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Jan 2, 2014
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I added markings on the tech tree poster in an attempt to provide a rough guide of which research paths will lead to faster development of specific capacities and thus serve different victory conditions (admittedly, the Diplomatic Victory is underserved here):

Spoiler :

(You'll also see I corrected the misalignment on the middle Info Era column)

Each different color shape (dot or star) represents a capacity that is enhanced by building something the tech unlocks:

  • Red dot: production
  • Yellow dot: gold and additional trade routes
  • Green dot: food/population
  • Blue dot: science
  • Black dot: counter-espionage
  • Red star: military strength
  • Yellow star: happiness
  • Green star: great people
  • Blue star: culture
  • White (silver) star: faith

As you can see, some shapes have arms of white stars attached to them pointing to the right. This indicates that unlocked buildings contain related specialist slots:

  • Red dot: engineer
  • Yellow dot: merchant
  • Blue dot: scientist
  • Blue star: artist/writer/musician

If a tech-enabled building (never a wonder) has more than one specialist slot, a black dot is drawn on the white star arm.

Additionally, some stickers have arms of green stars attached to them. This indicates a chance to increase generation of great people associated with the capacity for the color/shape:

  • Red dot: great engineer
  • Yellow dot: great merchant
  • Blue dot: great scientist
  • Red star: great general
  • Blue star: great artist/writer/musician
  • White star: great prophet

Black or yellow dots drawn on shapes indicate that, in order to get the associated benefit, you must construct a world wonder. If a wonder requires a tech but the tech-enabled non-wonder (or national wonder) buildings also provide the same capacity, no dot is drawn. Below are the common combinations of shapes, “wonder dots”, and “great people arms” and their meanings:

  • Shape alone: capacity increased by non-wonder or national wonder buildings (NWB).
  • Shape + arm on top: capacity-related great person generation increased by NWB.
  • Shape + arm on bottom-left: both capacity and related GP generation increased by NWB.
  • Dotted shape: must build world wonder to provide capacity.
  • Shape + dotted arm on top: NWB provide(s) capacity, must build world wonder to increase capacity-related GP generation or be given great person(s).
  • Shape + dotted arm on bottom-left: NWB provide(s) capacity, must build world wonder to increase capacity-related GP generation, wonder also provides capacity.
  • Dotted shape + dotted arm on top: must build world wonder to increase capacity-related GP generation.
  • Dotted shape + dotted arm on bottom-left: must build world wonder to provide capacity and/or increase capacity-related GP generation.

And what the hell, let's honor great work slots! Culture blue stars have other-colored star arms on the bottom-right, one for each slot per great work of art (red), writing (white), or music (yellow) an unlocked building opens up, with dots for the ones only provided by world wonders.

Let's examine some of the more complex examples:

Education: The red dot with a green star arm on top represents the great engineer points provided by Angkor Wat. Since Angkor Wat is a world wonder and the only way to get this benefit from anything Education unlocks, the dot and star arm are dotted. The University increases science output and has two specialist slots, hence the blue dot with a dotted white star arm. The blue star relates to the +1 culture by Oxford University, a national wonder, and the two white arms on its bottom-right are for Oxford University's two great works of writing slots. Angkor Wat also provides culture, but because Oxford University already does, there is no yellow dot on the blue star.

Physics: The undotted red star is for the trebuchet unlocked by this tech. A dotted yellow dot with a dotted top arm denotes the great merchant points supplied by Notre Dame, which also gives happiness and faith, represented by the dotted yellow and white stars, respectively.

Guilds: Yellow dot for the gold provided by the trading post, the East India Company, and production conversion, with a dotted bottom-left arm for the gold and great merchant points from Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu also provides faith, hence the dotted white star. A blue star has a green arm for the great artist points from the Artists' Guild, which also features two artist slots that supply culture and justify the dotted white arm, as well as the green arm's bottom-left position.

Theology: Dotted red dot with dotted top arm for the great engineer points provided by the Great Mosque of Djenne, which also supplies culture for a dotted blue star. The Garden speeds great people generation, so it gets a green star. The Grand Temple is a national wonder, so its faith provision means the white star needs no dot, but it gets a dotted green star arm in the lower left for the Hagia Sophia's free great prophet (and the faith from it and the Mosque).

Currency: With the right terrain, Petra provides production, great engineer points, food, and culture, thus we have a dotted red dot with a dotted bottom-left arm, a dotted green dot, and a dotted blue star, respectively. Markets and mints provide the gold for the yellow dot, and the market's merchant slot warrants the white arm on its right.

Some limitations are worth noting. First, the capacity provisions and GP generation increases do not apply to civ-specific unique buildings or abilities. Also, though terrain might be, tile resources aren't taken into account; for example, Animal Husbandry lets you construct pastures, but because you need horses or cattle to get production or sheep to get food, I did not stick on a red or green dot, respectively. Policy or religious belief effects are not considered, but if a tree or ideology is needed for a wonder, that wonder's effects will still be noted here. Finally, GP points provided by building-hosted specialists are not translated into green star arms; I focused on the GPPs automatically and unconditionally provided by the buildings themselves for every civilization. That's why the blue dot on Scientific Theory does not get a GP arm even though the Public School it unlocks hosts a specialist whose assignment increases great scientist points.

Finally, if the 15% version shown above is a little small and fuzzy, the full-size version should be here:
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Please feel free to correct me and accept my apologies if I missed anything, hope this helps someone!
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