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[R&F] Rise and Fall Features Thread

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by bite, Nov 28, 2017.

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  1. bite

    bite Unoffical Civilization Geographer Moderator

    Jun 20, 2004
    Civilization 6: Rise and Fall Features

    It will release on February 8, and will cost $29.99 or £24.99. (Subject to change and local currency exchanges)

    All information in Italics is not officially confirmed


    There will be 8 civilizations in Rise and Fall with 9 new leaders


    Leader - Poundmaker
    Capital - Mikisiw-Wacîhk
    Historical Agenda - Iron Confederacy: Tries to form multiple alliances and respects those who do likewise
    Civilization Ability - Nîhithaw: +1 Trade Route capacity and a free Trader with Pottery. Unclaimed tiles within 3 tiles of a Cree city center come under Cree control when a Trader first moves through them.
    Leader Ability - Favorable Terms: All Alliance types provide shared Visibility. Trade Routes grant Food in the sending city per Camp or Pasture in the receiving city, and Gold in the receiving city per Camp or Pasture in the sending city.
    Unique Unit - Okihtcithaw: Replaces the Scout. Has +Combat Strength, receives a free promotion.
    Unique Tile Improvement - Mekewap: Provides Housing and Production. +Gold when adjacent to a Luxury resource,+Food when adjacent to a Bonus resource. Cannot be built next to another Mekewap.


    Leader - Chandragupta
    Capital - Patna
    Historical Agenda - Maurya Empire: Does not like bordering nations
    Leader Ability - Arthashastra: Can declare a War of Territorial Expansion early, + Movement and Strength for combat units at the start of a War of Territorial Expansion


    Leader - Tamar
    Capital - Tbilisi
    Historical Agenda - Narikala Fortress: Likes you to build walls
    Civilization Ability - Glory of the World, Kingdom and Faith: 100% faith for 10 turns if you declare a Protectorate War; Bonus envoys if the City State follows your religion
    Leader Ability - Strength in Unity: At the Start of a Golden Age you get to make a Golden age and Normal Age dedication
    Unique Unit - Khevsur: Bonus on hills
    Unique Building - Tsikhe: Replaces Renaissance Wall, costs less and gives faith


    Leader - Queen Seondeok
    Capital - Gyeongju
    Historical Agenda - Cheomseongdae: Likes Civs strong in Science, Does not like Civs Weak in Science
    Civilization Ability - Three Kingdoms: Mines and Farms receive + Science and Food respectfully if next to a Seowon
    Leader Ability - Hwarang: +Culture and Science in all cities with a Governor
    Unique Unit - Hwacha
    Unique District - Seowon: (replaces the Science District) gets a fixed amount of Science but for every district you build next to it this is reduced, Must be built on Hills


    Leader - Lautaro
    Capital - Ngulu Mapu
    Historical Agenda - Spirit of Tucapel: Tries to create and maintain a high degree of cultural loyalty. Dislikes civilizations that fail to maintain the loyalty of their people, likes those who do.
    Civilization Ability - Toqui: Combat bonus against civs in a Golden Age. Bonus Experience for Units trained in cities with a Governor
    Leader Ability - Swift Hawk: Defeating enemy units in their territory conifers a Loyalty Penalty on the nearby city.
    Unique Unit - Malon Raider: Combat bonus near friendly territory, less Movement to Pillage tiles.
    Unique Tile Improvement - Chemamull: Culture based on the Tile Appeal, Bonus Tourism later in the game


    Leader - Genghis Khan
    Capital - Qaraqorum
    Historical Agenda - Horse Lord: likes to build mounted units, dislikes Civilizations with more mounted units than him
    Civilization Ability - Örtöö: Trade Routes immediately create a Trading Post, Trading Posts increase Diplomatic Visibility, Combat Bonus for each level of Diplomatic Visablity
    Leader Ability - Mongol Horde: Boost to Cavalry Units strength, Cavalry Units have a chance to capture defeated enemy Cavalry Units
    Unique Unit - Keshig: shares movement speed with any unit in formation with it
    Unique Building - Ordu: (replaces the Stable) Cavalry units get extra movement if built in this city


    Leader - Queen Wilhelmina
    Capital - Amsterdam
    Historical Agenda - Billionaire: likes Civilizations that have Trade Routes with her, dislikes Civilizations that won't send Trade Routes her way
    Civilization Ability - Grote Rivieren: Campuses, Theater Squares & Industrial Zones get major agency bonus from Rivers, Harbors culture bomb
    Leader Ability - Radio Oranje: Domestic Trade Route increase Loyalty, Foreign Trade Route increase Culture
    Unique Unit - De Zeven Provinciën: Increased Ranged & Combat strength, Bonus to attacking defensible districts
    Unique Terrain Improvement - Polder: provides +food, +production & +housing, +food for adjacent Polders, Can be built on Coast


    Leader - Robert the Bruce
    Capital - Stirling
    Historical Agenda - Flower of Scotland: Will not attack neighbors unless they break a promise to him. Likes those who do not war with neighbors, dislikes those who do.
    Civilization Ability - Scottish Enlightenment: Bonus Science and Production in happy cities, bonus Great Engineer and Scientist Points
    Leader Ability - Bannockburn:Gets War of Liberation early, bonus movement and City Production in the first 10 turns
    Unique Unit - Highlander
    Unique Terrain Improvement - Golf Courses: Gains Amenities and Gold, bonus Culture if next to City Centre and Entertainment District


    Leader - Shaka
    Capital - Ulundi
    Historical Agenda - Horn, Chest, Loins: fancies corps and armies, and those that utilize them
    Civilization Ability - Isibongo: Cities with a Garrison get a Loyalty boost, When you concur a city with a unit, that unit gets upgraded to a Corps or an Armies.
    Leader Ability - Amabutho: can form Corps and Armies earlier, they also get a combat boost
    Unique Unit - Impi: More XP, less maintenance, less build time, and better flanking
    Unique District - Ikanda: +Housing, +Build Speed to Corps and Armies

    Vanilla Civilizations Updates

    America - changes to its Founding Father bonus it now replaces all diplomacy slots with a wildcard slots
    Australia - Colours are now Green/Black
    Brazil - Get the Copacabana
    Egypt - Trading with Allies gives bonus Alliance Points
    England - Royal Docklands no longer gives you an extra trade route along with the market district
    Spain - Bonus loyalty in cities with a Mission next to the City Centre
    Sumeria - Get bonus Alliance Points when in a Joint War

    City States

    The number of City States will be the same, but there will be updates and changes to the current list.

    City State Bonuses now are based on District Buildings rather than the Districts themselves, for example: 1 envoy - "+Gold in the capital", 3 envoys - "+Gold in every Market building", 6 envoys - "+Gold in every Bank building"

    Antioch - (New City State) Your Trade Routes get +Gold for each Luxury Resource - Replacing Amsterdam
    Babylon - (New City State) +2 science per great writing, +1 per relic and artifact - Replacing Seoul
    Vilnius - (Updated City State) For the highest active Alliance Level, your Theater Squares get a large adjacency bonus

    Confirmed not being Civilizations

    Afghanistan (Kabul is still a City State)
    Argentina (Buenos Aires is still a City State)
    Armenia (Yerevan is still a City State)
    Ashanti (Kumasi is still a City State)
    Canada (Toronto is a City State)
    Carthage (Carthage is still a City State)
    Celts (British Ilse Interpretation) (Armagh is still a City State)
    Babylon (Babylon is a City State)
    Belgium (Brussels is still a City State)
    Bulgaria (Preslav is still a City State)
    Hittites (Hattusa is still a City State)
    Indus Valley (Mohenjo Daro is still a City State)
    Israel (Jerusalem is a City State)
    Malta (Valletta is a City State)
    New Zealand (Auckland is still a City State)
    Lithuania (Vilnius is still a City State)
    Madagascar (Antananarivo is still a City State)
    Maya (Palenque is still a City State)
    Moors (Granada is still a City State)
    Olmecs (La Venta is still a City State)
    Oman (Muscat is still a City State)
    Portugal (Lisbon is still a City State)
    Sri Lanka (Kandy is still a City State)
    Swahili (Zanzibar is still a City State)
    Sweden (Stockholm is still a City State)
    Switzerland (Geneva is still a City State)



    There will be 8 new wonders

    Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station - +Science & +Production in all cities, Double Yields on Snow tiles if more than 5 are owned by the city, +Great Scientist Points, Must Next to a Campus with a Research Lap, Must be built on a snow tile

    Casa de Contractación - Gives Governor Promotions, extra Production, Faith, and Gold to cities with a Governor not on your home continent, and Great Merchant Points

    Kilwa Kisiwani - Gives envoys and boosts yields from city-states you are suzerain of, this is increase if you are a suzerain of multiple Cities States of the same type

    Kōtoku-in - +Faith in a City (%), Free Warrior Monks, Must be next to a Holy Site with a Temple

    Statue of Liberty - Gain bonus settlers, +Loyalty in surrounding cities

    St Basil's Cathedral - 100%+ religious tourism to the city it's built in, bonus Food, Production, and Culture on tundra tiles, and contains additional Relic Slots.

    Taj Mahal - grants bonus Era Score for every Historic Moment earned for the rest of the game

    Temple of Artemis - +Food, +Housing, Each Camp, Pasture, and Plantation improvement within 4 tiles of the wonder provides +1 Amenity. Must be placed adjacent to a Camp improvement.

    Vanilla Wonder Updates

    Colosseum - give + Culture, +Amenities, also +Culture, Loyalty, and Amenities to near by cities
    Great Library - Gives a random tech boost whenever another player recruits a great scientist. It also give +1 great writer point per turn.
    Oracle - +2 Great Person Points

    New Districts & Buildings

    There will be 2 new Districts and 14 added Buildings

    Government Plaza -

    Gives +1 Adjacency to adjacent districts, gives +1 Governor Tile

    You can only build one Government Plaza

    You can only build one building of each tier in the Government Plaza

    Audience Chamber - Tier 1 +Amenity + Housing, only in cities with a governor, - Loyalty in cities without a Governor, +1 Governor Title, Unlocks a Legacy Policy Card.
    Warlord's Throne - Tier 1 +Production in all cities when capturing an enemy city +1 Governor Title, Unlocks the a Legacy Policy Card.
    Ancestral Hall[/SIZE] - Tier 1 +Production of Settlers, New cities get a free Builder, +1 Governor Title, Unlocks the a Legacy Policy Card.
    Foreign Ministry - Tier 2 Leveraging City States Armies costs less Gold, Leveraged Units get bonus Strength +1 Governor Title, Unlocks the a Legacy Policy Card.
    Intelligence Agency - Tier 2 +1 Spy, All Spy Operations are more successful +1 Governor Title, Unlocks the a Legacy Policy Card.
    Grand Ministers Chapel - Tier 2 Can buy Units with Faith, can get Faith from Pillaging Tiles/Districts +1 Governor Title, Unlocks the a Legacy Policy Card.
    War Department - Tier 3 units heal for 20 after killing a unit
    National History Museum - Tier 3 four great work slots that can be used for anything
    Royal Society - Tier 3 workers can use charges on district projects (big for science)

    Water Park -

    Built on Coastal Tiles
    Cannot be built in a City with an Entertainment District

    Ferris Wheel -
    Aquarium -
    Aquatics Centre - +Amenities which spread to nearby cities, +Tourism for Wonder built on or next to the coast in this city

    Updates to Districts

    City Centre - Monument: +1 loyalty & culture and another +1 culture if at full loyalty.
    Commercial District - Now needs Market for Trade Route
    Entertainment District - Cannot be built in a City with a Water Park
    Neighborhoods - Food Market: +Food Can only be built once per city; Shopping Mall +Tourism +Amenities, can only be built once per city
    Harbor - now needs Lighthouse to give Trade Route


    Drone - Observation Balloon upgrade, + Movement, It grants additional range to adjacent bombard units
    Pike and shot - Pikeman upgrade
    Supply Convoy - Medic upgrade that increases the speed of units it shares tiles with
    Spec Ops - Reconnaissance Unit, can para-drop

    The Map

    Terrain Buildings

    There will be 2 new Terrain Buildings

    Fishery - Built on coastal tiles +food, bonus food if next to resource (Liang Governor Ability)
    City Park - +Appeal, +Culture, +Amenities if next to Coast/Lake (Liang Governor Ability)


    There will be 3 new Resources

    Amber - + Culture, Can be found on land and water
    Olives - + Production +Gold
    Turtles - + Science

    Terrain Features

    Reef - +Production, Can have resources spawn on it, Can't be built on with Harbors

    Natural Wonders

    There will be 7 new Natural Wonders

    Delicate Arch - (1 tile) Gives +2 faith and +1 gold to adjacent tiles.
    Eye of the Sahara - + Production to nearby tiles. + Production +Science in the Atomic Era (3 tiles)
    Lake Retba - (2 tiles) +Culture, Gold & Production, acts like a lake
    Matterhorn - +Culture to surrounding tiles, Land Units that go next to it get +combat in hills and ignore hill movement penalties (1 tile)
    Mount Roraima - +Faith & Science to surrounding tiles (4 tiles)
    Ubsunur Hollow - (4 tiles) +food +Production + Faith
    Zhangye Danxia.- (3 tiles) +Great General & Great Merchant points if you own at least one tile
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  2. bite

    bite Unoffical Civilization Geographer Moderator

    Jun 20, 2004

    Civilization 6: Rise and Fall Features


    Historic Moments

    Throughout your playthrough you will unlock Historical Moments, for example:

    Clear barbarian camp close to a settlement
    Build district that has a high adjacency score
    Become suzerain of city-state
    Finding a goody hut
    First time Great General contributed to winning a battle

    These Historic Moments will appear in the Timeline giving you a run down of how your empire grew and what you did over the course of the game.

    As well as this, and more importantly these Historic Moments add to your Era Score, which will determine if you start the next Era in a Dark/Normal/Golden/Heroic Era.

    Some Moments will give you a bigger bonus if you are the first to do it, like find a Natural Wonder, or say destroying a Barbarian Camp next to a city may yield more Era Score than one far away.

    Ages (Dark/Normal/Gold/Heroic)

    At the start of every Era, your Era Score from the last Era will determine what type of Age you will be in. The length of the ages is not set, but dependent on how nations are progressing through the Culture and Tech trees, though there are minimum and maximum constraints. At the start of a new Era you could be in a:

    Dark Age - Your cities get a reduced 0.5 Loyalty points per turn, and this extends out into neighboring cities though the impact is reduced per tile away from your city. This also unlocks powerful Dedications and Policy Cards, but they all also come with a big cost, forcing you to target your development during a Dark Age. (For Example: Isolationism: +1 Trade Route capacity. Domestic routes provide +2 Food, +2 Production. BUT: Can't train or buy Settlers nor settle new cities.)

    Normal Age - Your cities get the standard 1 Loyalty point per turn, and this extends out into neighboring cities though the impact is reduced per tile away from your city. You can also make a Dedication that can give you a powerful gameplay bonus.

    Golden Age - Your cities get an improved 1.5 Loyalty points per turn, and this extends out into neighboring cities though the impact is reduced per tile away from your city. The Dedications are much more powerful. (For Example: Monumentality: +2 Movement for all Builders. May purchase civilian units with Faith. Builders and Settlers are 30% cheap to purchase with Faith and Gold.)

    Heroic Age - This is a special Age that occurs if you go from a Dark Age to a Golden Age, you can pick 3 Dedications rather than the 2 normally on offer in a Golden Age


    "The stakes of the new Loyalty system are huge because, at the extremes, it can flip control of entire cities to different players without military force. Low Loyalty in a city puts it at risk of rebelling and becoming a Free City. That, in turn, makes it a juicy target for other players looking to expand their own empire. Keeping your cities loyal not only keeps it on your side, but also emanates its Loyalty as a kind of “peer pressure” to other cities nearby. You could even sway cities from other civilizations to join you."

    Cities at low loyalty get reduced tile yields


    "The stakes of the new Loyalty system are huge because, at the extremes, it can flip control of entire cities to different players without military force. Low Loyalty in a city puts it at risk of rebelling and becoming a Free City. That, in turn, makes it a juicy target for other players looking to expand their own empire. Keeping your cities loyal not only keeps it on your side, but also emanates its Loyalty as a kind of “peer pressure” to other cities nearby. You could even sway cities from other civilizations to join you.

    During a game, players can earn up to seven Governors. Each Governor has a different skill tree of promotions. We bent a lot of existing game rules to give them the power to make a difference in your cities."

    Governors like spies won't be units on the map, and take time to get from city to city

    Governor titles are earned through the Civics tree (can upgrade 5 times)

    Magnus The Steward -

    Tier 1) Bonus to plot yields and terrain removals in the city
    Tier 2) Surplus Logistics - +Growth in the City, +Food in cities that end Trade Routes in the City;
    Provision - + Production of Industrial Zone Buildings, Settlers do not consume population
    Tier 3) Industrialist - +production for each strategic resource in the city;
    Black Marketeer - don't need Strategic Resources to build Units in this city
    Tier 4) Vertical Integration - You get the Industrial Zone bonuses from all near by districts not just the 1

    Liang the Surveyor -

    Tier 1) Grants an extra builder charge
    Tier 2) Infrastructure - +production of Government Plaza and Buildings;
    Aquaculture - Can build the Fishery Tile Improvement
    Tier 3) Zoning Commissioner - +production of building Districts;
    Amusement - +production to Entertainment Complex and Water Park Buildings
    Tier 4) Parks and Recreation - Can Build the City Park Tile Improvement

    Pingala the Educator -

    Tier 1) +Science, +Culture in City
    Tier 2) Connoisseur - +Production to Theater Square Buildings in City;
    Researcher - +Production to Campus buildings in City
    Tier 3) Grants - Increases the Great Person points Generated in the City
    Tier 4) Arms Race Proponent - +Production towards Nuclear Arms;
    Space Initiative - +Production to Space Based Projects

    Victor the Castellan -

    Tier 1) + City Garrison Stregth
    Tier 2) Garrison Commander - Units in cities territory get a Defense bonus
    Defense Logistics - City can't be put under Siege
    Tier 3) Security Expert - Enemy Spies work at a reduced level in this city
    Embrasure - City gets a second ranged strike
    Tier 4) Air Defense Initiative - Bonus to air defense within city range against planes and ICBMs

    Amani the Diplomat -

    Tier 1) Can be sent to a City State where she counts as 2 envoys
    Tier 2) Emissary - all Foreign Cities in range get increased Loyalty to your Civ;
    Prestige - All Domestic Cities in range get increased Loyalty to your Civ
    Tier 3) Affluence - get a copy of the luxuries in the City State you are in;
    Promoter - +Amenities in the City you are in
    Tier 4) Puppeteer - Doubles the number of Envoys you have in the City State you are Located in

    Moksha the Cardinal -

    Tier 1) Increased Religion pressure from the city
    Tier 2) Grand Inquisitor - +Combat Strength for Religious Units near city
    Divine Architect - +Production towards Religious Buildings
    Tier 3) Laying On Of Hands - Religious Units fully heal in 1 turn
    Citadel of God - Ignores pressure and combat bonuses from other Religions
    Tier 4) Patron Saint - Apostles built in this city get an extra promotion

    Reyna the Financier -

    Tier 1) Acquires new City Tiles Quicker
    Tier 2) Harbourmaster - Bonus to agency from Harbor and Commercial District
    Foreign Exchange - +gold for all Foreign Trade Route passing through the city
    Tier 3) Tax Collector - + Gold for each citizen in the city
    Tier 4) Contractor - can buy Districts with Gold
    Curator - increased Tourism from Great Works


    Legacy Bonus changed to be more about policy cards

    Classical Republic:
    Bonus - Cities with a District get +Housing & + Amenities
    Legacy - + Great People Points

    Bonus - Capital and City with Government Plaza gets bonus to Tile Yields
    Legacy - + Production towards Wonders

    Bonus - Land Melee and Cavalry get a Combat Bonus
    Legacy - + Unit Experience

    Bonus - + Housing per level of walls
    Legacy - + Influence Points

    Bonus - + Religious Unit Strength
    Legacy - Discount on Faith purchases

    Merchant Republic:
    Bonus - Great People cost less Gold
    Legacy - +Production of Districts

    Bonus - +Production in cities with a Governor per Citizen
    Legacy - +Production

    Bonus - + Production & Housing per District
    Legacy - Discount on Gold purchases

    Bonus - + Combat Unit strength, less War Weariness
    Legacy - + Production of Units



    Can be Research, Military, Economic, Cultural, or Religious, they come in three levels depending how long you have had the alliance, giving bigger bonuses as time goes on.

    Research - Level 1 - Science Bonus on Trade Routs; Level 2 - Occasional Tech Boosts; Level 3 - bonus Science when researching the same tech or a tech already researched by the other.

    Military -

    Economic -

    Cultural -

    Religious -

    Emergency Situations

    "Most Emergencies get triggered when one player gets a significant lead or advantage in an area. Converting a Holy City to a different religion, or using a nuclear weapon, for example. When triggered, the game determines which other players can join in an Emergency against the target and each player can choose to join or pass. Joining can give permanent benefits, but only if the players are able to complete an Emergency-specific objective against the target in time, otherwise the target gets a benefit instead."

    5 Types of Emergencies triggered by different things in the game

    Conquering a City State

    Diplomatic Vision

    For each level of Diplomatic Vision you have with a Civilization you get a combat bonus



    Spies can now reduce loyalty in enemy cities

    Spies can 'Neutralize' Governors


    UI Changes/Updates

    The in-game city labels have been changed to add loyalty and governor icons

    Golden Age changes the top menu to golden color (normal age is blue)

    A band around the End Term Button which shows your progress toward the Era Score

    Systems Changes from Base Game

    The way Civilizations and City States spawn on the map has been changed
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  3. bite

    bite Unoffical Civilization Geographer Moderator

    Jun 20, 2004

    Please only post new information that is missing from the first two posts and/or corrections that need to be made only

    Please and Thank-You

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  4. JacquesBquick

    JacquesBquick Chieftain

    Oct 27, 2016
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  5. GonzaHerMeg

    GonzaHerMeg Chieftain

    Oct 8, 2017
    One of the wonders it's the Archivo de Indias:
    Spoiler :
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  6. LacsiraxAriscal

    LacsiraxAriscal Below Settler

    Jan 31, 2010
    York and Cambridge (UK)
    The Buddha statue is almost definitely the Great Buddha of Kamakura. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kōtoku-in

    That mosque/fortress looking building is mystifying. Has a Samarkand/Isfahan look to it, but I've yet to find anything that bears a close resemblance to it.
  7. Inhalaattori

    Inhalaattori Chieftain

    Aug 4, 2003
    Up North
    New Wonder: (Moscow) Kremlin
  8. bite

    bite Unoffical Civilization Geographer Moderator

    Jun 20, 2004
    Yep it was already added

    More than likely but it is not an uncommon design so I am waiting on more confirmation

    Already there as St Basil's Cathedral until I know otherwise
  9. LacsiraxAriscal

    LacsiraxAriscal Below Settler

    Jan 31, 2010
    York and Cambridge (UK)
    Possibly a link to the middle eastern building? Similar dome design, and the rest of the building is missing so who knows what it would've looked like back in th' day. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Mosque_(Balkh)

    Also re: the Greek buliding, it looks more like the Temple of Artemis than the Parthenon.
  10. conorbebe

    conorbebe Chieftain

    Jun 16, 2017
    United Kingdom
    New improvement: Fish Farm
    Doesn’t seem fitting to be a Wonder, and we know it isn’t a visual update to Fishing Boats because they are also visible in the same screenshot.

    There also seems to be an Entertainment Complex built on water. I’m guessing districts built on water will offer new buildings, like the Ferris wheel.
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  11. Cerilis

    Cerilis Not Warlord

    Mar 11, 2013
    There is a mining resource that looks like it could be amber (on the asian and the snow screenshot). Interesting to note that it appears in a forest, with the mine apparently not removing the forest.
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  12. bite

    bite Unoffical Civilization Geographer Moderator

    Jun 20, 2004
  13. conorbebe

    conorbebe Chieftain

    Jun 16, 2017
    United Kingdom
    That purple district that looks a little like a Theater Square is new for sure. In the third screenshot we can see it in the distance alongside cities of the same player that have Theater Squares built in them, and there’s a noticeable difference in colour and in the design and placement of buildings inside them. At a guess, I’d say this is some kind of government/diplomacy district, probably required to get Governers.
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  14. UWHabs

    UWHabs Warlord

    Oct 10, 2008
    According to the pcgamesn video, they mention a couple of the governors:
    -Governors have unique trees
    -governor points to recruit new governor, or improve existing governor
    -Raina (?) the Financier allows you to purchase districts with gold
    -Liang the Surveyor grants extra builder charges
    -Further down her tree unlocks unique tile improvements that you can't get other ways, city parks and fisheries
  15. bite

    bite Unoffical Civilization Geographer Moderator

    Jun 20, 2004
  16. TheMarshmallowBear

    TheMarshmallowBear Benelovent Chieftain of the BearKingdom

    Dec 27, 2006
    Inside an Ikanda.
    Pink is for Theatre District, and Purple is for the new district, so we'll just have to see what Purple color is associated with.
  17. algn

    algn Chieftain

    May 17, 2013
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  18. McQuibster

    McQuibster Chieftain

    Aug 16, 2016
    I strongly suspect that the snowy compound in one of the screenshots is Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station. Potentially a Wonder, and/or maybe tied to a cooperative science alliance or arctic-focused governor?

    Edit: note the dome in particular.
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  19. BenZL43

    BenZL43 Physician - still can't spell this correctly.

    Sep 25, 2010
    It's Kamakura Buddha. While the design might look uncommon across Asia, one must differentiate statue of Buddha and Guanyin. Also there's Buddha statue in sitting, blessing or standing position. For more confirmation, the Buddha is sitting in double pedestal, a round one around Him and another one below it surrounded by square buildings. This is characteristically of Kamakura Buddha.
  20. bite

    bite Unoffical Civilization Geographer Moderator

    Jun 20, 2004

    Ok I'm going to trust everyone here that they are right
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