So what's your "last" Civ IV game like?


Sep 16, 2010
Since Civ V is out in 14 hours (+/- 3 days) I can't bring myself to load up another game of Civ IV that I know I won't finish. So what's your "last" game like? I put "last" in quotes because I'm sure most of us will play IV some more once the V gloss has worn off, if only for the mods.

Myself, I tried out a PerfectWorld2 generation, got embroiled in a war too early and fell behind in the tech race and raged when I was beaten to colonizing an island I'd spotted by an ally.
I'm playing an epic game of RFC RAND as Carthage, a civ I've never bothered to play in that mod before.

And to say the least, it's been on of the most fun games I've had in forever. Truly a way to go out on in style before the big V arrives tomorrow.
My last game was about 2 weeks ago, it was a MP game with a friend of mine, we disabled all victory conditions except conquest, played the biggest map we could with the most civs we could, teamed up and wiped out every civ on the planet that wasn't us...

Figured that would be a good farewell.
played japan and dominated the world by the 1940s

I hope japan is as good as it looks in this new version, unlike Civ IV
Played as Japan and was randomly trapped in complete isolation on a very large island until 1700AD... when infantry greeted my samurai. I quickly went to work trading maps, gaining sea faring ships, and meeting the rest of the world. I fended off multiple invasions against impossibly out teched forces and managed to pull a cultural victory before the outside world fell into complete nuclear warfare.
Played a marathon (short 14hrs), huge game as sumeria. I won a diplomatic victory by building a huge expeditionary force, sailing somewhere and burning 3-4 cities + the capital and demanding capitulation. Had 11 vassals by the end. Good times.
Still playing 2 MP, and those are not going to end for months from now:D
My last game was with the total realism mod (first time trying it), as japan. Didn't finished it since it got boring after the medieval era like most of my civ game.

I can't wait for Civ 5... And no, I won't be going back to civ 4 :p
RoM Mod with the submod AND on monarch difficulty... and I find this game is soooo full of micro and so unbalanced (or my install is buggy) that I'm a little confused... it seems much too easy, as my civ always reaches gunpowder well around 500 BC and later drive around in tanks while the other civs can't even reach other continents <,< having twice or triple the score of other civs and getting first vasall options by 2000 BC just seeems so wrong on monarch :x

If I go back to Civ4 some day (don't think so) then another mod or at least not this version of RoM :x
My last game crashed and I can't reload it.
I haven't played a game of Civ IV in about 3 months now...ever since I installed Windows 7 64-bit and had to wipe my hard drive for a fresh install. I forgot to copy over my personally modded version of the BAT mod and didn't want to play without it.
Yet another Prince RTS game. No matter which direction I want to go in, it always end up going military superiority with Axe-Knights-Rifle/Cav.
I just finished a quick game, Tiny/Quick/Pangaea/Warlord, played as China beating the crap out of Ethiopia and Montezuma (he was so annoying, kept using horse archers and jaguars... then I beat him down with my cho-ko-nu). Even though I got a Conquest Victory around 1600 AD, I still did "one more turn" until 2058, just improving my cities until there was nothing left to do. :)
I played Inca on a huge world at marathon speed.

Inca set forth several Quechuas at the inception of its settlement, and fattened them up on animals and Barbs, always choosing the "attack city" upgrade. The early years were all-out war against all and anything that came into the range of ancient, and still quite savage, Inca.

One by one, Inca located the other civs on its continent, attacking each civ methodically, the closest first. There were 4 other civs and each capitol was located on flatland, none on hills. Amazingly, each capitol was poorly defended so each one fell before the armies of Inca, one after the other. Germany, France, Japan, England -- cultures all destroyed, but their cities were saved, to serve the glory of Inca.

Of course, Inca economy and science was stifled with the added cities, but that was solved by Inca adding city buildings via slavery. Inca grew and prospered under the barbaric whip.

As each former capitol became assimilated into the "Way of Cuzco," Inca then allowed the Barbs to build cities, thus saving settler production in Inca lands. As the Barbs created a city, Inca strategy was to take out one defender while leaving the second defender, until the Barb city reached population 2. Then Inca took over the Barb city, adding it to the Inca Empire.

As Inca economy and technology recovered with markets, libraries, banks, and wonders too grand to enumerate here, Inca took the lead in techs. As soon as pirate ships became available, Inca built several and sent them across the seas to terrorize hitherto unknown Inca enemies for a few centuries, implementing the iron discipline of Inca, "Ocean-Admiral and Ruler of the Seas Supreme."

The pirate ships generated quite a few great generals who Inca saved to build the military academy in cities just on the verge of having good military production (lifting those cities into good military production). Thus was Inca power multiplied and feared throughout the world.

After establishing unparalleled military might, Inca then shifted tactics into culture, and is very close to a cultural victory. Inca is now the shining civilization across the water, the jewel of the world, defender of the meek and innocent, benevolent master of all -- a true iron fist in a velvet glove. Don't mess with Inca.

Alas, Civ5 comes out tomorrow and I guess Inca won't be able to realize its destiny.
My last game was truly awe inspiring (even though I freely admit it wasn't on any of the extra hard difficulties). Was playing on the "stringy continent" archipelago. Scouts had a good run with some lucky huts. Resource placement was truly miraculous allowing me to leverage copper, stone, and marble with very little effort. The best part of the game was that about 2/3 across the continent the land narrowed down to one hill tile between two rows of 3 mountains. I plugged that gap with a warrior in a hurry and immediately came under assault from barbs.

Over the next few centuries I built a road and sent reinforcements to the Gap and staved off two very angry competitors for the land. While they impotently hurled their forces against me, my units kept racking up promotions and the Great General who quickly made an appearance went straight to the defending units. With all my neighbors utterly hopeless against my Citidel I concentrated on building a decent naval defense and blew any would-be landing parties to toothpicks.

Without anyone to harass me I picked my friends wisely, watched from afar as people wore themselves out fighting each other, then moved in at the height of the chaos. My first invasion stack swept the second largest continent pillaging every improvement in sight, then fortifying up in some hills, waiting for the workers to come out, then start all over again.

While my "Expeditionary Force" kept my major competitors occupied, I built the space ship.

I can only hope to have a similar game in Civ5... but that resource/geography/lucky hut combination was pretty much like hitting lotto.
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