colony resources and added Virginia and East Africa
    Removed 1st early annoying plague
    Gave Portugal better starting units
    Mercs now spawn at your capitol
    AI shouldn't bug you to switch to Paganism anymore
    Include updated Frankia UHV map
    Re-arranged building order a little to be consistent.

    Tweaked English Game:
    - Now starts with a couple Lancers and without warriors
    - Now gains armored lancers if anyone declares war on-spawn
    - Barb warriors in Wales and barb ax/spear spawn in Scotland so unification is harder.
  3. jessiecat

    jessiecat Divine Monarch

    Mar 26, 2007
    Cornwall, somewhere near England
    I've transferred the art and files for suggested UUs here plus the file for the xebec which I'd like to use for the Muslim civs replacing the privateer if possible. The file for the Al Andalus "Soria" or Water Mill is here and for the Winged Hussar which has been suggested for Poland. The art for the Arab Ghazi light cavalry UU is on the lower right of the thumbnail.
  4. holy king

    holy king Deity

    Jan 3, 2003
    Vienna, Austria
    hey, just checked back in after quite some time. how's it going?
  5. jessiecat

    jessiecat Divine Monarch

    Mar 26, 2007
    Cornwall, somewhere near England
    Going good now. Check the Discussions thread to see where we're at. Your input on the Germany and Austria details in particular would be very welcome.:)
  6. jessiecat

    jessiecat Divine Monarch

    Mar 26, 2007
    Cornwall, somewhere near England
    Files for the Hungarian Stronghold and Kievan Rus Heavy Cavalry moved here. The Kievan Rus HC art could be used for the Russian UU "Boyar" as the KR would have the Cossack.
  7. jessiecat

    jessiecat Divine Monarch

    Mar 26, 2007
    Cornwall, somewhere near England
    Files for Portugal UU, Knights of St. John moved here.
    Files for Ottoman Great Bombard moved here.
  8. jessiecat

    jessiecat Divine Monarch

    Mar 26, 2007
    Cornwall, somewhere near England
    Files for Venetian Arsenal moved here.
    Files for possible Muslim knights moved here. (Note figure center-right)
    Files for possible Burgundy Paladin UU moved here.
    Files for possible Hungarian Heavy Lancer UU moved here.
    Files for possible Bulgarian Konnick UU moved here. (Note center-foreground)
  9. jessiecat

    jessiecat Divine Monarch

    Mar 26, 2007
    Cornwall, somewhere near England
    Suggested files for Dutch Grenadier UU. The most suitable would be the figure in yellow and blue on the center-right of the pic as the Dutch generally wore the mitre helmet instead of the bearskin.
  10. onedreamer

    onedreamer Dragon

    Oct 21, 2004
    Torino - Italia
    I'm impressed by your work guys, well done :goodjob:
    so what should I do to try it out ? Download RFC Europe Nov1 and what else ?
  11. jessiecat

    jessiecat Divine Monarch

    Mar 26, 2007
    Cornwall, somewhere near England
    The last playable test version was Oct.22nd. As sedna is now just finishing the UUs and the UBs, its probably best to wait for 3Miro to include all the latest files and release the next test version. In just a couple of days I think. For now why not take part in the discussions thread? We're working on the colonies now. Next will come the wonders and resources, followed by rework on the map and tech tree. Lots still to do.:)
  12. jessiecat

    jessiecat Divine Monarch

    Mar 26, 2007
    Cornwall, somewhere near England
    The latest test version is Nov.10 See first post above.
  13. jessiecat

    jessiecat Divine Monarch

    Mar 26, 2007
    Cornwall, somewhere near England
    Latest test version (with stability disabled) is Nov. 11. See first post above.
  14. st.lucifer

    st.lucifer King

    Dec 10, 2003
    the unfortunate land of texas
    Miro, I'm trying to update the map and I get an instant crash upon opening the RFCEurope WBsave in C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\RFCEurope\PublicMaps. I'm pretty sure I've got it installed properly - what am I doing wrong? I've thrown out the old version, and I just downloaded and installed the new one into the mods folder of BTS.
  15. 3Miro

    3Miro Deity

    Apr 23, 2008
    Knoxville USA
    That is odd, so you suddenly cannot start the game? Did you edit the WB first, try using the original one from Nov 10 or Nov 11. Maybe you cannot just load the WB, start a game with Burgundy (note not Franks or Byzantines but Burgundy) and go into the WB before you do anything (i.e. don't settle). Then edit and save as another WB file. Send me the second one.
  16. st.lucifer

    st.lucifer King

    Dec 10, 2003
    the unfortunate land of texas
    I'm using the original file from nov. 11, downloaded and expanded into the mods folder in BTS. I've tried loading it from the icon in the folder, and from the file inside the program. It restarts Civ to load the mod, and crashes to desktop upon nearing/hitting the end of the loading bar. When opening it from the PublicMaps folder, it crashes to desktop before hitting the end of the load bar - as soon as it enters the black screen that signifies the launch of the program, it aborts. Any ideas?
  17. jessiecat

    jessiecat Divine Monarch

    Mar 26, 2007
    Cornwall, somewhere near England
    Try this saved game. See if it works. If not you may have to delete all RFC Europe files and download the Nov. 11 version again.
  18. st.lucifer

    st.lucifer King

    Dec 10, 2003
    the unfortunate land of texas
    Thanks for the save; I encountered the same problem. I'm going to try starting over from scratch tonight when I have more time to work with it.

    Is there a set of hidden files that I may be missing when I'm throwing stuff away?
  19. jessiecat

    jessiecat Divine Monarch

    Mar 26, 2007
    Cornwall, somewhere near England
    What I always do before I download another version is to do a file search for "RFC Europe" incl. hidden files and delete everything that comes up. Then I download the new file to My Documents and unzip it to BTS/Mods. Right-click the WB save from Public Maps and send it to desktop as a shortcut. Then its right there to access with one click. It'll open straight to the civ list and you're ready to play.:)
  20. st.lucifer

    st.lucifer King

    Dec 10, 2003
    the unfortunate land of texas

    I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've done four or five restarts, purges, downloads, installations, and test runs, and can't get either the Nov. 13th version or the Burgundy WBsave Jessiecat posted to run. Normal civ still runs fine, and it'll load standard RFC - but for whatever reason, it crashes to desktop every time RFC Europe starts to load.
    Anything else named RFCE, RFC Europe, etc. has all been renamed or thrown away. I'm trying to keep backup files of the early stages of mod development in case we have to refer back to them, but they aren't anywhere near the civ folder, and all the pertinent ones have been renamed and checked via filesearch. The only files which come up are in the RFC Europe folder in BTS\Mods.

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