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Screenshots: I not at home today, so I can't pos anything today. Tomorrow, or maybe tonight. How do I do screenshots?

Difficulty: I'm already playing at emperor level... :p I'm considering going up one level, or perhaps try playing as Arabia (and aim for holy war - cool!).
You can make screenshots with any graphics program like Paint Shop Pro, Photo Shop, Corel Draw, HyperSnap DX, .....

Then they must be saved with a compression (JPG) that allows the file to be smaller than 100kb, to be attached here.
The Germans now know the might of the English army. After taking Amsterdam and Rottenham and waiting the time of my alliances with the Dutch & Vikings, I sued for peace and the Germans quickly accepted. England then flurished for sometime and built a huge Navey and a massed a huge army on the shores of England south just enough distance so the French could see what was coming for there terrible attitude towards the English.

LOL!...Wish I could show a screen shot!



PS...Around 1390 A.D. and turns super fast still.
I have been playing for a while now and Im in 1800 A.D. and have noticed as Im Monarch government that it doesn't matter if I lower my tax rate from 50% and raise the science rate 60-80% the tech speed doesn't change???



PS...Wish you could see my game... THIS MOD ROCKS!
Min research turns = 8, to avoid that one civ takes the lead too much.

Why don't you post some screenshots? Download Paint Shop Pro (it's shareware), capture the screens you want and save them .jpg

Then attach them here with the slot when you reply.

If you want I could post here an old version of Paint Shop (4) which was freeware.
I have a lot of screenshots, but they are above 100kb. Should I cut out a part of the pucture, or is there a way to reduce resolution -> size? I have Microsoft Paint.
The Glorious Austrian Empire, just after the war with the Tripple Alliance (France, Spain & Rome). It's 700ad, we're in the early middle ages and the pagan French have paid for their aggression.
The army levied by the famous warlord Mack the Great was instrumental in subjugating the Franks and forcing the Spaniards to the negotiating table.

The Austrian Heartland:

The newly conquered Frankish provinces:

The Spanish Marches:
I have made a small change and want to know if you like it? I did this so the Americans will build New York and Boston is proper areas. I moved the Irquois over a bit west. I added 2 cattle to the north of America starting postion on the east and a whale & fish near where Boston should be built. I think this makes the map better & America grow proper.



PS...Sorry about screen shots... In future I will post. Game to dam fun to stop to post!

(PSII.... I reuploaded a new version with all the LM tiles in Eastern America removed and redone with normal tiles so America can grow proper. Who ever downloaded the old version please redownload this version. There was only 1 download of the old version!)

PSIII - I have tweaked the map around England where Plymouth is today and Cario, Eygpt and Moved wheat from Portualguel into Madrid, Spain to slow down the Portugese a bit. A little beefing up at Jerusalem area. I removed the Americans and made the Souix and a new starting location and adjusted barbarians a bit around them. The Souix are alot like the Irquouis. They are more aggressive and have same UU. I wanted to give them the Mounted Warrior but it was removed.

This was posted after 3 more downloads of old file.

The German Crusade:

The Austrians take religion seriously:

Words have reach our ears that German scholars claim the earth revolves around the sun, not the sun around the earth, as is proper(Copernicus)). Not only that, they also claim that the weight of an object doesn't affect it's falling spead (Leonardo !
Such heresy cannot be allowed on the very borders of uor beloved, most holy catholic empire of Austria! Holy war and Crusade is proclaimed versus the German heretics:

Berlin falls:

Leipzig falls:

Ville -> Thanks!

Rhye -> Do you want more screenshots? Of the same game or another game?

First of all, I like your mod very much, I have been playing a couple of games with the first version, too.

Right now I am playing a game with the Germans, only some turns left to industrial age.

I noticed that the AI seems to have big problems with the pop cost of the settlers.

First, they only have small cities, several capitals are size 1 !.

Secondly, they probably can't handle that high pop cost when building: When I found embassies in several enemy cities I found that they often tried to build settlers with cities of very low size, which resulted in their building capacities being blockaded until the city reached size 5... seems like the AI is not smart enough to build other things until the city has grown sufficient (like a human player would).

It seems like this cripples the AI very much. Anyone else noticed that?
dreiche2 -> I've noticed it to. This happens with the unmodded game to, the AI doesn't seem to take account of the pop cost of settlers. This problem is then accentuated by the increased cost in Rhye's of Civ.

The problem is that the increased cost has a good gameplay effect, so I don't know how to work around this. Maybe keep the vanillaCiv popcost of 2, but give it a tremendous shield cost? But perhaps this will cripple the AI too??

I've actually been toying with an idea: Make Settlers unbuildable by all civs, and make the Palace, or some other appropriate building(s), generate a settler every X (10? 20?) turns, like the Knights Templar generates Crusaders.

But this small problem should not cast a shadow on this Mod, it is excellent in to many ways to mention.
Yes and no. I do believe that it some what cripples the A.I. but in the end its all good.


Your mod is :love:

One problem : Arabs should have Holy War for themselves only

Why not a "Holy war" wonder type for each civ ?
For different periods and epochs ...

UU wouldn't longer builded, this wonders should be the ones only abilited to produce UU ...

Example : "Legionaries School" GWonder give Legionary each 1 turns and obsolete with Feodalism
This wonder came with Bronze Working and cost 100 shields and need "Romans" ressource

"Panzers Workshop" GWonder give Panzer each 1 turns ... and obsolete with tech which allow modern armor
This wonder came with Motorized Transportation and cost 100 shields and need "Germans" ressource

For make it : create 31 ressources placed beneath the capital called "Romans" "Germans" "Japan" etc ... :(

All civs build generic units and their specific wonders build theirs UUs .... War should be greatest in Regent Level :) (my level)
Or create 32 tech researchable only for one civ for this wonders :)

Example : "Roman" --> allow the wonder "Legionaries School" which build Roman UU : Legionary ...

Bronze Working --> Roman Legionaries --> Iron Working
for Romans only

Bronze Working --> Iron Working
for the 30 others

"Romans Legionaries is an Hidden Techs for non Roman-Civ
I have started a thread with an alternative 170x170 map for proper growth in North America and other world edits.


A new thread? This will confure people. The biq only doesn't work because it needs the extra units.
Make any change you want, but in my opinion it's better if we keep all the modifications inside here.
BTW, North America had so many LM terrains because in the games I watched, America growed too fast and colonized South America before Europeans arrival; but with Sioux it's not a problem anymore. Instead, Iroquois need LM terrains!!
Look at the readme: somewhere I wrote that the Great Lakes make Iroquois a settlers factory! There's no way to stop them except removing some shields.
Rhye -> Do you want more screenshots? I can keep them coming!
I have started a new game as the Spanish, since victory seemed assured for the Austrians. I can keep playing the Austrians for screenshots and playtest if you wish, otherwise I'll try to play the Spanish as a colonial power, and see how it goes and how non-european civs are doing.
Originally posted by Lachlan
One problem : Arabs should have Holy War for themselves only

Why? Pyramids are for everyone but should be Egyptian, Crusades should be European but are for everyone.
I know that it would be better, and I tried to to that: if you look at the editor, I added flavuors, that SHOULD make some civs more likely to build something instead of other.
But it doesn't seem to work.

Originally posted by Lachlan

Why not a "Holy war" wonder type for each civ ?
For different periods and epochs ...

UU wouldn't longer builded, this wonders should be the ones only abilited to produce UU ...

That's an alternative. You could try that, and see what happens.
I think the added resource is better than messing up the tech tree.
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