[Vanilla] Roman UHV is wrong


Sep 10, 2018
I recently downloaded Rhye's and Fall of Civilization for Vanilla, and I noticed Rome's UHV is different in my game than the ones specified in the forums. The requirements are still the same, but the dates are different. It says I have to:
  • Build 5 Barracks, 5 Aqueducts, and 5 Amphitheaters by 200 AD
  • Control the territory of the Western Roman Empire by 470 AD
  • Not lose a city to barbarians before 1000 AD
The ones I've seen in the forums needs 5 of the specified buildings by 450 AD, control the required territory by 450 AD, and not lose a city to barbarians by 1400 AD.

Is there a way to fix this? I've tried my version, but it's impossible for me to research Mathematics and Construction in time to build 5 of the required buildings. The other two I have no problem with.

I play on Monarch if it makes any difference.

Spoiler :

It's likely that the UHV specified in the forums is for the BTS version.
I play on Monarch if it makes any difference.
It definitely makes a difference. Tech RP costs on Monarch are roughly twice what they are on Viceroy.
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