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Sacred Places / Divine Inspiration

Hull tyyp

May 1, 2020
TL;DR: There should be a follower belief that makes wonders grant adjacency bonus to districts.

I was playing China recently and went for a game that grabs a lot of wonders. So for religion I got follower belief Divine Inspiration (Wonders provide +4 Faith), and founder Sacred Places (+2 Science, Culture, Gold, and Faith for each city following this Religion that has a Wonder.

Now Divine Inspiration felt quite nice in the early game but Sacred Places felt quite garbage. By the end I think I managed around 8 cities with wonders so +16 yields late game.

So got me thinking, how cool it would be if you could get district adjacency bonus from wonders. Would make for some interesting planning. Could make it a follower belief and Divine Inspiration could be a founder instead.
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