Right mouse button support?


Feb 4, 2002

Is there right mouse button support in Civ III? I have a 3 button mouse, and most games in OS X support the right mouse button, as do the Finder and other apps. But in Civ III I have to use control-click. This is annoying.
Is there any info on this subject?

(btw my performance is good in OS X 10.1.2 without Quartz on my iMac 600. But in the readme it says enabling quartz rendering will slow down the game a little: in practice it is unplayable! I don't get it: if quartz is a system level rendering, wouldn't it be faster? Or do you need a G4 for this.)

regards, Finne
newest patch will enable multiple mouse buttons under OS X, and there will be a performance boost.
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