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Apr 22, 2020
One of my favorite parts of the game is hitting the Industrial Era and connecting the empire with railroads. This and some road speed mods got me thinking about an Atomic-era highway idea that, like the railroad, doesn't mimic early game roads but is required to be built by the player. If I can pull this off I may expand it to other route types (I'm thinking if I can get this going I'll do a late info-era HSR.)

The few mods I've made that add something in-game already had art I could use for them. I'm trying to do something similar here to start. It's been suggested that it's easier to make copies of the art and alter it so the resolutions are correct, and you understand the mapping and whatnot. I've tried making the highway (ATOMIC_ROAD) just use the railroad art, but it's not visible at all (neither strategic nor world view). It's there, and it works, but nothing is visible. I've looked at some of what's been written on the subject already and while I don't feel as lost, it's not by much. The way the art stuff is coded is inscrutable to me, and I'm baffled enough that I'm not even quite sure what question to ask.

If anyone has the time, I've zipped both the "built" version of the mod and the modbuddy version with the art elements in it. The only thing I've changed code-wise is in the artdefs, where I've replaced ROUTE_RAILROAD with ROUTE_ATOMIC_ROAD. My guess is it's something obvious that simply stems from my total lack of understanding, particularly of where artdefs, xlps, textures/dds, and the actual functional sql game aspects all meet in the code. If anyone can help, or is aware of a mod that already does something similar that I can use as a guide, it'd be greatly appreciated.


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