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Apr 23, 2005
You know I've looked around on the forum a bit trying to find decent saved games of others to play and I didn't find any, perhaps I didn't look hard enough, I'm just looking for standard Civ3, not the game of the year saves to try out, like what others have done and see what I can do, but I've come up empty handed, except for one link, just one. Could anyone help me out here? Also I'm posting them in the mac section because I'm looking for a save that my Civ3 for Mac can handle. Thanks. The link I found on google:
There are lots of Games of the Month you could try. They start at 4000 BC, and you can compare your performance against the experts. The QSC also provides 1000 BC saves for these games, so you can see how your 1000 BC empire compares, or you can start with an expert's 1000 BC save and play on.

There are also Succession Games. Again, the SGOTM can be relied upon to run on your Mac - if I can play them anyone can.

You'll need to download and install the GOTM all-in-one mod, linked in my signature.
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