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SciFi/Fantasy Unit Graphics

It's middle school all over again...
I once knew a kid who knocked the "L" off public in my middle school's sign....i always thought it seemed...appropriate.

Goblins of the Dark Forrest.
Inspired by Cutsibling's art on Deviant Art.
Halfling and Bullywug Poliou of the Republic incoming.

-Edit- Probably I'll go with the endonym Kobolde.
Goblins are the mutated descendants of those unfotunate remnants of the fallen race of man that braved the field of magic mushrooms and the long winter that followed, on Urth's surface. This is a great source of pride for them, they consider all other races as weak and inferior. They consider themselves evolved and superior to any other race on the face of Urth. They embace evey new mutation as a blessing and strive to exterminate the weak, amongst themselves and those around them.


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This is at once hilarious and ironically possibly useful to me in the near future. :eek:

The Halfelin poliou overthrew their Elf royals in a bloody revolution and established a republic. Halfling love of food is almost a religion, especially cheese. They also recruit colonial troops from their posessions in former Orcish Goblinate territoy.
@Thorvald of Lym Thanks and, sure, go for it.
Hobbits, Halflings, Dwarves and Gnomes are those descendants of the fallen race of man who endured the long nuclear winter in ancient vaults, emerging to a new Urth generations later. Living undergound has left them stunted, both physically and mentally, to a vaying degree.


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The Elven Empire of Great Albion rules the seas. Three aces inhabit th western islands. The arrogant and ultra-conservative Sidhe Elves rule over the native Hobbit working class, since they led an invasion from the lands of what is now the Halfling Republic. Mistrust and antagonism between Albion and the Republic run deep, especially since the continental Elven Monarchy was overthrown. Continental halflings mock the island Hobbits as half-goblins. It is said that their food is hard even for a Troll to stomach. The highland dwarf clans of Hibernia lead the country's economy and industry.
@McMonkey Thanks!
Elves are those descendants from the rulling elite of the fallen race of man that modified themselves to survive the long nuclear winter. They are transhumans with enhanced senses, lifespans and beauty but this is deceptive. They are vile, calculating, degenerate creatures, incapable of true emotions. A race of smiling psychopaths.


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The Dual Kingdom of Upperland-Ogreland, Dark forest goblin allies. They often use crockery in lieu of helmets.


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Orcish Goblinate desert raiders. Maybe sand goblins is a better name...


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I can't help but to ask - whose lurking in the New World in this alternate fantasy world? And in what would otherwise be Japan and China?
A few from an ongoing project of mine, used to have a large set of these on my old external HD, before it died. Been slowly rebuilding them ever since at a rate of about a unit a week....Of course the units i wanted to convert are the ones i never got around to uploading and were lost with that friggin HD. :cry:


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It's funny because I'm working on a set of cats as we speak. :lol:

I can't help but to ask - whose lurking in the New World in this alternate fantasy world? And in what would otherwise be Japan and China?
Crossing my fingers the Americans are naguals and the Far East is dragons. :mischief:
@Thorvald of Lym I am thinking Rakhasas, Nagas, simians (hanuman) and elephant men for India, Oni and Bakemono for Japan, Dragonkin, Kobolds, Huli jing and Yuan-Ti for China. Yak-men for Tibet. Naguals for South and Wendigos for North America. And the wolf court of Xanadu.
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It's like I drop a penny in the Wishing Well and get back a 401K. :cool:
What is an Orta? The term sounds vaguely family...
Perhaps something akin to the World of Warcraft fantasy MMO Pandaren for China... :p


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@Tanelorn On that note, you might find these useful for huli jing:

Whipped this up for a friend; based the template on Curt's units in Bitterfrost, but all-grey bled into the uniform so I switched to tuxedo cats:

Of course I warned him my next logical step was Cats and Dogs but it's the Great Patriotic War... :mischief:
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