Running Civ4 on Windows 10 recent PC


Mar 15, 2015
Hi - any further hints on getting Civ4 to run on Windows 10?

I have the steam version of Civ4 with both Warlords and BTS.

I am trying to launch BTS. What I found is that it will launch but it tells me that my computer is too underpowered (!) and puts me into a ridiculously low graphics mode.

If I try to change the graphics to anything other than 1024x768 it crashes the game, and from then on I cannot even launch the game - I just see a background window and distorted music and have to force close the app.

If I reboot the computer and delete the config files from the BTS executable folder, it seem to run it once in the low graphics again but nothing else works. I have already set the exe to win7 mode and run as administrator as per other posts on this forum.
I have neither Steam nor Win 10. There's a setting HideMinSpecWarning in CivilizationIV.ini that should stop the game from changing the graphics settings. Not sure where the Steam version places that INI file. I have it under My Games\Beyond the Sword\. Maybe it'll run stable if you can restore your graphics settings through the Options screen (if you can get that far; or else a re-install?).
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