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Aug 2, 2005
uhm...i had a defensive pact with another civ and they sneaked attacked me while the pact was active. is this supposed to happen?

This happened to me too. I think the AI may just be too aggressive, I have been at war about 80 percent of the game and I only started a short one in the beggining of the game... Every civ has made demands from me and when I finally got my relation high enough with a civ to make a defensive pact... they sneak attacked me. Also, I can't make demands for technology or cities because it's turned red, but they can make outrageous demands! Is there a way to unlock them in the diplomacy screen?


Feb 22, 2010
Chicago, IL USA
I don't know if this post will get read as it seems I'm about a year and a half behind.

I just played the mod for the first time last night and I was the Phoenicians and was rockin' with just 5 cities. There was a slight problem though. My capital was having unprecedented growth. Growth that was uncontrollable. I'm at the Renaissance Era and my capital is burgeoning on a population of 30+. I have slavery and have reduced the population time and time again as a means of controlling the population but it doesn't seem to do much. I haven't looked too hard into controlling the population of the city, but it is astronomically high. I've been playin' Civ4(game of the year edition) for the past few years and have been wishing for a city to have a population like this, but now I really find it annoying and useless.

Is this an anomaly? Have others mentioned this? (sorry I didn't really feel like sifting through 11 pages of feedback) Maybe I'm just a noob that doesn't truly know his way around Civ.(probable)

Besides that the mod is great! I feel there was some lack of using other Civ leader heads to create new Civ leaders, but that is merely a footnote within the context of the modpack as a whole. I hope the team that worked on this has fun modding Civ5, when things get there, probably round mid-late 2011.

Thanks Sevomod team.
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