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Share your 3rd expansion design suggestion

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by AntSou, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. AntSou

    AntSou Prince

    Jun 8, 2019
    Do not use this thread to suggest individual civs or ideas detached from an expansion design. There are already two separate threads for that.

    What I would like to read about here are some ideas regarding overarching systems which would fit nicely into Civ 6, and the civs to go with it.

    I'm not insightful enough to have any notion of what these might be. I want "this and that" in the game, but they are just disjointed ideas. However I expect at least some of you to have already put some thought into this, and I would like to read about them in a single thread.

    Again, please, don't just say "I want ideologies" or something of that nature. You'd have to explain a bit how they are supposed to work, how they fit with the rest, what other aspects other than ideologies would be included, and finally mention some civs which fit into that design.

    If you have already created a thread with your design suggestion in the past, a link to that thread would suffice. I have seen some here and there, also in reddit, but not all in the same thread, which is why I'm opening this.
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  2. Xandinho

    Xandinho Emperor

    Feb 11, 2013
    Westeros of Brazil
    Economic Victory: achieved through a currency that becomes dominant in all civs, for this, the currency needs to be highly valued, in which it will depend on aspects such as: tourism, luxury resource control, number of trade routes, corporations...etc. The Civ who obtain a currency overvalued and dominant in the world economy, will win the economic victory.

    Ideologies: not exactly as in Civ5, but leaders will tend to be more sensitive to political differences in the late game. In this way, leaders will tend to make more deals with other leaders who follow the same form of government and be quite hostile to leaders who follow another type of government. Wars will be quite common at the end of the game.

    Pests: pests will happen in certain regions and spread to several cities, affecting yields of food and production. Doctor is a civilian unit that can soften the effects of pests.

    Improved Religion: religion would be greatly enhanced, now being able to recruit Great Prophets throughout the game. If you keep the cities unhappy, religious reformers may appear, they will convert their cities to random beliefs that they will found.

    Enhanced Barbarians: you can now make deals with barbarian tribes, preventing them from attacking your cities for a period of time. Barbarians can ask for money not to loot trade routes or improvements, and you can give money to barbarian tribes for them to free settlers and workers. Barbarian camps can become cities after a while.
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  3. acluewithout

    acluewithout Deity

    Dec 1, 2017
    • Bring back Social Policies and Ideologies. Use this to rework Government Plaza, GP buildings, governors, envoys and world congress.
    • You get a new currency call Monarch Points. You earn those primarily through the civics tree and tourism, and maybe also suzerainty / alliances and maybe certain actions (declaration of war, winning WC resolutions, recruiting some great people). You can also lose Monarch Points through certain actions - changing government, losing cities, and spy actions.
    • You can spend Monarch Points to buy Social Policies.
    • Social Policies would mainly give you access to new unique Wild Card Policy Cards (replacing Legacy Cards) and National Wonders (which you’d generally need to build next to your Government Plaza). You’d also use Social Policies to earn Envoys and Governor Titles and to increase Spy and Trade capacity (Envoys, Governor Titles etc from the Civics Tree would be adjusted / reduced accordingly).
    • There would be early Social Policies that focus on eg Colonial Cities , Naval Power / Coastal Cities, Religion (if you founded one) and City States / Patronage, which could be used to buff those mechanics. So, something like the God of the Sea Pantheon buff would more likely be something you get through a Naval Ideas Social Policy rather than a Pantheon.
    • Later Social Policies would focus on Ideologies. Ideologies would work slightly differently. When you start unlocking Ideology Social Policies you can either take Policies within an established Ideology or “found” your own Ideology.
    • Each Ideology would have some starting abilities (tenets) chosen by the Founder, which everyone that selects this Ideology benefits from. Everyone could then chose additional policies within that Ideology like you do with Social Policies generally, that would give you unique Policy Cards etc; although there may be a few special Social Policies you can only choose if you founded the ideology.
    • The available Ideologies would be Liberalism, Communism, Facism, and also Environmentalism and Transhuman. There could only ever be three ideologies founded in the game (a bit like how the max number of religions are capped).
    • Ideologies would work a bit like a religion. Per above, either found your own Ideology or adopt someone else’s. Your empire has an overall Ideology (determined for free when you found one or start choosing Ideological Social Policies, but which you can later change via Monarch Points) and each City also has its own dominant ideology based on Population (like how Cities have a dominant religion).
    • Cities with different ideologies to the Empire have negative loyalty and are vulnerable to people unrest and spies. You also get bonus pressure if your ideology is one you founded yourself. You “spread” ideology via Tourism pressure, putting Govenors in yours or other player’s Cities, envoys and World Congress resolutions that can favour one ideology over another.
    • Because of the loyalty issues, you may have to convert some cities over to your ideology from time to time (or stop other players converting your cities) or actually change your empire’s ideology to match what the population wants. Your overall ideological pressure is also effected by tourism, so things like rock bands etc also help spread or resist ideology.
    • Governors would largely work as they do now, except titles would mostly come from Social Policies with a few coming from the Civics Tree. There would also be new unique Governors you can unlock / access by having certain Social Policies. Most Govenors could function as either a Governor (placed in your City) or could be placed in City States or other Civs (ie not just Armani). Governors would also help spread or resist your empire”s ideology. You could only ever have seven governors in total, so you’d now also need to consider whether to save some governor titles / appointments until some of the unique governor titles are unlocked.
    • Envoys would, like governor titles, mostly come from Social Policies with a few coming from the Civics Tree (you can also generate some Influence as you do already). Envoys would mostly work as they do currently, except you can also place them with other Civs, which improves your diplo visibility, chances of spy success, earns you Monarch Points, effects grievances etc. You can reallocate envoys when you change governments.
    • Other changes. Tier 3 governments would now be Parliamentary Government (replacing Democracy), Republic (replacing Facism) and Dictatorship (replacing Communism). Your Spies could be sent to cities as either Spies or Emissaries, only the later would be “invisible” and each of which have different missions. World Congress resolutions would now largely target ideologies (so, you wouldn’t embargo a Civ you’d embargo a whole ideology). Also some additional future tech units and buildings, and upgrades to units via tech tree (not just GDR) and Social Policies.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2019
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  4. Eagle Pursuit

    Eagle Pursuit Scir-Gerefa

    Aug 12, 2010
    I would like to see Corporations return, in a fashion similar to Vox Populi. And I think there should be a benefit to monopolizing resources. At the very least, forcing the AI to pay a premium if they can't get it from other sources.

    I would like to see Colonization implemented in this fashion:

    New civilian unit: Company, establishes Colony
    New city-state type: Colony, established by Companies. Initially, suzerainty of establishing civ. Provides resources within borders to suzerain, plus Food to capital and cities with Aqueducts and Neighborhoods, depending on envoys.

    Thus, players establish colonies as new city-states to gain Food and resources without the inconvenience of having to manage an additional city. Colonies have some degree of freedom, but are initially loyal. They may be compelled to switch loyalties or be conquered like other city-states.
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  5. Alexander's Hetaroi

    Alexander's Hetaroi Deity

    Oct 17, 2017
    I'll be going in order of the mechanics I like the most:
    Thinking of new things I'll just edit them in here.

    1. Health/Plague System: Diseases will be randomized like weather conditions but more common early game in places that don't have access to fresh water, settlements in rainforest, tundra etc.
    If a disease cannot be stopped in can turn into a plague which then can be named and assigned random promotions which will cause it to spread to other cities, Civs faster.
    You can prevent and fight diseases and plagues with a new Medical Facility district :
    Tier 1 is the Apothecary which will stop diseases and plagues in the city it is built.
    Tier 2 building is the Hospital which will stop diseases and plagues in cities within 4 tiles. Units may heal faster when on a Medical Facility. Medics will spawn here when built or purchased.
    Tier 3 building is the Clinic which will stop diseases and plagues in cities within 6 tiles.
    Both the Hospital and Clinic will need to be powered to work fully.
    Aqueduct will prevent diseases from starting if city had no access to fresh water, and adding sewers will do the same later as they evolve.
    A Pandemic Emergency will appear when a Civ is ravaged by a plague. Other Civs can help sending aid and money to affected areas and maintaining your Medical Facility buildings and research labs.
    The affected Civ will also have access to purchase a Plague Doctor which will be a new civilian unit in the main game. The Plague Doctor has 3 charges to heal an affected city or use one to quarantine a city. Quarantine will stop any trade routes to the city and close it's borders but will not stop the spread inside the city. A quarantine can only be used once on a city for every different plague.

    2. Cultural Identity or Ethnicity/Migration: I would like the citizens of each city to have their own identity and it can be displayed through a cultural identity lens. For example an American city might have some of its population come from Korea through migration. Those citizens will retain their cultural ties to Korea and therefore share their culture in that city making it more likely that the American city would contribute tourism to Korea.
    Early game border cities will have the most immigration. Later on Harbors and Aerodromes and their appropriate tier buildings will contribute to more population growths. War, drought, and plagues are deterrents.

    3. Corporations/Economic Victory: With bringing back corporations I would like to tie that into an Economic victory. It would be interesting to make it somewhat similar to a religious victory. You would be able to have the ability to found a corporation after learning Mercantilism with the use of a Great Merchant and found it in a Commercial Hub which will be considered your corporate headquarters.. You would choose what kind you would want, name it and give it a promotion.
    For example the an Entertainment/Cultural corporation would be called Media Entertainment Studio and a promotion would be Theme Park which would give gold based on the tourism output of Amusement Piers (I would change the name of Water Park) and Entertainment Complexes. Other types of corporations are:
    Commercial/Harbor (Trade Monopoly) Choose a specific type of luxury resource and gain more gold from it during deals.
    Scientific/Cultural (Educational Broadcasting) Theater Square buildings with great works provide extra science to cities within 4 tiles and Broadcast tower provides 6.
    Scientific/Medical (Medical Science Institute) Prevent diseases from happening and Campus gains adjacency bonuses from Medical Facility.
    Commercial/ Industrial (Luxury Goods Manufacturing) Create own manufactured luxury good.
    Commercial/Residential (Real Estate) You can purchase land tiles and districts at a discount with gold
    Industrial/Harbor (Shipping Industry) Traders are cheaper to build and purchase with gold.
    Religious/ Medical (Charitable Foundation) Medical Facility range is added by two tiles per building and Holy Site gains adjacency bonuses from Medical Facility.
    Entertainment/Harbor (Cruise Lines) Unlocks a special Cruise Ship civilian naval unit that you can put on routes and gain tourism depending on the route taken.
    Cultural/Religious- (Record Label?) Gain gold when Rock Bands perform.
    You would eventually win a economic victory by spreading your corporation to all of the different Civs. You do this by sending corporate executives to other cities. If your corporation is successful other Civs would like to have a piece and will welcome your executives gaining in on some of the bonuses. Eventually you may buy out someone else's if they are not successful, and the same type of corporation, essentially making a worldwide monopoly.
    It will be harder for you to be successful if you have the only type of corporation in the world. If you manage to beat out another Civs corporation of the same time other Civs will gravitate toward it.
    Existing Civs such as America and Japan could have corporation abilities tied to their UB. The Film Studio gains tourism in the modern era and beyond depending on how successful a Cultural corporation output is and Japan can create their own unique manufactured luxury (Electronics) with their Electronics factory if they haven't found one already. The Dutch, as well, under Wilhelmina's ability should gain more gold from trade routes from other Civs that have your corporation present. Phoenicia should also get it's own personal luxury copies (Tyrian Purple) earlier at irrigation.

    4. Great People/Spy Rework: Great Prophets now will have another ability such as creating a relic, theological combat strength, more missionary spreads etc. in addition to founding a religion.
    Great Merchants will now have another charge to found a corporation after learning Mercantilism along with their previous abilities.
    Great Entertainers will be added and gained through Entertainment Complexes, Amusement Piers and their buildings.
    Great Musicians are linked more with a new third tier building for the Theater Square, the Opera House, which has two music slots and a writing slot. Broadcast Centers are now more geared towards generating tourists from Rock Bands.
    A new Spy mission in the Holy Site which is Desecrate. It will allow the spy to pillage a Holy Site and take a Relic or Religious Art if it has one.

    5. Colonies and Revolutions: A city will be considered a colonial city if it is founded on a continent different than your home one or taken through conquest. They will initially grant you double any resources that are worked there and produce more gold but will ultimately be less loyal than other cities. Whenever they lose enough loyalty they will declare war like a city state and turn into a free city. Other non colonial free cities will do the same when they lose loyalty. These free cities will still be harder to sway through loyalty by other Civs and will want to maintain its independence. If they keep their independence for a certain amount of time they will establish their own new independent Civ without all the unique abilities.
    Cities on other continents would be changed to the name colonial cities on certain abilities such as England, Spain, Phoenicia etc.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2019
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  6. Sirsquier

    Sirsquier Chieftain

    Jun 8, 2019
    I am at the moment working on a 3rd expansion. When I finish i will post it here.:c5happy:
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  7. Haig

    Haig Deity

    Aug 3, 2010
    They have unique city-state bonuses and unique great people, so I would propose something similar with luxury resources.
    There should be a ' resource monopoly' mechanic, like if you are the civ with the most Sugar resources, you would get something. I think a mod in Civ 5 had something like this. And in Endless legend the resources are unique.
    Civs that could use it mechanic would be trade powers like Portugal, Genoa..

    I would like some big advance to warfare, 'Army groups' would be mini-stacks, where you combine Corps or Armies to a pile that would make it more easily manouverable.

    I like the way Civ 6 uses continents and policy cards for cities in faraway lands, but that could be improved, like any city settled outside starting continent would be a 'Colony' with would be both a benefit and a risk. You could give it a semi-autonomy, put it into a harsh rule or total independence.
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  8. Vandal Thorne

    Vandal Thorne Warlord

    Mar 26, 2008
    Prehistoric Era - 'nuff said
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  9. playshogi

    playshogi Emperor

    Nov 1, 2001
    Analyze the way people play and determine which items never get built by anyone (ie colossal heads) and buff those items. Determine which city-states rarely are suzerized and buff them or get rid of them. Determine which items always get built and nerf them. Determine which city-states are always suzerized if available and nerf them. Determine which civs are played most often and nerf them. Determine which civs hardly ever get played and buff them. Farm out AI to Google's Alpha Zero (which learned by itself how to play grandmaster level chess in 4 hours) and have the AI write the AI for the game, in fact, just have Alpha Zero re-design and balance the game.
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  10. Lord Lakely

    Lord Lakely Unintentionally a feminist.

    Aug 28, 2008
    My personal things would be:

    Better Resource management
    - Monopolies & Econ Victory: gain bonus yields from controlling a certain amount of resources of the same time, gain victory points from maintaining monopolies and disrupting those of other players.
    - Embargo's become a diplomatic option, banning resource trading between opponents

    - New type of resource: the Commodity, which provides Health
    - Commodities and Luxuries can be crafted, using bonus and luxury resources.
    - Manufactured resources can be produced in Industrial Zones, in the Workshop or the Factory. Examples of this would include: Gems + Silver => Jewellery, Rice + Fish => Sushi, Sugar + Wheat => Beer, etc. Workshops produce one Commodity/Luxury, Factories produce two. Luxury Resources used by the Workshop and Factory cannot be sold.
    - Spend gold to create Corporations, who enhance monopolies and give additional yields to every associated resource (more if they're traded away). They also grant economic victory points. Corporations requires a Harbor, Aerodrome or Commercial Hub, and each of these increases the efficiency.
    - Corporations can also be spread to foreign cities, similar to how missionaries spread religion, generating gold for the owner.

    Health and Sanitation
    - Health is a new parametre, working similar to Amenities
    - Health is increased by housing and controlling Commodities
    - Health is reduced by population size and lack of housing
    - High Health accelerates City growth
    - Low Health lowers amenities and may result in an epidemic, which can kill your citizens
    - Epidemics can spread to nearby cities via traders.
    - The Aqueduct district gains two buildings: the Spa and the Hospital, both increase City Health.
    - Aqueducts gain health adjacency from being place adjacent to a Dam or Geothermal Vent
    - Hungary's Thermal Bath now replaces the Spa, instead of the Zoo (and keeps its Amenity and culture bonus)
    - Quarantine becomes a city project available in cities with an Aqueduct, which cures disease. Quarantine also bans traders from entering your city, stopping them from spreading disease.
    - Disaster Relief can also be called by Civs suffering from a Plague
    - Spies can Poison The Water Supply if stationed in an Aqueduct district, reducing health and drastically increasing the chance of disease.

    Loyalty, Ethnic identity & Migration
    - Each citizens gets an ethnicity (and religion)
    - Loyalty is an individual parametre set for every Citizen. It is influenced by ethnicity and religion; if different, it will be lower and/or increase more slowly.
    - Integration is a parametre
    - Entertainment Complexes and Water Parks increase loyalty of any citizen in the city
    - Amenities also increase loyalty
    - Foreign citizens at full loyalty adopt their host city's culture as their own (but don't lose their old ethnicity. They become German Americans or French Mapucheans. You get it)
    - Fully loyal citizens provide increased yields when used as specialists, more if they are foreigners.
    - Disloyal citizens can migrate to other cities (preferably those with an Enterainment Complex or Water Park), this also includes foreign citizens.
    - These parametres scale with Golden/Heroic and Dark Ages.

    New Civilizations using these mechanics

    - Portugal: An naval/industrial civilization that get a unique Industrial Zone (Feitoria), which grants them additional copies of manufactured resources
    - Navajo: An economic civilization that gain victory points from manufacturing resources, but cannot form corporations. Also gets bonuses to health, faith & housing from a unique tile improvement.
    - Assyria: An expansionist civilization that can manually move citizens between their cities, foreigners integrate sooner and provide more yields when used as specialists
    - Ethiopia: A religious civilization that gain bonuses to loyalty and integration based on their state religion.
    - Vietnam: A cultural civilization whose culture exerts loyalty pressure and gain free recon units from unhappy Vietnamese citizens in foreign citizens

    Other new civs:
    - Byzantines: An diplomatic civilization that gets additional great people from historic events
    - Mayans: A scientific civilization that has unique era score mechanics
    - Tatars: A militaristic civilization that has nomadic cities, meaning they can move their districts and cities if needed.

    Something like that? Eh. Maybe more refined if I find time to put some thought into it but I wouldn't complain if even ONE of the ideas in this post made it in.
  11. BuchiTaton

    BuchiTaton Chieftain

    Jul 8, 2019
    Love it! Seem to be a solid suggestion.

    What about "Quality of Life" victory. This could be related to Health, Amenities, Economy and Enviroment. This should be measured on population years of "Life Expectancy" (something like average of 100 years to win) or a "Index of Development".

    I still wonder why this is not a thing on game if the time and quality of life are an obvious way to measure the success of societies.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2019
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  12. Sirsquier

    Sirsquier Chieftain

    Jun 8, 2019
    Okay so this is what I have. At least the basic jist of it.

    Cowards and Heroes:
    A way to add more depth to combat basically each unit has a chance of each of these. This chance can be changed by events. The way it works is complicated so since this is not an in depth description I'll leave it at that.

    Units city's or great people can backstab you. They will join the person you are at war with making things more difficult. You can lower the chance by lowering war weariness. Spies are the worst as they can do the opposite of what you want giving the other civ a lead.

    Terrorist and Immigrants:
    Don't be offended by the title i just want to speed things up. I do not mind immigration, but all good things come with a price. Here is how it works. There are two types of immigrants, those who enter through posts or those who sneak in. The later are more common. Either way they give you 1-3 population. Not bad huh. Well this is to powerful so to weaken it the majority of these immigrants sneak in. This can be helpful besides the fact that each time one comes there is a slight chance of a terrorist unit spawning. These will be spies or recon barbs in your city. Eek. When you research note the totalitarian civic there comes an answer. You may choose open borders or closed ones. Open borders increase the amount of immigrants both types. While closed borders cuts the immigrant numbers in half, but they are all from the posts. Bonus each immigrant has a chance of giving three things. Culture boosts. Inspiration. Or great person points. Once you have received x amount of immigrants from a civ you get their unique ability/instructor/unit. This makes it an even chance for both ways.

    Adds myths and more powerful religion which I have no time to get into.

    New Victories
    One nation victory. After gaining 10 citizens for every city you have x number of civs from immigration you may make a unite world project. This unites all civs under you making you the only did peacfuly. You will also need 500 diplomatic favor
    Business Victory. Simply have three of your businesses have tiles in every civ

    Business Men
    Business me. May start a business they will buy one from you. This tile is unusable to you but will produce gold and amenities. It will also produce a resorce/science/loyalty. These can be set up in other civs providing both of you with the gains. This more tiles a business has the more good it pays.

    I am still tweaking the finer details which is part of which some of the descriptions are lacking. I will start a new thread with civs included when I am done. If you have any questions or suggestions real free to ask.
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  13. Rawrking

    Rawrking Chieftain

    Nov 15, 2018
    I would rename this expansion into CIVILIZATION VI : O FORTUNA
    Just some suggestions......

    Play this video while reading this post

    The pursuit of glory, wealth and fortune has been the gears that advance human civilization. Oceans rise, empires fall, borders are created.

    1. More detailed climate, season and weather system.
    I think it would be fun to make 1 turn to be 1 seasonal change after renaissance era. Season change would affect trade value and amount of goods produced per tile, which means, introduction of inflation/deflation system to the game. Wonders such as venice shipyard, lighthouse of alexandria, petra and hanging gardens would stabilize the economy so does gems and precious minerals.

    2. Unique luxury goods becomes more specialized according to the Civ geography, New resources
    Spices for example, would now has specific numbers of items produced from single tile. Spices that grows on Arid and Mediterranean plains would yield saffron or pepper, while spices that grows on rain forests tiles now would yield nutmeg and so on.
    Diamonds would become one of gem type. There would be gold, silver and copper which would affect military and economic strength of the civ. New espionage actions such as copying luxury goods, industrial secrets.
    Great scientists, artists, musicians and writers could be purchased after gaining any new trade goods.
    A new research for the expansion : Fermentation. Wine tiles now renamed into fruit tiles. Wheat, fruit and rice field tile would gain more value after the research because they would produce new luxury goods, Alcohol. Jewelry would be a unique luxury goods that would be added to the Civ goods list only if that Civ has gems and precious minerals resources.

    A new resources : Intangible properties goods. Video games, manga, anime, statues, potraits, perfume bottles, glass, K-POP etc created after researching certain topics.

    3. Trading posts system, creation of silk road and spice trade, new diplomacy system
    Trading posts would no longer created by traders, but through sending economic envoys that would be created automatically on each turn. Each trading posts would yield a unique effect to the economy. For example, creating trading post in Singapore would add the tiles that traders can move on to or teleport them to other continent the moment they choose.
    Silk and Spice trade would be an economic wonder that would grant economic bonuses to any Civs that the traders passed. This wonder would be destroyed after any civ finished researching colonialism and contribute towards diplomatic victory.

    4. New Economic System and Units
    Other than choosing Civ governmental form, civ would be able to choose its economic policy : Mercenary, Protectionism, Capitalism, Industrialism, Communism, Socialism, etc. that would be changable after 1 turn.
    There would be 3 new units unique for this economy system other than traders:
    a. the Envoys that would start diplomacy towards other civs, opening up trade routes and so on,
    b. the Traders / Burghers / Industrialists that do attacks / defense for the economy and able to steal imitable industrial secrets
    c. the Corporate that will open up trade posts and foreign industries on other civ
    All units have its own unique name according to its Civ. For example olligarch for unit C owned by Russian Civ.
    Unit B and C is able to be killed using espionage action or military units during war.
    Any surplus of each units would affect negatively to the Civ economy unit limit. For example too much C unit would destroy local Civ economy and culture when choosing capitalism.
    There would be no economic victory as envoys, corporate and traders actions would add values to diplomatic victory.

    5. Diplomacy setting
    Open border to all, some nations, migration, etc. would be a new Civ trait setting included on economic policy menu.

    6. Larger Maps
    Bring back Civ V map size for better O Fortuna! experience
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019
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  14. Sirsquier

    Sirsquier Chieftain

    Jun 8, 2019
    I was thinking of going more for a war and Religion expansion. But economics could be cool too. They are a bit lacking. :thumbsup:
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  15. seankhan

    seankhan Chieftain

    Nov 11, 2009
    They can start my dumping the whole consume resources,(miltary) and replace it with supply chains(trains).if you dont have enough fuel your a sitting duck.If you run out of ammo tough ****,.allow these trains to be destroyed or stolen.reinvegorate the game because as it stands its just boring.
  16. steveg700

    steveg700 Deity

    Feb 9, 2012
    Instead of completely new gimmicks, focus on overhauling existing ones.

    I want building trading networks to be part of gameplay. Right now, trade routes are bolted income generators where destination cities are pretty homogeneous and have no connection to actual trading. No more opening a screen and trading with a civ to whom you have no ability to reach. Any trading with a civ requires a trade routes to be established. You want a resource? It needs to be connected by road or waterway to a city you can reach (or one of your own that's connectable, of course). Create a market where civ's can put their resources up for sale to those who can make a connection to a supplying city.

    Instead of being an utterly fungible supply of amenities, give luxury resources unique properties that make each of them worth seeking out connecting. Factor in every tiles around a city instead of just districts. If I build a farmbelt city, that city should provide food to traders.
  17. Abhi24

    Abhi24 Chieftain

    Jun 8, 2019
    There should be economic expansion.In it expansion can achieve economic victory.Currency research will open new feature like introducing our own currency.The currency introduced by us will deflate and inflate.There should be international market where civs will be sell resource which will help to make currency more influential.Civs can carry out big infrastructure project like dam, etc.There should also be new proposal in world congress for converting free state to city state.
  18. Abhi24

    Abhi24 Chieftain

    Jun 8, 2019
    There should be economic war which will effect price of resources.
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  19. Abhi24

    Abhi24 Chieftain

    Jun 8, 2019
    There should also unions but will have limit and limit will be decided no. of players in game at present.The union will increase currency income and open borders.
  20. Aussie_Lurker

    Aussie_Lurker Deity

    Jul 21, 2003
    Adelaide, South Australia
    I would love a more nuanced City-State Diplomacy mechanic. Have variable Suzerain levels based on preferred Government(s) & Religion of the City-State in question. So if Akkad prefers the Autocracy Government, then Autocratic Civs will find it easier to get Suzerain Status with that City State. Also, more ways to more dynamically alter Envoy levels during the game, especially via spy use. I would also love to see City-States build more buildings, districts-& even Wonders-within its borders.
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