[Vanilla] Simple Visuals Mod for VI


Oct 25, 2010
Hello there people,
I would love to play Civ 6 with my wife but I am unable to see the game properly. I've played 1000s of Civ4 and Civ5 but I can't enjoy this latest entry.

The problem is that the 'tooltips' are all 'white on black' print while other aspects of the game are 'light on dark'. Besides this being a design atrocamacy (Futurama ref) it is impossible for me to read anything. I've heard other people claim the print is too small too and I would certainly like that bigger.

I've made mods for Civ 4 and Civ 5 but I've been out of the loop on Civ6. With Rise and Fall coming out I'd like to get into it. I'm looking for advice on how to go about modding this side of the game. I don't have an eternity to work on it but I can do some of the work.

What I would like/need/advice on:

1) Unified 'light on dark' theme (so access to UI, fonts etc, like DOS not Notepad)
2) Clearer Hexes, thicker lines, more distinct terrain (I don't care if it's ugly) (so access to terrain dds files I'm guessing, since this might mean reducing some specular fx etc to make darker and clearer)
3) Higher Contrast Districts (instead of the currently pastel effect) Colors
4) Less, but larger models such as Units, Wonders and Tile Improvements (I think I might be able to do this over time but I'm sure I've seen 1 large unit mods on here for Civ4/5). I know it's changing scale but also requires reorienting the formations, deleting references, possibly even animation corrections.)

I remember messing with something before and getting aspects of the background to go black and I think I got white writing but it didn't work everywhere and in some places gave me invisible boxes.
Any help would be appreciated. I'd hate to think I've got to the point at just 30 years old that I can't play these games I've loved for years! Hopefully someone can help.

I imagine it'd also look pretty nice too for some people, as it'll have a simpler, higher contrast and unified aesthetic so it might be uweful for more than just us blindies.

Thanks for any help,


Sep 10, 2011
Cant help with 1-3, sorry.

4) You could easily change the scale of units by getting the R.E.D. mod, and then change the scale in Units.xml(?). Note that Cavalry, Ships and foot units have slightly different range of numbers in the scale field. Though they're usually(?) the same within each type.
I know there are fields where you can specify the number (and type) of members in each unit. So you could easily change the number to "1". AFAIK the maximum is 16.
Then you probably have to change the speed for movement/fighting animations, which I believe are found further down in the code. Or you could simply play with Quick movement and combat.
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